(Minghui.org) When Minghui published its editorial titled “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa” on May 5, my fellow practitioners and I were all shocked at the stern and affirmative tone of the article, as we never anticipated such a widespread Fa-disrupting phenomenon.

Our local practitioners came to the realization that without this editorial, none of the concerned parties would have realized their mistakes. Organizers of the special sessions and experience sharing tours probably would still think they were wholeheartedly devoted to the improvement of the whole body. Invited speakers would still feel they were helping other practitioners improve and they were establishing their mighty virtue. Practitioners who listened to those speeches would still argue they were indeed benefiting from them and having their problems solved and cultivation levels elevated.

The Minghui editorial, however, makes it crystal clear that all of them, be they organizers, speakers or listeners, were disrupting the Fa.

Recently Minghui published quite a few articles with Master’s comments in just a short period of time. Even though I was always surprised to see the Fa-disrupting problems targeted in those articles, I never felt my fellow practitioners and I had those issues. This time however we came to see that we also had problems with giving speeches.

After looking within and sharing experiences with each other, our local practitioners came up with some lessons and understandings we wish to share with everyone. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Only By Facing Our Mistakes Can We Let Go of Our Human Mindset

We are certain that many practitioners have awakened after reading this most recent Minghui editorial and will no longer harbor those who give speeches. However, the stoppage of a certain activity does not mean the relevant human attachments have been completely eliminated.

Cultivation is about getting rid of our attachments. If we cannot face our mistakes, but instead remain indifferent or even try to cover them up, we lose the precious opportunity to look within and identify the very attachments that led to our mistakes in the first place. These same attachments will then breed future mistakes and become loopholes that the evil may use to completely destroy cultivators.

As far as we know, some concerned practitioners are not very receptive to this Minghui editorial. Some think that the editorial exaggerated the seriousness of this matter while others insist they learned a lot from those speeches. There are also people who feel that their local practitioners do not have the same problems as were pointed out in the editorial and therefore see no need to worry. Still, some practitioners are frustrated because they think their good intentions of hosting speeches shouldn’t be construed as disruptions of the Fa.

In our opinion, all of these stances are not the correct mindset of genuine Dafa disciples.

Minghui editorials do not address regular experience sharing articles and as such are not something for us to discuss.

This new editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa” points it out at the very beginning: “Holding special sessions at which people give speeches to practitioners, or traveling around expressly to “share understandings” with practitioners, amounts to disrupting the Fa.” The same statement is repeated in the last paragraph.

We all know that without Master’s approval, Minghui would never publish such stern statements on this important matter. Using a Minghui editorial as a vehicle to deliver this message shows Master’s compassion towards those irrational practitioners who have participated in disrupting the Fa. It also presents an opportunity for them to wake up and correct their mistakes.

Some people argue that the message is not directly from Master and as such they have doubts about the Minghui editorial. But in our opinion, if Master were to send out the message Himself by writing an article, then the concerned practitioners probably wouldn’t have a chance to redeem themselves.

Do we really appreciate Master’s compassion? Can we really feel Master’s pain? Can we ever really know how Master cherishes us? We must kindly remind those who resist the Minghui editorial that the side of them that behaves that way is not their true self, but their human hearts that are being controlled by the evil.

For cultivators, making mistakes is not the end of the world, but what is really frightening is when we refuse to face our mistakes and lack the courage and wisdom to spot our attachments and the evil factors. If we always look externally and treat our attachments as our true self, such attachments would be protected and may eventually cause our total destruction. This is certainly not what Master has in mind for us, nor is what is anticipated by numerous sentient beings.

We should see clearly that the Fa-rectification process is very orderly. The Fa-disrupting phenomena existed for a long time, so why did Minghui wait until recent months to publish one editorial (article with Master’s comments) after another?

It is our understanding that Master’s Fa-rectification progress has come to this point where the last Fa-disrupting lives and elements are being eliminated on a large scale. It is exactly those evil factors that are taking advantage of practitioners’ still-yet-to-be-eliminated human attachments and controlling them to do all kinds of bad things.

Master intends to remove those evil factors and wake up Dafa disciples so they can get rid of their stubborn attachments and improve. Every time Master publishes comments to an article and Minghui publishes an editorial, a large amount of evil gets eliminated, which is felt strongly by many practitioners. Of course, those evil beings will naturally resist and some practitioners will begin to harbor thoughts of resisting Minghui editorials. Knowing those thoughts are mere reflections of evil factors, we should never think of them as our true selves. We must face and eliminate them, which is also a process of improving ourselves.

