(Minghui.org) My name is Lianlian. I am a 9 years old and in the third-grade. Master said Dafa practitioners need to do the three things. Although I am a young disciple, I also want to do the three things.

When I first learned Dafa, I clarified the truth to my classmates. I found that two of my female classmates, Rui-Rui and Tong-Tong, were also young Dafa practitioners. We started a group Fa study. During the lunch break, we do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and share experiences with each other to improve our xinxing.

My mother told me that I should read Zhuan Falun every day, and I do. Rui-Rui did not know the importance of Fa study at first. She thought that a child did not need to read Zhuan Falun . She could not enlighten and pass the tests she encountered. I recited the Fa to her that I could remember. I told her she needed to study Zhuan Falun. I explained that, because we were young and our thoughts were more pure, we could assimilate to the Fa much faster. They both began to study the Fa and our xinxing very quickly upgraded.

I Refused to Join the Young Pioneers

During the second half of the second grade, we were asked to join the Young Pioneers. I told my mother about it, and she decided that I could not join because we were Dafa practitioners. After we clarified the truth to my teacher, my mother said to my teacher, “Both my daughter and I were often very sick before we practiced cultivation. We are very healthy now because Master Li Hongzhi has purified our bodies. He freed us from the sufferings of illness. He is our benefactor. Because the CCP persecutes Dafa, joining its organizations would be ungrateful. We cannot be ungrateful.” The teacher let me make my own decision. I did not join the organization. After I told Rui-Rui and Tong-Tong of my decision, neither of them joined, either.

Since I was a good student and got good grades, I was assigned to be the class leader and a study monitor. I took good care of my class. Because of my outstanding performance, the teacher knew that Dafa was good. He also supported our decision not to join the Young Pioneers. Master will arrange everything well as long as we are firm in the Fa.

The three of us did not attend the initiation ceremony. The teacher hid us in the classroom that day. Since my classmates understood the truth, they were not willing to join the organization, either. Our teacher told them to keep silent when the students in other classes followed the school principal to take an oath in front of the blood-red flag. Seeing there were students that did not take the oath, the school principal roared over the microphone, “What is the matter with you kids in the second grade? Why didn't you shout the oath?” My classmates answered in unison, “Dear principal, we do not want to join. We want to be good people all of the time.” The principal said angrily, “That is enough. You don't have to shout the oath.” Under Master's protection, my classmates did not take the oath and I have never worn the red scarf.

I Clarified the Truth to My School Principals

Every day, students are assigned to the school gate to make sure all of the students are wearing the red scarf and the school badge. Good students are selected from each class. Every parent hopes that their child will be chosen as the gate checker. A child who is not selected must pay to do these jobs. They must pay 500 yuan to be a class leader, 300 yuan to be a gate checker, and 1,000 yuan for both.

On October 8, 2012, when the teacher announced during the early morning self-learning session that I would be the gate checker every Thursday, I stood up and said, “I don't want to be a gate checker.” The teacher said, “It is not up to me. You have to talk to the principal. Actually, I don't want you to do it. It does not matter to me whether you are selected or not. I just want to understand more about the truth from you so that I can be blessed and reborn into a better life.”

I did not know where the principal's office was. The teacher asked one of my classmates to take me there. The principal was surprised when I entered his office. He said, “Aren't you the girl in the third grade who does not want to be a gate checker? Why not? Was it your mother's decision? Students in other classes have fought hard to be gate checkers.” I answered, “I am a Dafa practitioner. Being a gate checker requires wearing a red scarf, which I do not have, since I did not join the Young Pioneers.” The principal said, “Why don't you buy a red scarf? It only costs one yuan and everyone can afford it.” I replied, “If I buy it, I will be seen as a member of the Young Pioneers.” I told the principal about the crimes that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had committed, including falsely accusing Falun Gong, all its "movements," and killing 80 million people.

The principal asked, “Why did that Falun Gong practitioner self-immolate?” I told the principal what I had learned from an MP5 player that the self-immolation staged, that it was a hoax and a lie. The principal finally understood the truth. He told me that he had joined the Young Pioneers at the age of 9, the Youth League at the age of 20, and the CCP when he was 40. When I asked him to quit the CCP, he was a little fearful but then withdrew with an alias. At that time, many people, including a deputy principal, came to his office. The deputy principal also quit the CCP with an alias after understanding the truth. The principal finally said, “I'll order the other two deputy principals to quit, also.” I said to the principal, “It works only if they agree to quit. If you talk to them politely, they may agree with you.” The principal asked me to clarify the truth to them the next day.

I went to see the two deputy principals during the third class in the morning on October 9, 2012. Both of them were in the office. When I got there, the principal told me to sit near him and said, “This child may have good things to say. Tell the deputy principals what you told me.” Since the fourth principal had to leave the room for a cigarette, I told the third principal some of the suspicious things about the staged Tiananmen Square Self-immolation hoax and in the Liu Chunling murder case. I raised questions as to why Liu Baorong was still all right after drinking half a bottle of gasoline. I also mentioned the massacres during the Cultural Revolution. I told him about the rock in Guizhou Province with the hidden words saying the “Chinese Communist Party Will End.” I ended by saying, “Since the CCP is so bad, why don't you quit?” The third principal agreed. I repeated what I had said to the fourth principal when he returned. The fourth principal said, "The CCP is really bad. I have to quit. I am not afraid. I'll use my real name.” All four principals renounced their membership in the CCP.

