(Minghui.org) After reading the online articles that expose the horrors of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, I know that what they describe is nothing new to Falun Gong practitioners or inmates who have been detained there.

The Dark Chamber of Masanjia

In the article “Exposing the Evil in the Donggang Dark Chamber of Masanjia,” the author stated, “Donggang's fourth chamber in the third brigade of Masanjia Labor Camp was decorated like a secret room. The windows were sealed with newspapers, cardboard and curtains. It looked completely dark upon entering it. Police officer Zhang Lili has often tortured Falun Gong practitioners in this room. The room is about 30 square meters, and there is a 'stretching bed,' whips, handcuffs, and loudspeakers. All the walls and floors were painted with images that slander Falun Dafa. On one of the walls hangs the word 'Transformation' in red, about 28 inches tall. When one turns on the power, the word 'Transformation' looks very colorful, dazzling, and flashing. When the guard came in to deliver food, he had to turn off the light.”

Although no one has witnessed Falun Gong practitioners being brutalized inside the chamber firsthand, what they look like after being held there is incriminating evidence of the torture that goes on there. Practitioners tortured there are usually taken downstairs to the cafeteria on the first floor from the fourth floor by either a fellow practitioner or inmate. Most practitioners couldn't walk and would fall after taking a few steps. If the tortured practitioner is taken downstairs by a fellow practitioner, then she suffers less. But if an inmate carries her, she is often beaten and verbally abused. This has become commonplace inside Masanjia Labor Camp.

Dungeons in Masanjia

There is a packaging workshop in the Third Brigade of Masanjia with a large plant attached to it. It looks like a warehouse from the outside. In May and June of 2012, the police forced newly-admitted practitioners and those working at the shop to clean up the “warehouse.” As they were cleaning it, they saw a huge iron plate on the floor. They removed it and saw a huge, black hole. Foul-smelling gas billowed out of it. There were wire nets and bars inside the hole.

There are five such black holes inside the warehouse. All of the practitioners cleaning up the warehouse saw them. The main entrance to the black holes is located in the middle of the back wall of the warehouse. The door was left open and there was a bench next to it. This is the location of the infamous dungeons in Masanjia. It looks like a warehouse from the outside, but, indeed, there are dungeons where practitioners are persecuted.