(Minghui.org) I am nearly 70 years old. I began practicing Falun Dafa in May 1996. My 16 years of cultivation practice have manifested just how Dafa is profound, intricate, and extraordinary. My mindset changed after I started practicing Dafa, and I have experienced the relaxation of mind and the detachment from everyday people's troubles. Below, I would like to share my cultivation experience regarding health and money.

Nowhere to Go

When I was in middle school, it was the time period of the Great Famine. I was hungry most of the time and my physical condition was poor. After I became a teenager, it became even worse. No matter what I ate, even if it was liquid food, it would cause me great pain in my esophagus. In some severe cases, after I managed to swallow some food, shortly afterward I vomited. I had to be really careful with food. I could not eat cold food or food that was too hard. I had to take Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Still, it was very hard to maintain my health.

After I managed to graduate from college, I had to shoulder the duties of supporting my in-laws and raising my children. I worked tirelessly with anxiety and sadness. With my stomach problem still bothering me, I also had insomnia and was unable to sleep night after night. This caused me to suffer irregular heart beat. My heart rate was more than 120 beats per minute, which made me dizzy, tired, and sweaty.

All the same, I did not slow down at work and still diligently worked hard. I did not get any rewards for my excellent performance, instead, my hard work caused some colleagues to become jealous and do things against me. With anger and anxiety, I was at the verge of a mental breakdown, and my health was deteriorating badly. All kinds of illnesses came to me, including myocardial ischemia, pyelitis (inflamation of the renal pelvis), cranial nerve pain, joint pain, low-grade fever, and urticaria. My pyelitis was pretty bad and I suffered bad back pain after sitting for more than five minutes. I had stay in bed or the hospital.

Once, after I suffered bad pain during the night, a doctor came to visit me. He looked at me and my four limbs and was surprised. He asked me to run some blood tests in the hospital and bring the test report to him. After I gave him the report, he said, “There are only thousands of white blood cells.” He asked me, “Have your heard of leukemia?” I was shocked.

I had to take so much medicine every day—I became finacially broke. I twice had a fatal drug allergy and almost lost my life both times. The medical staff who tried to save me all said that there must be a higher being helping me and I would have happiness since I survived, because these appeared to be hopeless situations.

Later, no doctor would take me after they heard about my allergy, because they did not want have to deal with another incident. So I had to look for other ways to deal with my health problems, including qigong.

I learned more than a dozen kinds of qigong and listened to many qigong lectures. Yet for over a decade my illnesses weren't cured, and I attracted some bad things. My body felt uneasy all the time, like every sweat pore being poked by needles. I felt desperate and too tired to live.

Meeting with Dafa

When I was at a dead end, someone gave me the book Zhuan Falun. My fate changed. Dafa brought me to a sacred land.

I anxiouly tried to finish reading the book but I strangely felt sleepy, no matter whether I read it while standing or sitting down. I could barely open my eyes. Then my family and I listened to the recording of Master's lecture in Jinan. A week later, my cranial nerve pain was completely gone, after it had tortured me for decades. I slept sweetly and ate with a big appetite. I realized that Master was adjusting my body. I felt really magical. My family and I all began to practice Dafa.

We collected all of other qigong books in my home and burned them. On the same day, while I was meditating, I felt that Master got rid of the bad things on my body. My pain was gone. I had tears in my eyes, and was really grateful for Master's help.

On the third day of my attending group practice, during meditation, I felt that I was sitting on top of a tall mountain. When I looked down, people were like small ants. I transcended so quickly through Dafa cultivation.

Master also showed me many animal and plants in other dimensions at the beginning period of my cultivation. It was really beautiful. I sometimes could “feel wonderful, like you’re sitting in an eggshell” (Zhuan Falun) . Once, during the standing stance excercise, my body transformed into countless particles of all colors and began floating around. I did not know where my head was, or my four limbs. I felt they were floating along with the particles. The universe and I became one body. I enjoyed the peaceful scenery for more than 20 minutes.

