(Minghui.org) My name is Wang Haiying. I was arrested and taken to Dalian Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province around October 2000. Masanjia Forced Labor Camp sent around 30 people to the Dalian camp to help persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

They tortured me in an attempt to “transform” me. They beat me, locked me in small cells, and did whatever else they could think of.

Guard Su Jing from Masanjia went all over the country to give presentations to share her "expertise" in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Other facilities also sent people to Masanjia to learn their tactics. When people from the forced labor camp in Beijing went to Masanjia to learn, they brought the practitioners from their camp to Masanjia to be persecuted there at the same time. Then they took them back to Beijing after they were “transformed” so that they could “transform” others. This is how Masanjia exports its cruel tactics all over the country.

Because I refused to write the three statements, the Dalian Forced Labor Camp transferred me to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on March 19, 2001. There I endured, witnessed, and heard many crimes.

Corporal Punishment

On March 19, 2001, 11 of us practitioners were put on a large bus. They handcuffed us to the seats, assigned each of us two guards, and drove us to Masanjia.

The day we arrived, guard Qiu Ping dragged me to her team. She had two inmates watch me and pressure me to write the three statements. When I refused, she told them to beat me, dig into my eyes, and cut my hair. They almost cut my head with the scissors. Because I refused to budge, I was forced to stand and crouch every evening till early the next morning.

One evening, guard Su Jing came to inspect. She asked, “How is she?” Guard Wang Naiming said, “She refuses to write it. Let’s give her some help.” I then heard another practitioner dragged out, followed by her screams. The guard sitting next to me cursed at me when I was too tired and fell down. I banged my head on the concrete floor with a thud. I later was forced to sit on a small bench and face the wall every day for about six months.

Forced Labor

I was forced to work in the fields. In the fields in knee-deep water I had to pull weeds under the hot summer sun. The guard sat on a couch on the shore, and inmate heads yelled at and hurried us because we were exhausted an sweaty.

I was assigned to pick corn. The rows of corn seemed endless, and each of us was assigned a row. I also had to pull garlic and dig holes for trees.

Sometimes we worked indoors making slave labor products, such as cake boxes, wreaths, and other handcrafts. It was said they were all for export.

The forced labor camp later built a two-story sewing shop to make clothes, mainly military overcoats. There was no heat in the winter, and the insulation was very poor, with cold air leaking in everywhere. Despite frostbitten hands and feet, we had to finish many items of clothing until midnight every day. Not finishing your quota meant a beating. Either that or the guards would extort money from you. You were tortured if you refused to do the work.

Force Feeding

My family came to visit me, but because I refused to write the three statements, they were not allowed to see me. I went on a hunger strike to protest. The guards ordered five people to hold me down on the bed and force feed me. They threatened to tie me to the bed and leave the tube in me until I began eating.

Practitioner Du Shuhua from Lingyuan City had a feeding tube in her. They brought her in front of the other practitioners and humiliated her by asking them, “Doesn't she look like a pig?”

Witnessing the Staged Interview for “Focus Talk”

Around September 2001, people from the program “Focus Talk” came to make videos. They asked Qiu Ping and a few other “transformed” practitioners to act and videotaped it for showing to the nation. I was in the room right across, and I saw the staged interview very clearly.

“Storm the Fortifications”

At the end of December 2002, the Communist Party in Liaoning Province formed an “assistant group” of about 20 people who came to Masanjia to “storm the fortifications.” Three fourths of the group were sturdy men. With about a thousand practitioners in Masanjia at the time, they were summoned and tortured, one after another, day and night, over about two weeks.

I remember one horrifying night, guard Zhang Lei took me to a small building. After a person in doctor's coat checked my blood pressure, I was taken to a room with a table at the corner. I sat in the corner, and four male officers took turns in two-hour shifts to interrogate me. They took out a piece of paper and wanted me to sign it. It was the “five statements” this time. Screaming could be heard from next door, which I knew were practitioners suffering. It lasted from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

The next day, Zhang Lei locked me in a room and deprived me of sleep for six days and nights. They did not let me wash up or allow me to eat or sleep. Two people watching me around the clock, and they would yell at or push me as soon as I closed my eyes. I was tortured this way for six days.

Further Persecution

I was taken to Masanjia again on September 20, 2007. The guards locked me and three other practitioners in a cell. The windows were covered with paper. Four officers took turns watching us around the clock and forced us to work. It continued for four months.

On June 28, 2008, I was tortured for six hours because I refused to call my number. My left arm is still sore to this day.

Practitioners Zhang Guozhen, Lu Ling, Wang Chunying, Zhao Shuqin, and Qi Zhenhong were all tortured. Ms. Qi became mentally disordered afterwards. Another practitioner whose name I cannot remember was hung up for seven days and nights in a row. Both of her hands were swollen and she could not raise her arms. Even so, the guards still forced her to work. Her arm was later broken when guard Zhang Chunguang hit it during a beating.

Forced to Have Blood Drawn

In 2009, a few people in lab coats came to Masanjia. The four hundred practitioners who were held there at the time were all forced to have their blood drawn. Ms. Wang Chunying firmly refused to cooperate. She was held down on a bed by guard Wang Yanping and six others. They held her head down with a pillow and drew a big tube of blood from her ankle.

Memory Loss from Persecution

I was released in February 2010. Due to the prolonged physical and mental abuse in Masanjia, I once lost my memory after my release. I forgot how to use the washing machine and could not tell one sauce from another in the kitchen.

The crimes described above are just a small sample. There are many that I cannot recall at this time. I will describe them when I remember them in the future.