(Minghui.org) My father was once very diligent in his cultivation. However, after being repeatedly tortured and threatened by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents, he broke down. When he was released from prison, he drifted away from the Fa and eventually stopped cultivating.

Oftentimes he was influenced by things in other dimensions and badmouthed Dafa. There were times he would be disrespectful toward Master and the Fa. He would also get very angry with my mother and disrupt her cultivation. We were all worried about him. None of us had ever imagined that he would become like this.

In a dream, I saw my mother sending forth righteous thoughts. A female ghost sat next to her and was angry. It faced its back to her and wouldn't leave. I flew over to it. My fingers transformed into five swords. Then the swords became countless and covered the entire dimension.

The ghost fled to Earth. When I caught up with it, I was going to disintegrate it. Then, I suddenly realized that if it could stay next to my mom while she was sending forth righteous thoughts, it might have a predestined relationship with my mom.

With my supernormal powers, I looked at the relationship it had with my mother. I calmly asked it to let go of its hatred and not interfere with my mother anymore. Interfering with my mom was equivalent to interfering with the Fa-rectification and it was not allowed to do that.

I then showed the ghost two bottles. I said: “This bottle contains the sentient beings that are associated with you and my mother. The other bottle contains compassion. Each of you was the lord of a tribe in Sri Lanka. If the hatred cannot be dissolved between you, all of the sentient beings you are responsible for will be in conflict and at war forever. They will never be able to achieve peace or happiness. Their aggressive nature is reinforced by both of you. There is hatred among different tribes, as well as within the same tribe. If a lord cannot let go of hatred, the sentient beings cannot be free and won't have happiness.”

The ghost looked at the bottle and felt the pain it had caused the sentient beings. I said: “Resolve this with benevolence! Free your sentient beings and give your compassion to your sentient beings!” It nodded and agreed.

I poured the contents of the bottle that held compassion into the bottle that was filled with sentient beings. They immediately bathed in the light of compassion. They were happy, liberated and could live in peace and harmony.

Later, I saw Master in a colossal, transparent cosmic body that had many beings within it. I knew it was the regenerated universe. I flew over to Master with joy, but Master told me with great compassion that I couldn't cross over yet. I had to finish what I was doing in the human world.

I opened my eyes and returned to this dimension. I was happy to have dreamed of Master. However, I also knew that every time I dreamed of Master, it was because Master was giving me encouragement before I was to experience a big test.

Shortly thereafter, I got a message from my mother that my father had died in a drunken state the night before. When the female ghost that had used my father to interfere with my mother left, my father left as well. I was sad when I heard the news.

My father's life had been full of suffering, having lived under the CCP's tyranny. My father's family was once rich, but lost their fortune during his childhood. His parents starved to death during the great famine. My father was forced to do child labor and witnessed how the CCP slaughtered innocent people during the “land reform.” Those bloody scenes stayed in his memory.

When my father was still clearheaded in cultivation, he kept telling me to expose the tyranny of the CCP and that the evil CCP was heinous. Nevertheless, he had joined the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at a young age and was poisoned by the CCP culture. He couldn't truly understand Dafa.

When he had first learned the Fa, he was very excited. He could endure a lot of suffering. He was also very active in spreading the Fa, doing the exercises, and memorizing Zhuan Falun. He went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa after the persecution started. He was a very active practitioner.

However, he didn't improve himself based on the Fa. For a long time, he was at the state of merely being thankful for Dafa. Once he started to cultivate, his Celestial Eye opened, and he could interact with a lot of things in other dimensions. He was attached to supernormal abilities and wasn't able to break through to a higher level. He used his human willpower to resist the long-term persecution. In the end, he broke down and lost his sanity.

After my father was released from prison, he would be easily frightened if anyone talked too loud. He would sit on the bed and fearfully wave his hands at me, asking me not to turn him in.

Later he told me that when he was in prison, something entered his brain. It talked to him and directed him to do this or that, all of which were things that would damage the Fa. Every time my father was about to do something really bad, he would realize that it was not a hint from Master, but something that would sabotage the Fa and something that he should not do.

