(Minghui.org) Seven Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested for their faith on June 9, 2012, in Linxia County, Gansu Province. Five were subsequently sentenced to prison, and one was forced to quit high school.

The arrested practitioners included Li Jiankui, Zhang Yuexiang, Li Mengbing, Wang Jinfen, Duo Hong, Jia Chunzhen, and Song Youfu. The arrests were carried out by Linxia County police chief Wang Jianlin and other officers under the order of An Huashan, the Communist Party secretary of Linxia County.

Mr. Li Jiankui Paralyzed due to Torture

Mr. Li Jiankui and his wife, Ms. Zhang Yuexiang, were on their way home when they were arrested around 5 p.m. The police pressed Mr. Li to the ground before handcuffing him from behind and pushing him into a police car. Both husband and wife were taken to the Beiyuan Criminal Police Unit. There, officers took off Mr. Li's pants and tied him to the tiger bench. When Mr. Li began to sing, “Falun Dafa is good” in protest, they stuffed paper in his mouth. He was tortured on the tiger bench all night.

Ms. Zhang was released two days later. Mr. Li was transferred to the Linxia County Detention Center. Immediately after Mr. Li arrived at the detention center, political instructor Shan Yulong began to punch and kick him, severely injuring his head. The next morning, director Lin Jinxi ordered Mr. Li to wear the detention center uniform. When Mr. Li refused, Lin became furious. He and Shan Yulong then physically assaulted Mr. Li outside the cell.

On the third day, deputy director Hu Peixing used ropes soaked in water and bonded together to hit Mr. Li's legs.

Several consecutive days of torture caused Mr. Li's health to deteriorate, until he finally lost consciousness and became incontinent. He regained consciousness several days later at the Linxia County Hospital. The doctor told him that he had suffered severe brain hemorrhaging and was hemiplegic.

On November 12, 2012, Mr. Li was sentenced to six years of imprisonment by a Linxia County Court judge. Due to his ailing health, resulting from torture, he was allowed to serve his sentence outside of prison. The perpetrators involved in the case include Wang Yanping from Linxia County Procturatorate; presiding Judge Xu Yanhua from the Linxia County Court; prosecutors Zhang Qing, Zhou Aifen, and Ma Shaoxing; and clerk Han Ying.

Children Not Spared Persecution

Mr. Li's family are constantly harassed by the authorities. His son, Li Xueyi (nicknamed Tian Zeng), was sentenced to four years in prison in 2011 and is currently held in the Tianshui Prison of Gansu Province. The perpetrators responsible for sentencing Mr. Li Xueyi include presiding judge Xu Yanhua; prosecutors Ma Shaoxing, Zhou Aifen, and Zhang Qing; and clerk Han Ying.

Mr. Li's 16-year-old daughter, Li Mengbing, is a freshman in high school. She was detained for over a month at the Jishishan County Detention Center. After her release, authorities harassed her many times at school. As a result, she was forced to quit school.

Elders and Young Persecuted for Their Faith

Practitioners Mr. Jia Chunzhen, around 70 years old, and Mr. Song Youfu, in his 60s, from Liangjiashan Village of Xinji Town were sentenced by the Linxia County Court on November 14, 2012. Mr. Jia was sentenced to five years imprisonment and Mr. Song to four years. They are currently held at the Tianshui Prison of Gansu Province.

During the trial, Mr. Jia and Mr. Song clarified the facts about Falun Gong to the court. The presiding judge arrogantly said: “It is up to me how to sentence you. I was planning to be lenient on you and sentence you to a year or two. Since you have spoken out, I am going to be harsh. Otherwise, I won't have another opportunity because I am about to retire.”

Mr. Wang Jinfen, in his 50s, from Nanyuan Township, was sentenced to four years of imprisonment and is currently detained at the Dashaping Prison in Lanzhou City.

Mr. Duo Hong from Nanyuan Township was sentenced to three years in prison, but was allowed to serve his term outside of prison.