(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhang Shouhui, a Falun Gong practitioner in Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, Fushen City, Liaoning Province, was arrested by police on November 2, 2012. They took her keys and searched her house, then released her after 15 days of detention.

Because she practices Falun Gong Ms. Zhang Shouhui has been subjected to abuse and torture, including being severely beaten, handcuffed to an iron chair, made to sit under hot lights, and forced to wear heavy shackles for long periods of time. She has also been sent to a mental hospital and persecuted twice at a labor camp.

On November 2, 2012, after 5:00 p.m., 7 to 8 officers from Fushun Police Department, including Peng Yue, and someone whose last name was Hao knocked on Ms. Zhang Shouhui's door. They claimed to work for the heating company and said they came to check the heater valves, so she opened the door. They tricked her into going downstairs and arrested her there, jammed her into a police car and took her to the Qingyuan County Police Department.

Peng Yue and Geng Dan took Ms. Zhang's house key. They colluded with officers from the Qingyuan County Police Department and Liu Hui, a person from the Tiebei Community. The group broke into and searched Ms. Zhang's home, confiscating over 4000 yuan in cash, a computer and other related items (returned later), over 30 Dafa books, and some other personal belongings. After 7:00 p.m. that day, Ms. Zhang was sent to the Tianqiao Police Station in Qingyuan Town. Officer Zheng Xiaoli tied her to a metal chair, and she was not unfastened until 20 hours later. She was then sent to the Fushun Detention Center.

After Ms. Zhang Shouhui was released at the end of the November 2012, Geng Dan and other people went to Qingyuan County to look for her. When she asked them to return the over 4000 yuan cash they took from her home, Geng Dan said, "Forget about that money! I'll pay you 10,000 yuan if you work for me to find the practitioners who can log onto the Minghui website from your place." Ms. Zhang sternly refused to cooperate.

On January 4, 2013, accompanied by her family members, Ms. Zhang went to the Fushun Domestic Security Team and asked that her computers and other items be returned to her. She asked Peng Yue, "Are my other items you took also here?" Peng Yue told her those were at the Qingyuan Town Police Station. On the second day, when Ms. Zhang went to the police station, the officers there told her to go to the Domestic Security Division. When they reached the Qingyuan County Domestic Security Division, female officer Li Xin verbally abused and cursed at them. Xu Xiangchun, another officer at the Qingyuan County Domestic Security Division, told them, "Regarding this, you need to talk to our director, Zhang Jingwu." Days later, when they found Zhang Jingwu, he said, "Since I didn't participate, you still need to talk to the city police department." Zhang Shouhui next called Geng Dan and Peng Yue. Peng Yue threatened her, "If you continue to ask for your money, I will arrest you again!"

As a result of being repeatedly persecuted, Ms. Zhang Shouhui often suffers numbness in her hands and feet, and her limbs are weak. When she was persecuted before, she was forced to pay more than 10,000 yuan; now she is barely managing to survive on the very low income she earns from doing odd jobs. Because her son was so worried about her, he was unable to focus at work and his hand was injured. Now he is unable to work. Ms. Zhang's mother-in-law is also in detention. Extremely worried over the persecution Ms. Zhang has been put through, her father-in-law is extremely weak due to the mental and physical stress. Her elderly parents are also under a great deal of stress. They are extremely worried over their daughter and have to take care Ms. Zhang's paralyzed grandparent, who is over 100 years old.

After the persecution of Falun Gong was launched by the Chinese Communist Party, Ms. Zhang's mother-in-law Zheng Hongying was detained many times, and was forced to pay nearly 10,000 yuan. She was sentenced twice, and is currently incarcerated at the Shenyang Women's Prison.

Arrested, Sent to Labor Camp and Mental Hospital

On July 20, 1999, Ms. Zhang went to Beijing to appeal, she was arrested in Beijing, sent back to her hometown, and detained for ten days at the Nankouqian Town Government, where she was subjected to brainwashing. In the beginning she was forced to pay for her food at the rate of 5 yuan per day, and later it was raised to 15 yuan per meal. Official Wang Huichang at the Nankouqian Town Government forced Ms. Zhang's mother-in-law to pay 1000 yuan for bail, and she paid that money to him.

At the end of 2001, Ms. Zhang went to Beijing to appeal again, and she was arrested right after she arrived. While being held at a police station in Beijing, the officers handcuffed her to a big tree and left her there for several hours to freeze. On the second day, Xu Jinrong, an officer from the Qingyuan County Police Department, sent Ms. Zhang to the Qingyuan County Liaison Office in Beijing. Two days later, officials Gong Yuhua, Ma Qianli from the Nankouqian Town and two other officers went to Beijing to bring the practitioners back. Right after the train passed Fushun City, the two officers cuffed Ms. Zhang Shouhui and another practitioner, Zhang Chuanwen, and threatened to punish them. Ms. Zhang and other practitioners were detained at the Dashagou Detention Center in Qingyuan County. Some people, including Cui Jingxiang, the head of the Nankouqian Town Police Station, and the head of the town, broke into Ms. Zhang's house and confiscated over 400 yuan in cash, a TV set, VCD's, and more. Ms. Zhang went on a hunger strike at the detention center. After she was on the hunger strike for 19 days, she was sentenced to two years of forced labor.

