(Minghui.org) I am a new practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2008. I would like to share my experience of the sacredness and beauty of Falun Dafa and also expose the evil CCP's lies.

1. Cherishing this extremely rare and precious opportunity


In 2008, I took my son back to my hometown for his studies and decided to stay in Aunt B's house. Aunt B is a Dafa disciple who was persecuted by the CCP, illegally detained, and tortured in the labor camp for half a year. After returning home, the skin on her arms was like tree bark, dark and hard. While she was detained, her husband divorced her and her children left home. I was very sad to see this and made up my mind to help her adjust her state of mind and encourage her, so I decided to stay in her house. When my father heard what I planned to do, he tried to prevent me from going and even beat me.

At that time, I did not realize the difficulty Master went through so that I could obtain the Fa. Master made meticulous, step-by-step arrangements so that I could have that opportunity to obtain the Fa and cultivate. I traveled all the way back to my hometown, overcoming different obstacles, and insisted on staying at Aunt B's house. However, the evil elements were determined to keep me from obtaining the Fa. Whenever Aunt B mentioned Falun Gong, I would start shouting and not allow her to talk.

I renovated the house for her. A month later, her house was cozy and beautiful, clean and tidy, inside out. While I stayed with Aunt B, I made her work from dawn to dusk every day. I would always think, “Hurry and tidy up the house. There is still a great thing waiting to be done.” At that time, I did not know that the "great thing" was my opportunity to obtain the Fa.

-Obtaining the Fa

One day, a practitioner came to Aunt B's house and clarified the truth to me. I asked, “Do you still practice Falun Gong?” She answered without any hesitation, “Of course!” I thought that this woman was amazing and very frank. I quickly agreed to withdraw from the Communist Party and its youth organizations, and we started chatting. She said, “I know that you came from the big city. You can go back and work after a while. I can bring your child up for you. Rest assured, I can bring him up well. I have already brought up two university students.” I said, “Great! How much dwill it cost?” She said, “No money is needed.” I was very moved. When the practitioner left, I told Aunt B, “Falun Gong is really good!”

Two days later, the practitioner returned. This time I had an odd reaction when I saw her and thought, “She is really annoying--why did she come back!” I scowled at her and went to the yard to do something and would not talk to her. I even talked to Aunt B in a loud voice filled with resentment. When the practitioner saw my attitude, she quietly said to Aunt B, “Let her read the book first. Never say high-level things.” I thought, “You want me to practice Falun Gong? I won't!”

When the practitioner left, Aunt B said, “What is wrong with you? What brought that on?” At that time, I did not know the positive and negative elements were playing a role at the same time, and that there was interference from demons. Even I did not understand why my attitude had changed so quickly. I did not know that my knowing side was yearning to obtain the Fa but evil elements are obstructing us at all times. It really is what Master said,

“As the Righteous Fa spreads,
Untold fiends try to impede,”
(“Born Anew” in Hong Yin)

One night, my son made me so angry and sad that I sat there and cried. Aunt B took out Zhuan Falun and said, “Take a look at this. All explanations can found in here.” She continued, “Read the book with a peaceful mind. I will take care of the child. As you read, those areas in your body that were previously injured might hurt again. That is because Master is cleansing your body. As long as you treat it as a good thing, you will be able to overcome it.” I said, “Is it really so miraculous? I will take a look at it!”

This what happened when I read Zhuan Falun.

The second day, my body responded. The area on my dislocated arm, previously injured ankle, sciatic nerve, and my left knee and those areas that were previously injured started to hurt. It was just like Master said,

“From today on, some people will feel chilly all over their bodies as though they suffer a heavy cold, and their bones may ache as well.” (Zhuan Falun)

That was really mysterious!

Master said,

“When you feel very uncomfortable, it indicates that things will turn around after reaching the extreme point. Your whole body will be purified and it must be completely purified. The cause of your illness has been removed, and what remains is only this bit of black qi that will come out on its own to let you suffer some and have some pain. It is forbidden for you not to suffer even a little bit.” (Zhuan Falun)

I said to Aunt B, “This book is really good.”

