(Minghui.org) I have a nephew whose name is Shitou. He has had a difficult and bitter life. My sister and I have always tried to help by giving him food and clothes and helping in whatever way we could. In the past two years, his life seemed to improve, and then suddenly it took a big turn for the worse.

Day 1: On the Verge of Death

At around 11 p.m. on April 30, 2012, Shitou suddenly came down with a terrible stomachache. It worsened until he could no longer tolerate the pain. It was midnight and he did not want to wake us, so he called a friend to take him to the hospital. The hospital performed tests on Shitou and determined that he had a tumor 15 x 13cm, and was in fact in the late stages of liver cancer.

My sister got the news on the morning of May 1st. She was shocked and took Shitou to the best hospital in our city. After performing more tests, the surgeon there came to the same conclusion. By now, Shitou had no strength, and his breathing was labored. His blood pressure was 80 over 40. The doctor said that he must be hospitalized, as the tumor could rupture and cause immediate death.

My sister asked the doctor if he could perform surgery. The doctor declined, adding that he should not be transferred to another hospital either, his situation was dangerous and he should be in ICU. She felt she had no choice but to have him put in ICU, where every patient was dying. She didn't know if Shitou could really be helped there.

Day 2: Surviving

My sister and I have been practicing Falun Gong for years. We have both experienced miracles and know deep down that Dafa saves people. Dafa is not for curing illnesses, but for bringing people to higher levels, and saving sentient beings.

My sister told Shitou, “Look, only Dafa can save your life. Your father died of this illness, because he was not in a good environment. With Dafa there is nothing to fear. Just practice Dafa."

Afterwards Shitou told us, “I took a look in the door of the ICU. Patients in there are all attached to IVs. I felt it was not a place for me. Suddenly a Dafa book flashed in my mind, and I knew I had seen it somewhere before. I then made a decision, I won't stay in the hospital, I don't have any illness! I don't believe their CT results. Let's go home and study the Fa!” My sister and I were pleasantly surprised by his decision.

In the afternoon, my sister and I brought Master's lectures on DVD to Shitou's home, and told him, “You should recite 'Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Master is good!'” Shitou said, “I know. I have been reciting 'Falun Dafa is good.'” We told him, “You should believe in Master and Dafa. Remember if you are a Falun Dafa practitioner, you have no illness. Just practice Falun Dafa." Shitou agreed. While listening to Master's lectures, he felt hot and was sweating. The doctor warned us not to let him drink water, but Shitou was hot and thirsty. We gave him water, knowing that Master was purifying his body.

During the two days when Shitou felt sick, his abdomen became hard and swollen, and he could not move his bowels. The doctor said it was because the upper and lower areas were not working together. After watching Master's lectures, later that day, Shitou passed gas. He said he was feeling much better.

Day 3: Back to Normal

On the morning of May 2, Shitou began to have bowel movements. This was a sure sign that his health was improving. Our confidence increased, we were happy, and Shitou was hungry. We cooked millet porridge and he ate a large bowl. He then announced that he was now recovered. His face was no longer pale, his spirits were much better. We were all happy.

On May 3, Shitou felt his strength had recovered and he no longer was experiencing any discomfort. He then rode his electric bike to my home. The very next day he went to work in the morning and then came to group Fa Study in the afternoon! We were amazed. Just days before, the doctors said he was dying, but after practicing Falun Dafa for only three days, we saw a miracle. Dafa is just so powerful!

It wasn't just his physical health that improved, Shitou's temper also improved. He told us that he did not believe in Dafa before, but once he started to practice, he no longer thought of it as a joke. Once he began to read Zhuan Falun , he could not put it down. Shitou feels he has totally changed. His temper has improved, and he feels happy and optimistic. No longer concerned with fame and profit, he does not get upset if his customers do not pay him enough. There is nothing that disturbs him now.

Shitou had many friends. When they inquired about his health, I told them he improved after practicing Falun Dafa. Everyone was surprised. They thought it was amazing that he could return to work so quickly. They too knew it was a miracle. I feel sad for the Chinese people, who have been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and do not believe in miracles. Shitou's miraculous experience after studying Dafa is a truth to behold. Shitou also said, “Please write down my story, and share it with others, so everyone will understand the miracle of Dafa.”

Our ancestors said, “I'd rather believe it to exist than to not exist.” The western world also said, “People who believe it will have happiness.” For important issues, if something could save your life, only people who believe it can have a way out. After the spread of Falun Dafa for twenty years, there have been so many stories proving that Dafa is miraculous and supernormal, Dafa can save people. It is not difficult to understand why in the brutal persecution since 1999, practitioners have been steadfast! Only with Falun Dafa can one truly have a happy future.