(Minghui.org) I am a local government official in our city. My wife started to practice Falun Dafa after suffering from many illnesses. Although I do not practice, I firmly believe in Dafa. Witnessing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted practitioners and slandered Falun Dafa for the past 14 years, I have never wavered in my righteous belief.

1. Helping My Wife Pass Through Tribulations

During the time when the persecution was most severe, practitioners suffered enormous pressure. As a spouse of a practitioner, I also experienced huge pressure at home and in society, including from my superiors and colleagues at work.

In my workplace, a few leaders' family members also practiced Falun Dafa. Some of these leaders could not bear the pressure; they got a divorce, fought with the practitioners in the family, restrained these family members' freedom, or even stood with the evil and helped “transform” practitioners.

I truly believe that Dafa practitioners and Master are innocent, and what is said on [state-run] TV is slander and lies.

After my wife began to practice cultivation, I also read all of the Dafa books. Throughout the years, my wife also put Master's lectures on the bed for me to read and shared truth-clarification materials with me. I read them all and my mind is very clear.

My wife once went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. She was put in a detention center. After she came back home, many friends came over to persuade her to stop practicing. They said, “If you continue, you husband will not be promoted, and your child will also be affected.” My wife cried and locked herself in a room. She did not eat or drink, but just studied the Fa.

A few days later, she announced solemnly to the entire family, “The path of cultivation practice is righteous. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is righteous. I have made up my mind. I will continue to cultivate all the way to the end.”

Master said,

“If you don’t follow the Law’s requirements you don’t belong to our Falun Dafa. Your body will be returned to the level of ordinary people, and we’ll return the bad things to you, because you want to be an ordinary person.” (Zhuan Falun)

Once my wife made up her mind, I decided to support and protect her on her path of cultivation.

I quietly aided my wife and her fellow practitioners, secretly protecting them and resisting the persecution. During that period, I had a few opportunities to be promoted. However, they were canceled because my wife cultivated Falun Gong. I never mentioned such losses to my wife and gradually came to regard fame, promotion and financial gain with little importance.

Five years later, my wife heard from friends that if she had not gone to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa, I would have been promoted several times and my position would be much higher. She asked if it was true and why I had not told her. I said, “There was no need to tell you. It would have further increased mental pressure on you. You should not care about this. You just cultivate Dafa.”

Every time police were about to look for my wife, they called me first. If I was home, I let them come. If I was busy, I refused to let them come. Later, they no longer came to harass us.

Every year during the year-end work evaluation, I only filled out information about my performance, and never wrote anything bad about Falun Gong (as ordered by superiors). In the end, when officials voted, I always passed with full votes. I know in my heart that Master helped and protected me.

Even though I haven't practiced cultivation, I still experienced the magnificence of Buddha-light and Master's benevolence.

2. Trying My Best to Protect Dafa Practitioners

A practitioner I did not know was arrested by the police. She had just awakened at home in the morning and only wore slippers, without any socks. The police broke in and arrested her. Her family members came to me for help. I saw the urgency of the situation and the helplessness of the family members and decided that I must help.

I talked to some police friends and asked them to release this practitioner. They asked how I was connected to her. I said she was my relative, even though I doubted they would believe it. Due to our friendship, they said they would try their best to help, but the practitioner could have already been sent to another place. I said they must think of all possible ways to release her.

The practitioner's righteous belief in Master and the Fa was really as solid as diamond. During the whole week she was detained at a detention center, she did not cooperate with the evil at all. She did not recite the detention center's rules, answer any questions, or follow the guards' instructions. She also did not eat any food or drink any water. She just sent forth righteous thoughts all day and denied the persecution and the old forces' every arrangement.

Everything is up to Master to decide. By the second night after her arrest, she had already not eaten anything for two days. She felt faint due to hunger, but she had Master and the Fa in her mind and was not afraid of anything. After she resisted for awhile, the discomfort due to hunger disappeared.

On the third day, the police tempted her with much food, but she just closed her eyes and sent forth righteous thoughts, without looking at the food at all. After that, more and more people became concerned about her. They asked her several times every day if she would continue the hunger strike and suggested that she could get intravenous drips if she could not sustain it any longer. The practitioner responded that she was ok.

On the fifth day, the guards could not bear it anymore. They were afraid that they would have to take responsibility if something went wrong. They put delicious freshly roasted chicken in front of her and begged her to eat. But she did not eat and did not even open her eyes. She just kept sending forth righteous thoughts.

The other inmates in the cell were touched by her determination. The practitioner then clarified the truth to them and they all agreed to withdraw from the CCPand its related organizations.

The practitioner then had a thought that it was time she left confinement. On the seventh day, police asked her, “Where are your family members?” She replied that they all lived far away, not in the local area. As police couldn't figure out where to send her, they then called me and sent the practitioner to my home.

One county court chief's wife also practiced Falun Dafa. He was upset about it and often beat his wife. Once, when she was reading Dafa books, he started to beat her again. He asked where she got the copy of Zhuan Falun, since he had previously torn up all of her Dafa books. He threatened to tear up the book if she did not tell.