It took me more than two days to read Zhuan Falun. On the third day, Aunt A (also a practitioner) came. She told me, “You have read the book. When I was reciting Lunyu, I saw that you have five Assistant Spirits sitting around you in a circle. They said that you have read the book and they are very happy.”

Master said,

“In addition to the Main Spirit (zhu yuanshen) (Main Consciousness), one also has Assistant Spirit (fu yuanshen) (Assistant Consciousness). Some people have one, two, three, four, or five Assistant Spirits.” (Zhuan Falun)

At that moment, I made a decision, “I want to cultivate Falun Dafa!”

-Remaining steadfast and diligent

I asked Aunt B to teach me the exercises. When she was showing me the third one, I suddenly felt a Falun turning in my lower abdomen. I exclaimed, “I have Falun!” The second night, Aunt B showed me the fifth exercise. She said, “Because you obtained the Fa late, there is not much time. I hope that you will be able to overcome the big test of meditating in the lotus position once and for all.”

I sat in the lotus position, and after Aunt B finished teaching me the formula, my legs began to hurt. Aunt B taught me to recite the Fa, “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Zhuan Falun) Ten minutes later, I could no longer endure it, so Aunt B told me to recite,

“‘Tis not that the journey of cultivation is painful,
Karma from generation upon generation is blocking you.
Steel your will,
eliminate karma,
cultivate xinxing,
And become a Buddha who keeps forever the human body.”
(“Cause and Effect” in Hong Yin)

I closed my eyes and recited the Fa, sentence by sentence. Every second was excruciating and hard to endure. I shouted silently for Master and tears ran down my cheeks. Thirty minutes passed. I asked Aunt B, "How long do I have to endure before I can overcome this big test?"

She did not reply. She said, “Today, you have obtained the universe's Dafa and this extremely rare and precious opportunity. All the divine beings in the Heavens are looking at you, your sentient beings are waiting for you, and Master's Law-bodies are by your side bearing greater pain for you. Also, think of your relatives and friends who are still living in delusion. They are so sad. Living in this human world, who will awaken them? Today, you have obtained the Fa, you are their only hope for salvation, the burden on your body is extremely heavy.”

Aunt B's words seemed to come from far away, from Heaven. Although this was the first time I had ever heard this, I immediately understood everything. Yes, the burden on my body was extremely heavy. The time passed second by second. Neither my feet and nor my legs had any feeling anymore, but the pain in my knees continued. It seemed as though a hammer was hitting the top of my legs every now and then. At 40 minutes, my body was cold. It took me a long time to say one sentence, “Open Zhuan Falun. I want... to see Master's photo... Master, I can... endure.” As the clock pointed to one hour and one minute, Aunt B said, “You have overcome your big test.” Looking back at this experience, it's really unforgettable.

I live in a big city and have a privileged life. I can sleep as long as I like if I do not have to go to work that day and usually don't cook breakfast in the morning. After obtaining the Fa, I would start to do the exercises every day at 3:50 a.m. and send forth righteous thoughts four times daily with Dafa disciples globally.

In the beginning, it was so difficult! When I was so deeply asleep, I had to get up. In the morning, I did the first four exercises. The house was very cold, and my hands were so frozen they were numb. I turned on the heater at five and started to prepare breakfast and clean clothes and dry the cotton shoes for my son. When the house got warm, I woke my son so he could eat breakfast and go to school. Afterwards, I would make breakfast for Aunt B and myself. Having to make breakfast early in the morning during the cold of winter was really a tribulation. At that time, the sky was pitch dark. I had to feel for the corn stalks under the thick snow and claw through them so that I could put them in a gunny sack and carry them to the kitchen stove. Then I went out and brought in the coal. At first, the stove would smoke and my eyes would tear and I would choke. It was the coldest time of the day, sometimes less than -20oF.

After eating breakfast, I would clean the toilet and the few rooms before heading to the street outside to clean up. There's always a large pile of garbage piled in the street, and Aunt B and I used a cart to push it away and clean up. Afterwards, I went to my mother's house to clean up the whole big yard (from then on, whenever I went back to my hometown, I would clean that street and my mother's yard), then, I went back to Aunt B's house and started to do the fifth exercise, study the Fa, and read articles from Minghui. During that time, I would pass my days like this every day, and I felt very happy.