Such stories happened almost every day. Dafa showed its magic to me and Master was encouraging me. I felt that I was the most fortunate being.

Master also cleaned up my body several times. All of my illnesses disappeared afterward. Here are two examples.

On a Saturday night, when I was about to go to sleep, I felt the need to go to restroom for diarrhea. I went in and out of the restrooms many times and I was surprised that I had so much dirty stuff inside me. When I thought of going to the group practice site early in the morning, the diarrhea suddenly stopped. For the whole morning, I did not go to the restroom. But after I got home at noon, I had to go right away. This time it was even stronger. I went in and out of the restrooms for more than fifty times. But I felt really comfortable afterward. My stomatch problem was gone. I could eat anything since then, cold or hot, soft or hard. This only took about 15 hours of body cleasing. It was really miraculous.

One evening that summer, I suddenly felt that my legs were cold and they became colder and colder to the bone. I covered them with a bed sheet but that did not help. I put on a quilt but I still felt cold. However, after a week, my back and legs felt so light and all the back pain was gone. I witnessed another miracle.

After the persecution began, I was arrested. In the labor camp, I was persecuted to the point that my legs became numb. I could not feel my shoes and my legs, and feet were painful and cold. I had to hold the railing to go upstairs or downstairs. After I was released, I felt that Master adjusted my body every time I did the standing exercises. My joints made loud noises. My family said that it would have ben hard to believe if they did not witness it themselves. Then I was able to freely go upstairs and downstairs again.

Dafa made miracles happen to me several times. I understand that a human body is hard to obtain, so I treasure this opportunity and will be diligent in my cultivation since I have waited life after life for Dafa.


Through cultivation based on principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I was reborn. Here are two examples of letting go the attachment of money.

Example 1: One day, after I received an allowance of 50,000 yuan for a house purchase, I went to the bank and wanted to deposit it into my matured CD account. After the clerk understood what I would like to do, she helped me go through the paperwork and handed me the new bank book. Then she went to the other side. I still had the 50,000 yuan in my bag and was waiting to give it to her. She saw me not leaving and came over to ask why I was still here. I told her that I had not given her the money yet. She was shocked and realized her mistake. She became really nervous. When her colleague asked what the problem was, I said nothing. She was really grateful. I wrote down on a piece of paper that I practice Falun Gong and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I said that we are honest people. Please remember “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I handed in the piece of paper. She smiled and nodded. Later, I went back and talked to her a few times. She eventually withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party's affiliates.

Later, when I talked to a relative about this incident, he said that I was dumb and lost 50,000 yuan. I asked him, “If this was your child who made the mistake and may face losing her job, how would you feel?” I told him that practitioners treasure the opportunity of Dafa and saving people is the top priority. I could not save people if I kept the money and may even lose the opportunity to cultivate. So we should always do things righteously. He nodded and smiled.

Example 2: One of my tenants rented one of my houses shortly before I was arrested. When I was released, the rental price doubled. But I did not increase the rent. He rented at the same rate for seven more years although rent had been increased a lot. When he moved, he showed sincere gratitude to me for keeping the rent the same for the past 10 years.

When I told this to a friend who is in a business dealing with housing information, he said that I lost at least 100,000 yuan by not raising the rent. I told him about this tenant—how he sympathized with practitioners and believes Dafa is good. He often read Falun Gong materials and respected my belief. When the police came to arrest me, he righteously drove them out. When they came to investigate me, he refused to answer any questions. His rightousness and consciousness went beyond money. So I did not mind losing some money. My friend was moved, and said, “Falun Gong practitioners are amazing!” I told him that our Master is great and Dafa is great. He said with tears in his eyes, “Your Master is magnificent!”

May 13 is a sacred double holiday in my heart – World Falun Dafa Day and Master's birthday. I here once again thank Master and thank Dafa!