Summary of Key Persecution Facts:

Name: Hu Enkui (胡恩奎)



Former physics teacher in Yicheng Middle School, Feixi, Anhui
Date of Most Recent Arrest: November 2, 2012
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Hefei Brainwashing Center (合肥市洗脑班)
City: Hefei
Persecution Suffered: Detention, illegal sentencing, imprisonment, torture, electric shock, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, beatings

In the past 14 years, since the Chinese communist regime began to persecute Falun Gong, many school teachers have become victims. Mr. Hu Enkui, a physics teacher from Yicheng Middle School in Fexi, Anhui Province, is one of them.

Mr. Hu has been arrested, detained, subjected to forced labor, imprisoned and tortured for his peaceful belief in Falun Gong. Below are partial details of the persecution he has suffered to date.

Chained and Deprived of Sleep

Torture Method: Mosquito Torture

On September 6, 2001, while detained at Nanhu Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Hu was chained to a flag pole for three days and four nights, being exposed to mosquitoes the entire time. He was not allowed to sleep or bathe.

Legs Broken by Police

In July 2003, Hefei City police and 610 Office personnel detained Mr. Hu along with other Falun Gong practitioners—Wang Yu, Ji Guangjie, Ke Jimin and Ma Yulan. The police took them to a hotel and interrogated them by torture. Mr. Hu was hung up by the handcuffs for five days and nights. Eight months later, there were still scars on his wrists. The police also broke his legs.

Torture Method: Hung Up by Handcuffs

The practitioners' families were kept in the dark for a year. The families finally learned about their plight on July 30, 2004, during a court hearing. However, the court-appointed lawyer and other personnel specifically avoided talking about the details of the tortures the practitioners had been subjected to during interrogation.

Mr. Hu was subsequently imprisoned.

Subjected to Severe Torture

Torture Method: Electric Shock

On January 5, 2005, while in prison, Mr. Hu was tortured for 22 consecutive hours: from 6 p.m. till 4 p.m. the next day. Guards Lu Yang and Yu Weizhou, as well as criminal inmates Xiao Hu, Wang Songling and Liu Jun, carried out the torture.

They opened the window when the outside temperature was -10 o C (about 14 o F) and turned on a cooling fan, pointing it towards Mr. Hu, who was only wearing thin summer clothes. They punched and kicked him and then chained one of his hands to the window bar, tied his other hand with a rope, and pulled the rope until his entire body was suspended in mid-air.

The evildoers then punched his chest and back repeatedly. Afterward, they dropped him to the ground, pulled his legs apart, and began to hit his penis with their fists. They then used electric batons to shock his genitals for half an hour.

Mr. Hu suffered severe injuries. His body was covered with burns, and he could not move his legs for several months thereafter.

Teeth Knocked Out, Feet Permanently Injured

Wearing hard-sole leather shoes, guard Lu Yang jumped on Mr. Hu’s feet repeatedly. As a result of the abuse, Mr. Hu's feet became so swollen that he could not put on his shoes. He passed out three times from the pain. The police also put a hot-water bag on his feet for a long time to increase the suffering. The heat caused permanent injury to his bone periostitis. Until recently, his feet had been extremely weak.

Some of Mr. Hu's teeth were also knocked out during a torture session. The prison managed to keep his terrible physical condition a secret for years.

Persecution Must End

Most recently, Mr. Hu was arrested on November 2, 2012. However, all of the details of what he has been subjected to and his current condition are not yet known due to the secrecy in which the regime carries out its crimes.

An upright teacher like Mr. Hu deserves to be respected, not persecuted. The persecution against Falun Gong practitioners must end.

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