(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners from across the Netherlands came to The Hague on April 25 2013. In front of the Chinese Embassy, they did the exercises and meditation and clarified the truth to passersby. They raised awareness about what really happened in Beijing on April 25, 1999, when over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners peacefully appealed to authorities at Zhongnanhai, the central government compound.

'自荷兰的欧盟议员贝尔曼(Thijs BERMAN)签名表示支持反迫害'

Thijs Berman, MEP from the Netherlands, signed the petition to support the practitioners' efforts to end the persecution

'国会议员马克齐(Ahmed Marcouch,左二)高兴的接过了学员递上的英文版明慧周报,并向学员了解法轮功信息。'

Ahmed Marcouch, MP from the Netherlands (left 2), was very pleased to take a copy of the Minghui Weekly from a practitioner


Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the facts about the persecution in front of the Chinese Embassy


Overseas Chinese who visited the Chinese Embassy that day stopped to watch. Some took photos with their cell phones, and some even took leaflets. At lunch time after the event, more practitioners went to the Hague Parliament Square, where they distributed leaflets and told passersby about Falun Gong. After learning about the severe persecution occurring in China, many decided to sign the petition to stop the persecution.

One Dutch person said that, for a hundred years, the communist movement has already proven to be a symbol of brutality, deception, death, and a regime of terror. He was very sympathetic toward the Chinese people that were suffering the persecution. He hoped that everyone would stand up and said "No!" to such brutality.

Two female tourists from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, took several leaflets, and said that Falun Gong practitioners' kindness, sincerity, modesty, and tolerance were well respected in Canada's multicultural communities and that the Canadian government was very supportive of Falun Gong. They commented that it was nice meeting with practitioners in Europe and being able to get their hands on more information. They said that they would hold onto the flyers and take a look at the Falun Gong website when they got home.

Binnenhof is where the House of Representatives sits. MPs in this country work here. They are responsible for monitoring and supervising the work of the Cabinet, as well as considering new bills. During the truth clarification event near Binnenhof, Falun Gong practitioners encountered several members from the House of Representatives, and handed them copies of the Minghui Weekly.

Netherlands EU lawmaker Thijs Berma, signed the petition to show his support. Ahmed Marcouch (in the middle of the picture), a member pf the House of Representatives, took a copy of the Minghui Weekly from a practitioner and asked about Falun Gong.

More than half of the people who passed by Parliament Square said that they had heard of Falun Gong or had previously known a little bit about the tragic persecution of the practice in China. Many people believe that Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful, non-violent, truth-clarification efforts have made it possible for more and more people to understand the truth and thereby to stand up for justice.