In order to protect the book, his wife said she got it from me, since the chief respected me a lot. He immediately called me and asked if it was true. Since I knew he beat his wife, I said yes. He then stopped beating his wife. But he was still very angry.

He called me twice thereafter and expressed his resentment toward me. He said: “You don't let me have a peaceful life. You wait. I will disengage with you from now on.” His wife had been arrested by the city police department for her belief, and he had to ask the Party secretary of the county where he worked to bail her out. I understood why he got angry and faced this situation calmly.

I knew that as long as I had righteous thoughts and chose good over evil, he could not harm me. I felt I did the most righteous thing: I kept the Dafa book from being destroyed, protected his wife from being beaten, and prevented him from committing crimes against Dafa. Later he understood the truth and called me to apologize.

During the whole conflict, my xinxing was tested and my capacity increased. I felt more and more that Dafa and Master are the most righteous.

3. Persuading People to Withdraw from the CCP and Its Related Organizations

When I saw how practitioners clarified the truth to people and saved sentient beings, I had a feeling of responsibility. I thought it over in my heart, “As a local government official, my actions should benefit the local area. But how can I achieve this?" Persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, as Dafa practitioners do when they clarify the truth, can truly benefit a region.

I had not done enough to help the community where I had been an official before, so I wanted to spread the blessings of Dafa to the people in that area. My wife and I drove over 50 kilometers to that town to hang banners and pass out fliers about Falun Gong. We went there a few times and posted banners and signs on the major roads. But we still felt that we had not done enough. Then something happened that helped us see what we should do.

One afternoon as I returned home from work, I heard someone call my name and say he would sharpen my knives and scissors for free. I realized he was a former Party secretary of the town where I had been an official. I felt sad for him and invited him to have a meal. He said: “No thanks. It is time for me to work since most people return home at this time. It would be good if you could give me some work. I have a stall to sharpen knives.”

I found a few scissors and knives at home and asked my child to bring them to him downstairs. I felt sorry to see a former Party secretary doing such work and told my wife that he offered to sharpen our knives for free. She said: “Please don't be upset. I can give him some money later. It is not your fault. You left that place a dozen years ago. If you really care about the sentient beings there, we can go there to clarify the truth and persuade people to withdraw from the CCP.”

My wife's words inspired me. I immediately called a good friend and told him to let all town employees and our mutual friends know that I missed them and was coming to visit them the next day. I reserved two big tables at a local restaurant for the occasion and ordered plenty of food.

The next day, my wife, child and I filled two bags with the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, informational materials, and pens. We then drove to the restaurant in that town.

Many people arrived early. Even the current Party secretary and the mayor of the town came early to welcome us. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious; we were treated like relatives whom they hadn't seen in a long time. We had a lot to talk about.

After the meal, I encouraged the current Party secretary and the mayor to go back to work. After they left, I told my wife it was her opportunity to clarify the truth. She felt a little shy in front of so many people, but I encouraged her to start. These were the predestined people who had come after all, and they had once been very close to me.

My wife stood up and said: “You are all our friends here. Although your Party secretary (me) left, he never forgot all of you and thinks about you all the time.” She then talked about the elderly Party secretary who was now polishing knives, clarified the truth about Dafa, and talked about withdrawing from the CCP and its related organizations.

Then she said: “Today we came for your and your family members' safety and happiness. We put the blessings of Dafa in front of you. To withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations is to choose a beautiful future for you and your family forever. It is an insurance policy that does not cost a penny.”

The people listened quietly and kept nodding. I believe they felt in their hearts that we were truly there for their good. We gave them truth-clarifying materials and copies of the Nine Commentaries . Then I passed out a piece of paper to everyone. They all solemnly wrote down their names and their family members' names. Almost 200 people from a dozen villages all withdrew from the CCP. The whole process was harmonious and very smooth; it was like the persecution didn't exist.

I again witnessed Master's compassionate salvation and Dafa's magnificent power. Without Master's strengthening, it would not have been possible to openly clarify the truth like this with the evil persecution still going on.

My cousin is a village Party secretary. On one Chinese New Year Eve, I asked him to invite former and current Party members, Communist Youth League members, and other village officials and local people to my home. We prepared two big tables of food. The living room and outer area were full of people. Even the yard was full of people.

My wife started to clarify the truth to them: “Hello folks, happy New Year! Our family sends New Year's greetings to you! Please remember that Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. This way you can choose a beautiful future for yourself and your family. Please don't believe what is said on TV. It is all lies. Please do not be fooled!”

She clarified the truth from different aspects. She also explained that gods really exist and that they help people who believe in them during disasters. She said, “We told you these things today so you can have a good future.” Many Party members held up their fists in salute and expressed their wish to withdraw from the CCP.

Later we brought out copies of the Nine Commentaries and truth-clarifying materials to pass out. People took the initiative to get a copy before we even started distributing them.