When my cousin heard that I was practicing Falun Gong, he hurried over to try to stop me. He said, “Do these other exercises. That practice is good. Their books are hardcover, each set costs 3,000 yuan, and they have a lot of movements. At least you should read those books to get an understanding and compare which is better!” Master's Fa came into my head, “Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart.” (Zhuan Falun)

When my mother heard that I had begun practicing Falun Gong, she scolded Aunt B and said to me, “Tonight, I'll come and read the Bible to you.” After my mother left, I said, “Master, I will not undertake two schools of practice at the same time. Please help me, Master.” That night when my mother came, she grabbed my arm to sit down and read the Bible. I asked Master to strengthen me, so I would not read. Just as my mother opened the book, my niece shouted from outside, “Something happened at home. Hurry, Grandma!” My mother left, and both Aunt B and I smiled and said aloud together, “Thank you, Master!”

-Upgrading xinxing

My son knew that I cultivated Dafa and was very supportive. Sometimes, he would study the Fa with us. However, he suddenly became unexpectedly bad-tempered. One afternoon after I had made a table full of food, I told him, “Mother is going to send forth righteous thoughts. Please do not disturb me.” I did not expect him to kick up a row and overturn the table. I looked at the food on the floor and started to cry, thinking, “This child has never dared to say anything negative to me. This is really earthshaking.” I knew that I was going through a test and tolerated it, but it was agonizing.

My son became even more bad-tempered. Once when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, he shattered the glass of the room door. Pieces of glass scattered all around me, but I was not injured. Although outwardly calm, I was upset as I walked a very long distance in the snow. I cried many tears and remembered that I was a cultivator, that I must forbear.

Later, my son got aggravated. He smashed my mobile phone, pinched my neck, and did not return home at night. I cried and tried to reason with him, fighting back the urge to get angry.

Once, my son pointed at me and cursed at me in front of my parents and our large family. However, I did not become upset. Instead I felt calm. Afterwards, no matter what my son did, I was able to remain calm. As Master said,

“In this universe, there is another principle: If you have suffered a lot, the karma in your body will be transformed. Because you have suffered, however much you have endured will all be transformed into an equal amount of de. Isn’t this de what a practitioner wants? You will gain in two ways, as your karma is also eliminated. If the person did not create this situation for you, how could you upgrade your xinxing? If both you and I are nice to each other and sit there in harmony, how can it be possible to increase gong? It is precisely because that person has created this conflict for you that there is this opportunity to improve xinxing, and you can make use of it to upgrade your own xinxing. Isn’t your xinxing raised this way? You have gained in three ways. You are a practitioner. With xinxing upgraded, won’t your gong also increase? You have gained four ways in one shot. Why shouldn’t you thank that person? You should sincerely thank him from the bottom of your heart—it is actually so.” (Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun)

One night, I went to bed very early. My son used his allowance and went to a restaurant to order two dishes that he brought home. He knelt down next to my bed and tearfully apologized to me. I knew that my xinxing test of sentimentality to my son had been overcome. I cried tears of happiness. From then on, I got along very well with my son and we discussed many things.

I had had an inflammation on my leg for a long time and had to out ointment on it. If I did not use the ointment for two days, the skin would start to turn red and fester. Many years passed, and I still had this skin condition. The doctor said that the ointment was only thing that would control it. On the day that I began to cultivate, I decided not to use it anymore. However, my husband was traveling in the south and sent me a box of the ointment, which was very expensive. I thought that I didn't need it and would only listen to Master's words: “Completely let go of everything, behave like an upstanding and noble Dafa disciple” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles” 2006) That night, I threw away the entire box of ointment. The skin on my leg healed and became smooth. A year later, my skin suddenly began festering and a large area began to go bad. I was not moved and thought, “I do not allow the old forces to persecute me. This is all illusion.” I ignored it, and after a few days, the skin on my leg became smooth again.

