(Minghui.org) The title of this article is borrowed from a Shen Yun dancer’s blog. This fellow practitioner answered the question very well: “Our operation is just like a well-oiled engine. We are a tight group, and each of us is part of a whole. Everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to do so as to ensure the success of our shows. Together we are like a tightly clenched fist; no wonder our performance is awe-inspiring.”

When Each Dafa Particle Does Its Part Well, the Power of the Fa Will Naturally Show

I also heard an audience member say that she felt an enormous force during the show that transcended each individual performer and even the whole body of the performers. She was amazed by this wonderful experience. It is my understanding that Master’s Fa has the all mighty power that transcends everything and anything. When each being does well its assigned job, the power of the Fa will naturally show through. The audience member’s experience is not something an individual being or even the whole body of practitioners can achieve.

Out of all the interviews of Shen Yun performers, one really struck me. The practitioner pointed out that the grueling rehearsal and show schedules were not the most difficult part of the job. In the eyes of this performer, since every venue is different, how each performer finds her or his perfect spots and moves about flawlessly on different stages is something to be continuously worked on.

I totally agree. If on the stage each performer keeps thinking about how other dancers should move, maybe the bowl (a dance prop) on her head would have long fallen off or they would have bumped into each other during the intricate jumps and flips.

But when each performer only concentrates on his or her own dance moves, Master’s Fa is making sure the overall result is a great success.

Of course, I’m not saying we should then allow ourselves to go to the other extreme and only care about our own performance without worrying about other people. A life that is assimilated to the Fa must have conformed to the Fa’s requirements at different levels and will never go to extremes. Cultivation is about getting rid of human attachments. The side of cultivators that is free of attachments is assimilated to the Fa and it will naturally know what to do.

We are all talking about how to do well as a whole body when, in fact, Master has long set us a good example by guiding Shen Yun to success. I often see audience feedback commenting how each of the Shen Yun artists is good enough to be a lead dancer in any other dance company.

When Each Practitioner Works Through His or Her Own Problems, the Whole Will Naturally Do Well

Shen Yun's success reminds me of how we should treat fellow practitioners in tribulations. People often try to tell the sufferers what to do, however, I feel exactly the opposite.

Whenever I see my family having trouble passing tribulations, I often remind myself that they’re also Master’s family. With Master in control of everything, is there any need for me to worry about them?

A fellow practitioner pointed out that I hold the same attitude when it comes to other practitioners in tribulation.

I do think that we should let the ones in trouble work through their own problems without our intervention. When each of us does well, our whole body will also excel.

Then how to ensure each Dafa particle does well? As I see it, Fa-study is the key. Behind Dafa books are layers upon layers of universes, behind which are countless Buddhas, Daos, and Gods, with Master at the very top.

So why don’t we remind each other to study the Fa more and better instead of endlessly arguing and discussing what to do?

When We Read Dafa Books Without Pursuit, the Fa Principles Naturally Present Themselves to Us

The process of our Fa-study is one of the ways we assimilate to the Fa. However, a lot of practitioners still harbor strong pursuits. They study the Fa the same way way they read everyday people’s literature. They try to find explicit and quick answers to their cultivation issues by reading Dafa books. When they fail to spot solutions right away, they question the effectiveness of their Fa-study. They also treat Dafa books as some sort of guide books for their actions and words. Whenever they're embroiled in an argument with fellow practitioners, they like to use Dafa principles to defend their own understandings.

As I see it, when they have such strong pursuit, there is no way they can study the Fa well. Reading with pursuit itself is disrespectful of and not believing in Master and Dafa.

Enlightenment should come first. Only with firm belief in Master and Dafa in the first place can we study the Fa with a calm mind and can we expect to see the Fa principles present themselves to us.

I hope we can all cherish the precious opportunity to cultivate and not have any regrets.