Over the ten plus years of cultivation in the Fa rectification period, I understand on the basis of the Fa that our mission and responsibility is to validate and safeguard Dafa and to save sentient beings. No matter how frenzied the persecution becomes, how awful the red terror is, they are all false impressions. As long as we are not affected by it, not interfered with by it, firmly believe in Master and Dafa, everything is controlled by Master. In actuality, Master arranged our cultivation paths long ago.

“Neither heaven nor earth can block my road of Fa-rectificaton But disciples' human hearts can” (“Troubles” from Hong Yin III)

It is our human hearts that has caused so much tribulation during Fa rectification. Only when one eliminates one’s human heart one can truly enlighten to the profound meanings of the Fa. By understanding Master's compassionate protection, one can truly be more and more diligent.

I would like to summarize my experiences in several areas. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.

Improving oneself while rescuing fellow practitioners

The process of rescuing fellow practitioners is a process of validating Dafa and saving sentient beings, a process of exposing and resisting persecution, of eliminating evil and improving ourselves. Here are some examples:

1. Practitioner A was arrested and interrogated, tortured to disability and subsequently handed a heavy sentence and held in a district of the prison for the elderly and disabled. He used to weight 180 kilos and was young and healthy. Now he looks old and frail and has lost a significant amount of weight.

My heart was broken. I remembered what Master taught us:

“The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference II)

I had a thought: I will rescue him, I will let go of myself, let go the thought of life and death. I will listen to Master and never give up, no matter what.

I shared my thought with fellow practitioners and they said they would cooperate in sending forth righteous thoughts.

It was easier said than done. First, I found a relative of the practitioner and asked him to demand the release of his family member without condition and to clarify the truth to the prison authorities. But his relative was afraid and did not want to cooperate with me. After I clarified the truth to his relative, he finally understood and cooperated but then the CCP put him on the wanted list.

It was the evil factors in other dimensions that I had not yet eliminated. They had been controlling me, having me acknowledge them, and admit and be afraid of them. I did not want to go to prison, afraid that I would also be persecuted. The pressure on me was mounting. But I also thought: Master is watching over me, Master is controlling everything, only what Master says counts. The current persecution is caused by the evil in other dimensions. As long as I did what I should, improved my xinxing, met the standard of the Fa and a cultivator, my righteous thoughts would eliminate the evil, and everything would change.

I went to the prison to clarify the truth, and a miracle happened: the warden said that the practitioner had once promoted him and he had been looking for an opportunity to return the favor. He immediately arranged for the practitioner to be released. At this time, I was very sorry that I came so late and that the fellow practitioner had had to endure such severe persecution. I am sorry, fellow practitioner; I am sorry, Master! Master had arranged a long time ago for the relatives of Dafa practitioners also be saved. Master is so compassionate. I can only pay Him back by true cultivation, no other way.

2. Practitioner B was arrested and her home was raided. I decided to help right away. I found her husband, who was a policeman and an atheist. He was against his wife's cultivation even before the persecution began in 1999. After that, he often beat her, particularly in the past two years. He seldom came home, wanted a divorce, and claimed that Dafa had destroyed his family.

I had a thought: No matter what kind of being he is, I want to save him. Just because of this pure heart, Master helped me to visit him the next day at the police department. Because we did not know each other, Master arranged for one of my neighbors who works in his office to introduce us and arranged for us to see each other in a meeting room.

He had many misunderstandings about Dafa, and said, “I don't know what she is doing every day (the three things). She did not care when our child was sick. She sometimes did not come home for days. My wife was not this way before she practiced. She was pretty good then.”

I told him things would not be this way if she had cultivated better. I told him, “Your wife does not represent Dafa, it is her individual cultivation state that is not so good. Dafa teaches people to be good, to be completely selfless.” I told him many Dafa truths and untied a knot in his heart. He changed his view, and in the end, he no longer mentioned divorce, became concerned for his wife, and actively participated in rescuing her. In the process of rescuing Practitioner B, another being was saved.

3. I liked to help others even before I began cultivation. I once arranged a job for a child of my relative by using a special connection. Later he got promoted and abused his power for ill-gotten gains. I felt sorry that I generated karma by doing what I did. Later Master arranged a chance to rectify the relationship.

Local practitioners went to do Dafa related things out of town, and one of them was arrested. It became an “important case.” My relative works in that police department. When I asked for his help, he agreed immediately and thanked me for giving him the opportunity to pay me back the favor. I was delighted by his action--he was saved.

Cultivating seriously, eliminating evil with righteous thoughts

Because I have not been truly cultivating seriously for a long time, I had not eliminated my fundamental attachment. When the pace of Fa rectification picked up, I fell behind, I slacked off. Whenever problems surfaced, instead of looking within, I began to measure others with the Fa and formed a barrier between myself and fellow practitioners. Also, my body appeared to be in an abnormal state, and it lasted for two years.

Even so, I still tried my best to do the three things. When I went to the market to clarify the truth to others, I placed my purse on the counter, but when I turned around it was gone. I asked the cashier, “Where is my purse that I just placed here?” He replied, “I did not see it.” I left there disappointed. I wanted to call the security guard in the market, but I remembered that I had over one hundred yuan in cash with truth clarification messages on them, plus my ID and insurance card. I became fearful and went home.

Master saw all of these things. When I sent forth righteous thoughts on the third day, I had this thought: I am here to save sentient beings. By interfering with me, didn't he generate karma? I realized Master wanted me to save him and keep him from generating karma. Let me use righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions and benevolently resolve the situation with the being who took my purse.

Once I understood the Fa, Master cleaned the other dimension for me quickly. I went to see the cashier again. He said, “I turned in your purse to the police department first thing this morning. There were three women there counting your money. They also found your ID.” I thought: the evil forces were not able to see anything; I won't let one being with a predestined relationship lose the opportunity to be saved. With this righteous thought, my fear was gone. I went to get my purse. I understood the meaning of :

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

Changing my notions and eliminating evil

During the many years of persecution, I developed another notion: acknowledging the persecution tacitly. For many years I had no ID card or residential registration; on top of that, the authorities were after me. I felt the pressure physically, mentally, and financially. Through Fa study and sharing with fellow practitioners, I finally realized: I am not an ordinary person, I am a cultivator, I am walking on the path of godhood. What can evil do to a god? It is nothing in front of a god. What I cultivate is the Great Law of the universe, I have Master.

Master had already pushed all disciples to their positions before July 20, 1999. It was my poor enlightenment and too much human heart that hindered my powers. I am more mature now, know how to cultivate, how to understand the Fa on the basis of the Fa. With the change of my notion, my power grew. When I send forth strong righteous thoughts, it immediately eliminates evil beings and factors in other dimensions. My ID and residential registration were resolved right away, and I am no longer “wanted” by the police. Master said:

“If thoughts are righteous, evil will collapse” (“What’s to Fear?” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

I will cherish Master's good intentions in providing salvation in every way. I will catch up, be more diligent. I will not let Master down.