Blind Adoration is the Breeding Ground of Fa-disrupting Speeches

We have found that blind adoration is the major reason for the Fa-disrupting phenomena. Regrettably, two days before the publication of the Minghui editorial, our local coordinators invited an out-of-town practitioner to give a speech which was attended by nearly one hundred people. During his talk, the applause and praise were non-stop. A few practitioners felt the whole thing seemed weird and was not conforming to the Fa. However, since the majority of the audience was clapping their hands, they were too embarrassed not to do the same.

Later, in front of everyone this speaker even gave some of his writings to those who heaped the most praise on him. A few of us felt such blind adoration for him created an unrighteous field that had a scary impact on our local practitioners and was certainly against our initial intention of inviting him to come. We had similar situations in the past when a lot of practitioners were negatively affected by such speakers and subsequently caused great losses to Dafa.

When we talked to the speaker in private, he didn’t recognize our concerns and instead accused us of having strong fear after repeatedly being persecuted.

Of course, we are not trying to place blame on the out-of-town practitioner and we are just presenting a fact to help us see that the widespread speeches are a result of too many people worshiping some “star” practitioners.

We feel that irrational praise of such speakers, be it in front of them or behind their backs, is actually damaging them. Every word of praise is like tossing something rotten at them. In the beginning they may still be able to remain alert and levelheaded, but as more praise comes in, they begin to enjoy being idolized. They fail to see that the seemingly painless adoration is indeed a tribulation for them.

We’ve seen too many such cases over the years. Such practitioners usually did very well in certain aspects, and as a result many people idolized and looked up to them. They gradually became irrational and no longer listened to any constructive criticism. Their egos expanded quickly and they believed they were above other people. They began to pursue fame and became combative. They were keen on selling themselves and pulling off big feats. They went out of town to “guide and help” practitioners who knew little about them, all the while savoring people’s blind adoration for and irrational praise of them.

Master made it clear in Zhuan Falun,

“When his attachments to fame and profit welled up, his character had actually dropped.”

“The more he was attached to fame and profit, the worse he dropped in the environment of ordinary people, and his gong dropped along with him. In the end, when he’d completely fallen, he wasn’t given any gong anymore, and he wound up without a trace of gong.” (“The Third Talk”)

We realize that no matter how many big projects we do, if we fail to cultivate ourselves solidly during the process and let go of our demon nature and human mentality, not only can we not grow any high-level gong but our gong will also drop.

Master also said in Zhuan Falun, “However high your character is, that’s how high your gong is. That’s a Truth, and it’s absolute.” (“The First Talk”)

Some practitioners have long realized that every self-promotion activity such as giving speeches is actually undermining the Fa. Such activities mislead the listeners to look externally to seek shortcuts to their cultivation while failing to look within to solidly cultivate themselves. Those worshipers usually forget that only Master and Dafa can enable a being to truly change its nature and elevate its level. The concerned speakers become more and more enthusiastic in experience sharing tours and can’t get enough of people’s idolization and adoration. Little by little, they gravitate towards the path mentioned in the Minghui editorial. Such a path is arranged by the old forces and leads to destruction.

When our attachments to fame well up and our gong drops, aren’t we in tribulation already? When the evil exploits our loopholes and strengthens our attachments to make us unknowingly disrupt the Fa, isn’t that a more severe persecution of us?

We should really pay attention to and get rid of the attachments that make us disrupt the Fa, including blind adoration and pursuit of fame.

We suggest that everyone read the most recent Minghui editorial at least a few times. It says clearly, “We would like to remind everyone to take to heart the articles that Master has written for us Dafa disciples: “A Heavy Blow,” “Bear in Mind Forever,” “Cultivators’ Avoidances,” and “Stability of the Fa.” It would be best to memorize them and measure oneself against them.”

We have gone through so much all these years and we should really mature and learn our lessons. No matter what kind of situation, we will never stop our efforts to coordinate with each other and assist Master with the Fa-rectification process. We will hold on tight to the cultivation principles of studying the Fa well and looking within. We will safeguard the environment of group Fa-study and experience sharing. We must put an end to those special sessions and experience sharing tours as well as other forms of Fa-disrupting activities. We must work hard to remove various kinds of human mindsets.

Those that gave speeches include all kinds of practitioners, as well as CCP-controlled special agents. If Dafa disciples can all cultivate rationally in the Fa, the CCP spies and the evil behind them will have no opportunities to do harm.