My son was on winter break, and we were going back to our home in the south. Because the money that I brought with me was all used up, my husband sent me travel expenses. One of my good friends promised to buy the train tickets for me. I gave him 800 yuan. From then on, I did not hear from him and his phone was switched off. My husband was expecting us to come home and called every day to ask about buying the tickets. As there was no news from my friend, my son became very anxious and angry. My brother and sister-in-law complained, my relatives and friends were puzzled. Everyone was quarreling about buying the tickets, but every day my heart became more and more calm. I thought, “I am a cultivator, nothing happens by chance. As long as we can go home and celebrate the Chinese New Year, it will be good enough. Master will arrange everything for us.”

Two weeks later, I was finally able to contact my friend. He said that he did not buy the tickets and that the money was gone. I was very calm and said that it was all right that the money was gone, I would think of a way out. Finally, I let go of the attachment to saving face and borrowed money from my mother to buy the train tickets. After calculating the time, we would reach home on Chinese New Year eve and could accompany my husband's family to eat the reunion dinner with them. When my husband heard that I would be arriving home on New Year's Eve, he was very happy. During this time, my mother obtained the Fa, and my father and brother had withdrawn from the CCP. I could return home with no worries.

-Eliminating the attachment of fear

At that time, I had a very strong attachment to fear. There is a local police station a hundred meters away from Aunt B's house. One night, a white sports car stopped in front of Aunt B's gate. I was making a phone call outside, threw my phone away (I was so afraid that I forgot that I was holding a mobile phone), and ran off. I was wearing a pair of large slippers, and, after running a few steps, one of the slippers fell off. When I ran up a pile of ashes, I tripped and fell down. After I got up, the other slipper was gone. I continued to run. Because the road was full of stones, cinder, and snow, I ran on my tip toes. Later, I hid in an alley. Aunt B happened to pass by and saw me. She laughed until she could not stand up straight and told me that car had left long ago.

This incident had a great impact on me. Why was I so afraid? I had to calm down and think. Since I had begin cultivating in Falun Dafa, I had been walking on a cultivation path that required good conduct. I had long been cleansed of illnesses and my entire body felt light. I had not raised my voice or scolded my son when teaching him. I was dignified, gentle and quiet. My voice was peaceful and friendly. I volunteered to clean up the street and snow. In dealing with relatives, friends, or strangers, I truly thought of others and did more for them, and never thought of gains and losses... There was nothing to debate. Falun Dafa was the highest moral Fa in the universe! How precious it is! A person who obtained the Fa could not ask for more!

This was my cultivation state after practicing for three months.

2. Helping Master to rectify the Fa

I was going back to my home in the south. Before leaving, Aunt A came to send me off and encouraged me. I silently thanked Master, “Rest assured, Master. I will be more diligent.”

Upon reaching home, I hurriedly washed up and prepared to eat New Year's dinner with my husband and his family. When my husband came back, as soon as he stepped into the house he began shouting, “Why is there such a smell of medicine in the house--Chinese medicine, Western medicine, all kinds of medicine?” I walked out when I heard this. He said that all those smells were coming from me. I knew that Master was cleansing my body, as those were all the medicines I took before. But why did I smell like that now? I thought, "Maybe this is to let my husband understand the truth." Thus, I spoke honestly to him about cultivating Falun Dafa. My husband did not believe me, but because he was puzzled about the medicine smells from me, he did not object to my cultivation.

-Master saved my son

At three o'clock one morning, I went to the bathroom and saw that my son was in the bathroom for a long time and didn't come out. I shouted for a long time before he opened the door. I saw that his shirt and pants on the washing machine were covered with mud. I asked him where the mud came from. He was in a daze and said after a while, “Mom, we jumped into a river. If it were not for Master tonight, we would have been dead.”

My son and a few of his classmates had gone to play by the river. Everyone was shouting, “Who has the guts to jump in?” My son and another of his classmates took the dare and jumped in together. They did not expect there to be deep mud instead of water. They pulled on each other and sank in deeper and deeper. At last, they could not move their legs. They were already exhausted and there was no hope of getting out. My son said that he really felt the fear of death but it was already too late. He then thought of Master and said, “Master, if we are both not supposed to die, please get him out of here.” As soon as he said this, the mud below his feet hardened and both of them climbed up immediately.

When my son was speaking to me, I could see he was still badly shaken. I could not tell clearly how I really felt. It is commendable that in the face of death, my son was able to think of others. I again felt Master's boundless compassion. Master saved both their lives and prevented a tragedy for both families. It really is true that when one person practices, the whole family, relatives, and friends will benefit.

