(Minghui.org) The Minghui website has recently published quite a few editorials and Master’s comments on students’ experience sharing articles. After reading them carefully, I reflected on myself and suddenly recalled an incident where I unwittingly copied a fake Jingwen (article written by Master).

This happened not long after the persecution of Falun Gong began in July 1999. When I visited my younger sister (also a practitioner), she asked me to copy a poem “written by Master.” I had trouble understanding the meaning of the poem and even discussed it with her. She had no clue what the poem was talking about, either.

Shortly afterwards, we learned from Minghui that this poem and several other articles widely circulated in our area were indeed fabricated and not by Master at all.

In retrospect, I knew that my lack of Fa-study contributed to my failure to recognize a fake Jingwen . Moreover, I probably had a heart to look externally to seek solace amidst the persecution. No wonder I invited fake Jingwen myself.

As a matter of fact, phenomena disrupting the Fa have been around since the very beginning of the persecution, and Master has been warning us all along in numerous articles, especially those written after 1999.

In late 2000, Minghui published “Eliminate Evil,” a record of Master’s address to the website on November 30, 2000.

From 2000 to 2008, Minghui published quite a few editorials addressing different forms of Fa-disrupting behaviors:

--“ Editorial: Let's See Who Still Dares to Undermine the Fa!

--“ Editorial: Solemnly Counter the Scams of Those with Crooked Understandings Who Undermine the Fa

--“ Editorial: The Principle of Committing to One Discipline Should Never Be Violated

Why haven’t we learned our lesson and why do we still see the Fa being disrupted in recent years?

As I see it, the key reason is that we have failed to study the Fa well and cultivate ourselves solidly.

Another important factor is that many people still have not realized the role of Minghui in our cultivation and Fa-validation.

Those controlled by the evil to disrupt the Fa have been rejecting Minghui all these years. Under their influence, many people gradually stopped reading Minghui Weekly.

In my local area, hardly anyone I know reads Minghui Weekly or browses Minghui online. Without access to the Minghui website, most people know nothing about what is happening in the Fa-rectification. Instead, they are drawn to these people that disrupt the Fa. They swoon over those speakers and can’t get enough of their sharing or speeches. They totally forget that Dafa is most important. When problems arise, instead of safeguarding the Fa, they vigorously defend their speakers, not realizing they are walking on a deviant path and are in grave danger.

If everyone were able to read Minghui editorials in a timely manner, most people wouldn’t have deliberately participated in activities that disrupt the Fa.

I urge all of our practitioners to pay attention to Minghui and read every article carefully, leaving no room for speakers to disrupt the Fa.

Please point out anything inappropriate.