For a time, my father had considered the interference from other dimensions to be hints from Master.

Because he didn't let go of his fundamental attachments, he couldn't truly embrace Dafa.

I realized that being active and doing things for Dafa was not the same as being diligent. Being active is not a reflection of diligent cultivation. My father couldn't let go of his notions and truly believe the Fa. He had acted according to his notions.

After a long time, his notions were magnified by the evil. In the end, he betrayed Dafa. When the Minghui website published that practitioners should change some of the characters in Dafa books and use pronoun “it” instead of “he/she” when referring to bad old-force factors, my father didn't understand. I knew that he was being influenced and interfered with by bad beings. During his final days, my father even changed the characters in Dafa books as he saw fit.

My mother and I sent forth righteous thoughts for him. I also read to him the article called “Story of the Phoenix Fa King.” However, he was indifferent.

The night of his burial, my father came to me in a dream. He complained about his suffering in the other world. I said: “I told you not to badmouth Master and the Fa. You didn't listen.” I asked him: “Do gods still allow you to study the Fa where you are?” My father gave a long sigh and held out Dafa books in his hands.

A being must feel indescribable regret when he misses the opportunity to obtain the Fa. My father showed me where he lived. The wrongdoings of every person were scrolled down on each room door. Many other beings came to visit this place to learn how the beings got there. I looked at my father sadly. He said: “Don't worry about me. After all, I have studied the Fa. They will not give me a hard time.”

At the time of my father's release from prison, I had been forced into homelessness because of the persecution. I rarely had the opportunity to be by his side and share with him. I also didn't get to see him before he passed away.

During his final days, when I saw how he acted, my human attachments flared up. I wanted to give up on him. I didn't send forth righteous thoughts for him often enough, even though I knew it would be helpful. I later regretted that I hadn't tried my best to help him.

A month after his death, my father came to me in a dream again. He told me that this would be the last time the gods would allow him to visit me with the body he had in his previous life. He was going to reincarnate. His mother-to-be was 28 years old.

A month in the human world could be a very long time in other dimensions. During this time, my father must have repaid a lot of karmic debts. My father bid me a farewell and was going to fly away through the window.

My human emotions surfaced and I called his name; I couldn't let him go. My father opened the window and held my hands. We both cried. I asked him: “Father, can't you reincarnate and just stay with me?”

My father held my hands tightly as his hands trembled. In that one second, I saw and felt everything in his life: how he had come down layer by layer in order to obtain the Fa, how he had endured suffering lifetime after lifetime; how he and I had established our predestined relationship in multiple lifetimes in order to obtain the Fa together in this life, and how he deeply regretted not cherishing his cultivation path in this past life.

I also saw the future of my father's reincarnation and his mother-to-be. In that one split second, I received strong, rich and complicated information. I felt for my father and was sad for him.

A fairy reminded me: “Don't keep him. Let him go to his next life. Reincarnation may be good for him.” As a Dafa disciple, I realized that I could not interfere with his reincarnation. He still had the opportunity to assimilate to Dafa in his upcoming life. I released my father's hands and saw him off with silent blessings.

The deepest sorrow for a person is not being able to genuinely cultivate. Losing the Fa after obtaining the Fa is an eternal regret.

I reflected on myself and saw myself the same as my father. When I am stuck in my attachments or think too highly of myself, I'm wasting cultivation opportunities because the old evil forces are influencing me.

The disapproval I had toward my father was a trap set and used by the old forces. As a cultivator, I shouldn't judge or define others with superficial observations. If I do this, I am being fooled by the delusions created by the old forces. Everything we come across has to do with our own cultivation, safeguarding the Fa, and saving sentient beings. If we focus on other people's issues, we are being narrowminded. We are not truly recognizing the magnificence of cultivation and the significance of the meaning given to the title Dafa disciple!

I'm writing this article to expose the evil in other dimensions and share this lesson with fellow practitioners. Due to my limitation, what I have seen may not be a truth in the universe; it's subject to my cultivation level.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.