-Master wants me to save the children

Not long after, something happened that caused me to be very perplexed. My son's former classmates suddenly started to come to the house. The house was filled with students. After one left, another one came. At first, I felt that, as a cultivator, I must be kind to others. Thus, when I saw them, I said hello before going back to my room. However, they cooked in the house and a bunch of them ate and stayed over. They were loud and the phone rang off the hook. They even ruined the doorbell.

For a while, I could not figure out where the problem was. How could I solve this difficult situation? I calmed down and looked inward and suddenly realized that all these children were coming to be saved. I had to clarify the truth to them! My son helped as I did. His classmates all withdrew from the Party youth organizations. I asked them to remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.” After they had quit the Party's affiliated organizations, my son's classmates rarely came over.

However, my son's buddies from the elementary school came, and I clarified the truth and did the “three withdrawals” for them.

Once when I came home, I saw four of my son's classmates were there, and two were girls dyeing their hair--in my house! When they saw me, they were so afraid that they tried to hide. My son said, “This is my mom. Don't be afraid, she's a very nice person.” I asked one of the girls, “Why do you want to dye your hair?” The girl said, “We dyed our hair blonde during the winter break. Now our teacher wants us to dye it black. If we dye our hair at home, my mom will get after us.” I said, “Dyeing the hair black is a good thing. Come, let me help dye it for you.” As I dyed their hair, I clarified the truth to them and they agreed to quit the CCP's affiliated organizations. I asked them to remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.” They said together, “We'll remember, Aunt!” Suddenly, they all stood up and cleaned up the rooms.

Tears flowed from the bottom of my heart. Master arranged for these children to come to my house to upgrade my xinxing and also save them. Once again I would like to thank Master for His painstaking efforts.

-Master arranged my path of validating the Fa long ago

After returning home, I began helping Master to rectify the Fa. The majesty of Dafa was shown to me one step at a time. I realized that the supplies around our house, such as computers, inkjet printers, a drawer full of cartridges, a big stack of new paper, staples, double-sided tape--all of which are needed to make truth-clarification materials--were all available. I never understood why my husband always wanted to keep all these supplies. Now I understood that we had all these things in preparation for my helping Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. I used to do computer graphic design and so I knew how to create materials. Thus, I immediately set up a material production site.

The first time I went to a residential area to distribute informational materials, there was a big screen at the entrance. The surveillance video showed clearly each corner of the area and a guard stood at the side, watching everything. I stood in front of the entrance and sent forth righteous thoughts, “Please strengthen me, Master. Turn off all the cameras.” I then entered. When I had finished distributing the materials and walked out of the entrance, I saw that half of the surveillance screen showed a black section and a line of white text--the video surveillance in some areas didn't work. I knew that the problem areas were where I had distributed the materials. That was the first time I had ever gone into a residential area to distribute materials. I truly felt Master's compassionate care and Dafa's divine power.

A fellow practitioner and I went to another city to post banners. We put them up almost the entire night. We chose walls that were mostly clean and locations that were more obvious, where many people would pass by during the day. As we put them up, we sent strong righteous thoughts to ask Master to strengthen us. The banners were huge, and it took a long time to put up just one. Often, someone would be walking nearby, and sometimes when we had just finished, we saw a guard sitting close by or even sitting beside us. However, they couldn't see us.

At 3 a.m. one morning, we went to a university. The main entrance is a row of closed stainless steel automated doors with guards sitting on either side. Walking to the main gate with a fellow practitioner, I sent forth righteous thoughts to ask Master to strengthen us. Just then, a “taxi” came from the opposite direction and the automated door opened. The “taxi” came out and we went in. After putting up banners for about 40 minutes, we were ready to leave. However, I had a human thought, “It's so late now, will we be able to get out of the main gate? We still have banners in our bag that we have not finished posting.” We went to find a side entrance, but to no avail. We immediately sent forth righteous thoughts: “Eliminate interference and all bad thoughts. Please strengthen us, Master, and let us walk out of the main gate.”

