(Minghui.org) Recent years have seen dwindling support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because of its ruthless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The following examples attest to just how much Chinese citizens despise the CCP.

A Well-liked Small Business Owner

Around 11:00 a.m. on May 7, 2013, a group of police officers broke into Mr. Li Zhili’s shop and took him to Qian’an City Detention Center.

Mr. Li is a 39-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Tangshan City, Hebei Province. As a small business owner, he has always been very honest and has never sold any counterfeit products. As a result, his business is booming.

Mr. Li lives in a 13-story high-rise building with a courtyard. After selling all the units, the developer left without making any arrangements for managing the property, so the water company, the power company, and the waste management company often turned off the water or electricity and shut down services because some residents were late in paying their utility bills. The odor was suffocating during the summer months, and the whole building was almost uninhabitable.

Without any prompting, Mr. Li went to the power company to get the power restored. When asked who would be responsible for paying any overdue bills, he promised to foot the bills himself. At first the power company still had doubts, but they eventually agreed to restore power after Mr. Li’s numerous visits. Finally, the elevator was back in service, which was especially critical for the elderly and the very young.

Mr. Li next tackled the sewage problem. Since the building was not up to code, the sewage pipes often clogged. He talked to the developer many times and eventually made them agree to share in the costs (with the residents) to address the sewage problem. During the unclogging process, a large amount of trash and human waste spilled onto the ground, and everyone went around it without doing anything about it. After seeing Mr. Li out cleaning up the mess, many of the residents joined him.

With the electricity and water restored, Mr. Li then worked on the daily trash. He used his own money to hire a garbage truck to haul away all the trash. He also cleaned the underground garage and the courtyard on a regular basis.

On one occasion the power company was owed more than 2,000 yuan; Mr. Li paid it out of his own pocket without hesitation.

Everyone in the building knows that Mr. Li is a rare find these days. With him living there, the residents are saved so much trouble and have peace of mind.

Now that Mr. Li has been taken into custody, we can only imagine what is in the minds of the people in the 200 households in the building. How can they not worry about him? What should they do if there is a problem with the water, electricity, heat, sewage, and trash pickup?

They miss Mr. Li, and everyone is condemning the CCP for taking away their good neighbor.

A Well-regarded Migrant Worker

Mr. Liu Fengcheng is a peasant from Yongheng Village, Boli County, Heilongjiang Province. He did odd jobs in Sandaogang, Yilan County, to support his family of seven, including himself and his wife, his parents, his son and daughter, and his disabled younger brother.

After his arrest, Mr. Li’s parents travelled to Yilan County to seek his release. They said, “Our son practices Falun Gong to keep fit and improve his health. He has done so many good deeds and nothing. He even charged less to do jobs for others.” The head of the Domestic Security Office, Zhang Yingduo, acknowledged that their son was a good person, but demanded evidence in writing with seals from their village office and police station.

Without incident, Mr. Li’s parents secured official proof from their village and police station, who knew all too well what kind of person he was. They affirmed that Mr. Li volunteered to shovel snow and paint walls for low-income families many times without asking for any compensation.

However, such proof wasn’t able to get Mr. Li released. Instead, he was sent to Harbin First Detention Center.

Even Mr. Li’s village office and police station know what a good man he is. Now that he is incarcerated, who in the village doesn’t condemn the CCP?

A Well-respected Teacher

While posting truth-clarification flyers on May 11, 2013, Ms. Wang Fang and a fellow practitioner were shadowed and arrested by Li Jianfei and a few others from the Beilin District 610 Office. The two practitioners were taken to the Suihua City Detention Center.

Ms. Wang is a well-known and well-respected teacher from Shangzhi Elementary School in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. She has turned many underperforming classes into top-performing ones in her school. What was her secret? As a Falun Gong practitioner, she strictly follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance both inside and outside of the classroom.

She treated all her students the same and worked earnestly to help them. She asked her students to take back home any money or gifts their parents attempted to give her. Under her influence, her students learned to help each other and were able to greatly improve their academic performance.

When Ms. Wang was first arrested by the Beilin District 610 Office in 2007, her students’ parents gathered at the school and went to Suihua Education Committee to seek her release. They couldn’t understand why such a good person was arrested and expressed their desire to have Ms. Wang head their children’s class. Some of them even used their personal connections to try to secure her release. Everyone was talking and wondering what kind of world they were living in where good people were in custody.

After Ms. Wang was released, her school didn’t dare to have her head any class because of pressure from those higher-up. Last year when a head teacher was needed for one class, the school arranged to have another person fill in. Upon learning of the appointment, many parents called for the school to have Ms. Wang take over instead. The principal was very embarrassed. In front of the parents he said to her that she would have to give up her belief in Falun Gong before he could make her head teacher. Ms. Wang replied it was because she practiced Falun Gong that she had earned those parents' trust and that she would rather not be the head teacher if she had to give up the practice. After repeated appeals from parents, the principal eventually agreed to have Ms. Wang work as head teacher.

Currently it is common practice for teachers to hold tutoring classes after school to make extra money. However, Ms. Wang never charges a penny for her tutoring classes. Who wouldn’t respect such a teacher?