Then a town electrician came in and said to my wife: “Sister, I have waited for you for two years. I knew you passed out Dafa materials, but you never gave any to me before.” I immediately gave him a flier and a copy of Nine Commentaries . I was touched by the sentient beings' eagerness to be saved.

The next morning, many people came over to visit us. We gave them truth-clarifying materials and persuaded them to withdraw from the CCP. Afterward, we went to a neighboring village to clarify the truth there.

With Master's compassionate protection, I did what I should do and had a happy and meaningful Chinese New Year. I brought back with me a long list of names to withdraw from the CCP.

4. Persuading Stubborn Party Members to Withdraw from the CCP

During our truth-clarifying efforts over the past few years, when my wife encountered some Party members who were very stubborn and refused to withdraw from the CCP, she asked for my help. Sometimes she asked me to clarify the facts together with her.

I had a good friend who worked at a city department. His cousin's sister practiced Falun Dafa and had clarified the truth to him. However, he did not listen and refused to withdraw from the CCP. She found me and asked for my help. My wife and I then went to his home.

When we entered his home, he was talking on his cell phone. He walked around the room and did not stop to talk to us. I knew that evil spirits controlled him and did not want to let him withdraw from the CCP. I hinted to my wife to send forth righteous thoughts to dissolve any communist evil spirits and anything else preventing him from being saved.

After a while, my wife said: “Brother, please sit down. We just want to have a word with you and we will leave soon.” He had to sit down and it seemed like he knew what we would say. It was already October and the weather was not hot. He only wore a shirt, but he was sweating a lot. The evil forces were afraid. If we left today, he probably would never allow us to enter his home again and thus lose the opportunity to be saved forever.

My wife said: “You should not have so much worry and fear. You can use an alias to withdraw from the CCP and remain safe and happy. You withdraw from the CCP in front of the gods, not humans. No one will know. Let us do this.” He asked, “Do I need to go to the office to fill a form?” My wife told him, “You don't need to. You fill out the form in your heart for gods and Buddhas.” He said in relief, “It is so simple!”

There was an elderly person, nearly 80 years old. He was very stubborn. He had been the first Party secretary in his village after the CCP seized power. He was a role model for the evil CCP his entire life and very famous locally. The city and county leaders often visited him. His son was also a city-level official.

He ran a big family business and was rich. His family's wealth kept increasing. We brought many gifts when visiting him. A few of our friends went with us to help clarify the truth to him.

The elderly man cared about his reputation a lot and there was no way he could withdraw from the CCP in front of the younger generation. My wife said: “Uncle, a few years ago I was poisoned by coal gas. If you had not sent me to the hospital in time, I would have died. I have always been very grateful, but never got a chance to repay you. We visit you today not only to pay a debt of gratitude, but to show our respect for you.”

He smiled and said, “It's OK. Don't take it too seriously. If there is anything I can help with, please feel free to let me know.” My wife then said she had a really important thing to tell him. Curious, he inquired, “What thing? Please tell me.” My wife said, “No, I cannot let others hear it.” He said, “Oh, it's so mysterious.” My wife said, “Yes, and very important. Let's go to the other room to talk.”

My wife spoke with him according to his experience and notions. She spoke of what he liked to hear and showed her respect for the older generation. She said: “Uncle, I see you are very healthy and I know that you are a person with good fortune and luck. You did so many good things and helped many people during the difficult times. Many cadres benefited from you and ate your food. Gods remember all the good things you did. The good will be rewarded with good and the evil will receive retribution. You have good fortune, long life and financial success. Aren't those all because gods have blessed you?” He nodded.

My wife continued: “Since the CCP seized power, it has fought with both the heavens and the humans. It has promoted atheism and destroyed the Chinese people's moral standard. Now people dare to do many evil things. People do not believe in gods, so gods will not protect them. You've seen that there have been so many natural and man-made disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, drought, flooding, and various infectious diseases. Many people have died. This is the punishment to humans for not believing in gods and respecting gods. Many people became the victims of atheism and were buried with it.”

He listened and kept nodding. My wife said: “Since the CCP seized power, it has done many bad things, including the persecution of Falun Gong. The Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was a fraud.

“Remember the hidden words found on the mountain stone in Guizhou Province, 'The Chinese Communist Party Collapses'? Many prophecies have stated that heaven will eliminate the CCP. It is the heaven's will. Uncle, please rest assured, I do not ask you to work against the CCP. Until the heavens eliminate the CCP, a human cannot push it down. However, the heavens want to eliminate it. If you do not withdraw from the CCP, you will be buried along with the CCP.

“You have been good to me and you are my elder. I won't lie to you. Right now in society, people lie about many things. But do you think people who lie can protect you and provide you a good future?”

He smiled and said, “You really know a lot. I will listen to you and withdraw from the CCP.” Finally, the elderly man understood the truth and was saved.

As an ordinary person, I assisted my wife to help Master to rectify the Fa and accomplished what I should do.