Usually, I am a little naughty and very playful. But when I clarified the truth in the principal's office that day, I sat up straight and tall. I was not afraid of them. It was because clarifying the truth is a very sacred and solemn thing. When I returned to the classroom, the fourth hour class had already started. The teacher and all of my classmates were nervously awaiting my return and some of them had even prayed for me. The teacher asked, “How was it? Did you succeed?” I said, “Yes!” When a classmate asked if they were going to report my mother and me to the authorities, I told them, “No. All four principals quit the CCP.” All of my classmates were very quiet for a few seconds and then they shouted for joy!

The Principal Schedules Predestined Persons to Hear The Truth

The principal then scheduled three directors to listen to me tell them about Falun Gong. They all quit after they understood the facts. The principal also arranged for many predestined people to listen to the facts about Falun Gong every day. Those people were actually arranged by Master to be saved. They were all members of the CCP. Some had even persecuted Dafa practitioners.

On October 16, 2012, the principal referred nine guests to me to hear the truth about Falun Gong. They did not come all at one time, so I had to spend more than five hours with them. They were eager to hear the truth and asked me many questions and I answered them all. They were so eager that they even asked me to “hold it” when I asked to be excused to use the restroom.

I actually held off going to the restroom for almost an hour. After I told my mother what happened, I enlightened that this was another form of persecution the evil imposed upon me, which I could not accept. Seven out of the nine people were members of the CCP, and every one of them quit. One of them said, “My daughter has a Ph.D. Her cap should be put on your head because your understanding of the issues and your explanations are superb.” I told them, “I am too young for that. Regarding the truth, I do know a lot. When you get Falun Gong brochures from now on, please read them carefully.”

Later, the principal asked me to clarify the truth to two of his friends. They were chiefs in the Public Security Bureau who had persecuted Dafa practitioners. Concerned because of their backgrounds, my teacher asked the principal, “They have persecuted Dafa practitioners. What are we going to do if they arrest our student?” The principal responded, “She was able to convince Party members to quit, and these two are only public security bureau chiefs. I don't worry about her. I will guarantee her safety.” He then said to me, “We won't force you. You make your own decision.” I asked Yan-Yan, who had always supported Dafa despite being an ordinary person, to go with me. She was with me every time I clarified the truth. Rui-Rui and Tong-Ton were scared when they knew the people were public security bureau chiefs. Except for Yan-Yan, none of my other friends dared to come with me when I first clarified the truth to the principal.

These two chiefs told me that they had persecuted Dafa practitioners. When I asked them to write a declaration, they replied, “We are afraid because we are Party members. Just help us quit. To make up for our mistakes, we will not persecute Dafa practitioners anymore.”

Master arranged for predestined people to come and listen to the truth Monday to Friday every week until the winter vacation started. I have met many people this way. Sometimes there were as many as 100 people a day and sometimes only a few. Now, the four school principals, three directors, all 45 of my classmates, and a few teachers have quit the CCP because they all know that Falun Dafa is good.

You Have to Study the Fa Well to Clarify the Truth

I clarified the truth to the students in the upper grades when I played with them. I clarified the truth to the storeowners when I bought things. With Master's support and blessings, they all quit the CCP. For the younger kids who were not Young Pioneers, I reminded them that Falun Dafa is good.

Dafa practitioners must clarify the facts to the public and also validate the Fa. We were asked to draw pictures in our art class one day. My picture came out rich in content and bright in color . The teacher was surprised and asked me if I had taken art lessons. I said, “No. But by practicing Dafa I have gained wisdom.” At our New Year's party this year, I sang “Happy New Year” in English and then recited, “How Hard to Save You” (from Hong Yin III) when the school Principle walked into our classroom.

Master wants us to do the three things. To clarify the facts we need to diligently study the Fa because our righteous thoughts and our ability come from the Fa. At first, my mother had me study one lecture every day. But I was antsy and only glanced at the words, looking for the end of the chapter because I wanted to go out and play. Because of that, I missed and left out words even after studying the Fa for a long time. My mother then no longer required me to finish the whole chapter. When we studied the Fa together, she did not care if I only read a paragraph as long as I diligently read the words correctly and concentrated. After two months I no longer missed any words when I read, and I could sit down and calmly study the Fa. Master said: “your ability to concentrate will improve step by step.” (Zhuan Falun)

Kids also have attachments even though they are different. Sometimes I am attached to liquid yogurt. When I eat it and get diarrhea, I will stop drinking it. When I wear a new scarf to show my classmates, the boys will step on my scarf to make it dirty. I enlightened that this is because of my attachment to beauty and showing-off. I let go of these attachments.

I also had other attachments. I went to visit my grandparents on August 15, 2012. My grandpa bought me a lot of sweets. Because of my attachment to the sweets, I ate less at meal time.

My mother and I stopped watching TV after we started cultivation. There were three days when my mother was not around to keep track of me. I became attached to cartoons and studied the Fa superficially. When my mother came home three days later, she saw that I had lost weight and had a sallow complexion. When I sent righteous thoughts at 6 o'clock, I felt my head spinning downward fast. My mom told me, “You did not cultivate diligently those three days. You also became contaminated by watching cartoons. You have fallen very hard.”

I gradually adjusted myself at home to still my mind when I study the Fa. My mom told me not to be attached to TV. She said that the television programs are human things even if they do not contain the Party culture. We cultivate to remove human notions and turn ourselves into divine beings. We need our parents to help us by supervising us, since we kids cannot control ourselves well. That is really for our own good.

Also, I would like to remind other young practitioners: Although we are kids, we should treat ourselves as Dafa practitioners. Doing the three things is a must.

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