What I saw while sending righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m.

In recent days, I have seen scenes in other dimensions while sending righteous thoughts. One day at 6:00 a.m., I saw evil demons and rotten ghosts on black clouds flying towards us. I saw three small demons on a big black cloud. One of them sat on the cloud, holding a book that listed the names of practitioners who were not diligent in cultivation. The other two stood on the left and right, holding knives in their hands.

There were small black clouds under the big clouds. Two small ghosts were on the small clouds. One ghost sent out deafening thunder. The other ghost sent out lightning. Below them was the main field where the war between righteous and evil was being waged. Flocks of black ghosts flew out from hell and fought against Dafa practitioners who were sending righteous thoughts on white clouds.

Some practitioners were in armor, holding big axes with energy; however, practitioners who were not diligent were in rags, holding rusty swords. During the fight, Dafa practitioners fought the ghosts. Some practitioners were injured. Their injuries manifested as different kinds of diseases in this dimension. Some practitioners developed sores, some had high fevers, some coughed, some were in pain, etc.

The evil ghosts that were eliminated by Dafa practitioners were dissolved, turned into drops of water and fell into a pot of boiling oil, where they evaporated.

What I saw one time at noon while sending righteous thoughts

One noontime while I was sending righteous thoughts, for the second time I saw tens of thousands of evil ghosts with murderous looks and sinister smiles. Those practitioners who were not diligent were all injured by the ghosts. Each injured practitioner was stabbed by hundreds of swords. In this dimension such injuries manifested as cancer, diabetes, or other diseases.

When the war between the righteous and evil broke out, ghosts ran out of hell and joined the fight. Many diligent practitioners entered the evil dens in hell to eliminate the ghosts. I saw a diligent practitioner holding a long spear and throwing it with great effort towards the demon that controlled the ghosts. The demon fell from the throne into a boiling pot. Its body bubbled, turned into gas, and disappeared.

Another diligent practitioner rushed towards hell, holding a sharp sword. He stabbed it into a king of hell that persecuted practitioners. I saw that king of hell fall from its black throne, then fall into a bigger pot of boiling oil. Its body gave off black gas and turned into a black dragon. Soon it was fried to death. Its corpse was floating on the surface of the oil.

What I saw another time while sending righteous thoughts

Another time at noon while I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw little demons and ghosts running out of hell and rushing towards us. They gave off black gas, had stinking armor, and held snake spears. Practitioners cooperated with each other to fight them. Some practitioners who were not diligent were injured. The manifestation in this dimension was that these practitioners were dying. All those diligent practitioners were going to break into the den of small ghosts, but the ghosts closed the door of hell tightly and prevented practitioners from entering.

One practitioner used a stick to split the door into two pieces and rushed into hell to kill the ghosts. Practitioners sent out divine powers and killed all the demons and ghosts in hell. I then saw Teacher wearing a shining golden robe and sitting on a lotus throne. Teacher looked solemn and serene, very large. He was holding his palm erect silently, strengthening his disciples. The biggest demon, grinning cheekily, said to Teacher, “Look at your practitioners who are not diligent! They are suffering from tribulations. Do you still recognize them as your disciples?” Teacher didn't say anything.

Instantly Teacher threw that biggest demon down into a pot of boiling oil. All the boiling pots were linked to each other by metal chains. The demon's pot exploded with a huge bang. Then the other pots exploded one after the other. Most of the ghosts were eliminated but some escaped. The big demon died. Its mount was an evil red dragon. At this moment, the evil dragon rushed towards practitioners. Diligent practitioners asked warriors of Law Protection and Teacher's fashen for help, then stabbed into the evil with great effort. The evil dragon fell down beside the demon's pot. Green blood came out of its body and it finally died.

The heavens became clear.

The above is what a little practitioner saw at his cultivation level, narrated by the little practitioner and written down by a fellow practitioner. If you find anything inappropriate, please point it out compassionately.