From January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2003, Ms. Zhang was detained at the Wujiabao "Education and Training Center" in Fushun City. After New Year's day, she tried to escape, but was captured, severely beaten, and locked up in a small cell. At midnight, because it was cold, a detainee handed a worn coat to Ms. Zhang. When the guards found out, she was cuffed and hung up, and the other inmate was also cursed and beaten. Ten days later, when Ms. Zhang was taken down, she had lost all feeling in her arms. Several detainees pulled her into a dim and damp room. Because she could not direct or control her arms and hands, she could not eat. She also could not walk. Tricked and forced by evildoing officer Wu Wei, Ms. Zhang's father-in-law sold grain and got some money. Wu took that money and used it to send Ms. Zhang to the Fushun City Mental Hospital, where she was forced to take injections of unknown drugs. Her limbs were bound with rope and she was tied to a bed. Her legs were shocked with an electric needle which was similar to an electric baton. She returned home in April 2002.

Severely Beaten, Cuffed to the Iron Chair, Baked by the Heat Lamp, Heavily Shackled, Forced Labor, and Other Forms of Persecution

Around 10:00 a.m. on May 29, 2003, Ms. Zhang Shouhui, together with another practitioner, Ms. Wang Xiuxia and a male practitioner, was arrested by over 20 officers from the First Division of the Fushun Police Department, the Dongzhou Police Station and the Xintun Police Station in Fushun. After they were taken to the police station, the officers threw them down and kicked them. Because they refused to report their names, they were all tortured. At dawn the male practitioner removed his handcuffs and walked out. When Ms. Wang Xiuxia walked out the door, the officers found her, knocked her down, madly beat her, and pulled her out of the room. The police covered Zhang Shouhui's head with a bag and drove her by car to a dark room, where they fastened her limbs to a iron chair. The police took turns two by two, grabbing her hair, slamming her in the face, punching her in the face and chest with their fists. Each time Ms. Zhang refused to answer questions, she was subjected to beatings. When the officers were exhausted from hitting her, they placed her under a very hot lamp to bake. As a result, Ms. Zhang fainted several times.

Even though Ms. Zhang was not physically qualified for detention due to her poor physical condition, and several doctors verified through examination that her physical situation disqualified her, the detention center still admitted her. As soon as she entered the detention center, she saw that Ms. Wang Xiuxia was fastened on the iron chair and being tortured. That was the last time Ms. Zhang ever saw her. The next day she was told Ms. Wang had passed away.

When she came to the detention center, the guards ordered the detainees to strip off her clothes and splash her with cold water in the bathroom. Ms. Zhang began to convulse. The detainees then pinched her inner thighs and inner arms. They pinched her so hard that she bled. The pain was so unbearable that she began to cry out. Due to the torture, her limbs often convulsed, her chest hurt and she had heart pain. The guards said they were taking her to the hospital, but they pulled her out instead for a severe beating, claiming that she was pretending to be sick. The guards then bound her tightly with ropes to the iron chair, where she was unable to breathe. Ms. Zhang Shouhui was shackled and pulled into a cell. The fetters she wore were said to be only for condemned prisoners. The inmates beat her whenever they saw Ms. Zhang convulse and forced her to do slave labor, claiming she was pretending to be sick.

One day, an inmate leader said, "We are allowed to beat Falun Gong practitioners, no problem if we beat them to death." That day, many practitioners were beaten. All the criminal detainees participated in the violence. Ms. Zhang Shouhui was kicked down and pulled into a corner. A criminal named Liu Yun pulled her hair and slammed her head into the wall. Ms. Zhang felt as if her head were split open and fainted. The second day, the violence continued, and was not stopped until the guards told the criminals not to do that anymore. After Ms. Wang Xiuxia was tortured to death, they were afraid of being held responsible if more practitioners died. The guards also took off Ms. Zhang's shackles. Later, when the labor camp was to be relocated and some leaders came to visit, the guards tied Ms. Zhang with ropes and covered her mouth with tape so that she was unable to shout.

In 2003, Ms. Zhang was sentenced to three years at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Right after she walked into the gate, she was pulled inside by a group of collaborators. Every day, she was surrounded by these collaborators who endlessly slandered Dafa. Furthermore, she was forced to sit on a small stool and do slave labor when she was in an extremely weak physical condition. In the hot summer, she was also forced to peel onions and garlic, or to sit on a small stool for the entire day under the broiling sun. As a result, her buttocks were covered with red welts, which were extremely painful. Six months later, she still could hardly walk, and her four limbs frequently convulsed.

Guard Yang Xiaofeng forced other practitioners to donate money for Ms. Zhang Shouhui's "medical cost". She took Ms. Zhang to the Shenyang Mental Hospital for a “check-up,” but refused to give her the medical record. In the winter of 2005, Ms. Zhang's husband brought her back home. On the way back, every few steps, she had to stop and rest for a few minutes. She finally returned home, but she had become utterly destitute due to the persecution.