(Minghui.org) Wang Ying, 46, was former head of the Songfengshan Town Police Station and deputy Party secretary of the Acheng District Police Department in Harbin City. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in June 2012 and received a liver transplant three months later. He died on May 2, 2013.

Wang was notorious in the local police system and was awarded quite a few honors for doing evil. These honorary titles were the result of his active role in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. When he served as head of the Songfengshan Town Police Station, he illegally arrested 10 practitioners who had been distributing informational materials that clarify the truth about Falun Gong. He dispatched heavily armed police to take the practitioners into custody. Wang was also directly involved in the persecution of Mr. Huang Fujun who was held in the Acheng District First Detention Center for more than three months and passed away in 2007 due to severe torture. Mr. Huang’s corpse is currently still being held in the Acheng District Funeral Home.

Regarding officer Wang’s death, his co-workers sarcastically remarked that it was not due to his hard work, but fatigue from painstakingly kowtowing to his higher-ups and advancing his career.

Another case of retribution involved Hu Zhenqiu, head of the Acheng District Police Department. He is 56 years old and bedridden with lymph cancer. Hu was appointed the head of the police department in April 2010. During his term, his constant persecution of Falun Gong practitioners resulted in at least 28 practitioners being arrested, 35 practitioners being illegally detained, 23 practitioners’ homes being ransacked and 17 practitioners subjected to illegal sentencing. Ms. Tan Yuxin from Xinhua Town was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. Ms. Cheng Baoying was arrested and sentenced to four years of imprisonment because the etiquette company she hired for her son’s wedding ceremony was founded by practitioners. The practitioners from the etiquette company were also arrested and given five- to seven-year prison terms.

While Wang Ying was ill, Hu Zhenqiu went everywhere to raise money for him. Hu even withheld all police officers’ year-end bonuses and made them a compulsory contribution for Wang’s medical treatment. This infuriated many officers, who openly complained about Hu's action. Hu was also known to indulge in fighting, gambling, fraud, prostitution and murder schemes.

Despite Wang and Hu’s actions, Falun Gong practitioners repeatedly told them the facts about Falun Gong and the heavenly principle of good being rewarded with good returns, while evil actions received karmic retribution. However, they refused to listen and were only concerned about advancing their careers. As a result, they both met with retribution.