The automated door was still closed with the two guards on either side. We calmed down and our thoughts became pure and stable again. Just as we neared the door, a “taxi” came again from the opposite direction and the automated door opened. The “taxi” came in and we went out. That was three to four in the morning and at such a late hour, two “taxis” appeared in front of us at exactly the right time! We knew this was due to Master's compassionate care! Master is always beside us! Actually, that night, wherever we went, everything went smoothly. At one place, the guard was sleeping in his chair when we went in, and when we came out, he was still asleep. The sky was already light after we finished posting the last banner. The next day, I noticed blisters the size of a quail's egg on each little toe, but they did not hurt. I knew that Master had borne the pain.

-Trapped in prison, Master saved me

Not long ago, a fellow practitioner and I were arrested for distributing truth clarifying materials. The police combed through my house and took many truth clarifying materials, CDs, five computers, two printers, etc. The computers and printers were all later returned.

After I was arrested and taken to the police station, I said to an officer, “Please give me Zhuan Falun to read. Right away the officer said, “Sure.” He really gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. However, when I flipped open, I saw that Master's photo had been torn out. I was very sad and said in my heart, “I've only been a practitioner for a few months, Master! I can only recall a few sentences of the Fa! Please let me be out of here after six months.” At that time, I did not know that I needed to completely negate everything arranged by the old forces, and I didn't know why I sent out such a thought. I really was in that detention center for six months.

Once, a police officer who interrogated me told me, “The evidence is really strong against you. If you don't sign the three statements, you might be sentenced to ten years.” I said, “What are these 'three statements?'” The officer wrote them down and I saw one was to reveal the identity of fellow practitioners. At that time, I sent out a very firm thought, “I will never reveal practitioners' information.” Immediately, I heard that officer say that I didn't need to reveal other practitioners. However, I was muddled and wrote the other statements that defy Heaven and betray Dafa.

Since obtaining the Fa, Master has cleansed my body and eliminated my karma, and benevolently resolved my bad predestined connections. I followed Dafa to rectify my morality. Dafa disciples are bathed in the glory of Buddha and should be respectful of Master. However, when faced with this test, I gave up my belief and betrayed Master. How could I call myself a Dafa disciple?

When I was let out for fresh air, I looked at the sky and shouted in my heart, “Master! I've let you down! Do you still want me, a disciple who disappointed you?”Just then, a ray of bright light shone on the field, and I looked up and saw a bright green sun hanging above my head. I suddenly understood. The sun that I saw was from another dimension. Master said,

“Some of our practitioners’ Celestial Eye are open, and they have discovered that the red they see with their naked eyes is green in the adjacent dimension.” (Lecture Five in Zhuan Falun)

I repeatedly shouted for Master in my heart, “I must get out of here, Master! I must get out and study the Fa well and save sentient beings.”

During the first trial, I was told that the case was "too big," so there was no sentence handed down at that time. The guard told me, “You must be prepared. You might be sentenced to more than seven years.” I said to Master, “Please let me go home in six months.” One day when I was calculating the time, I realized that the next day would be half a year. That afternoon, the guard called me and said there was a second hearing. The judge announced that I could return home.

After returning home, I started to look inward for the reason I was persecuted. I always thought that I had obtained the Fa late and needed to save more people to compensate for it, soevery day I studied the Fa less. However, cultivation is very strict. Master has repeatedly told us that we need to, “Study the Fa more, study the Fa more.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference”) Without the energy from the Fa, what can we do? Not only was I not able to save people, I nearly ruined my extremely precious and rare opportunity.

-Family members' honesty teaches the police a lesson

My husband told me what happened after I was arrested. More than 50 police officers ransacked the house. One of them shouted at my husband, “Don't you know that your wife practices Falun Gong?” My husband said, “If I say I didn't know, would you believe it?” The officer asked again, “Then why didn't you report it?” My husband said, “If it was your wife, would you report her?” The officer said, “Of course I'd report it.” My husband said, “You are really something. Not only will I say you are remarkable, your superiors will praise you during the general meeting. They will say that you are great at severing relations. But, do you know what they will say about you behind your back? They will curse you for being a person with no conscience! You can even betray your wife, so who wouldn't you betray?”

The officer was speechless. My husband continued, “Let me tell you honestly. Not only will I not report her, when she comes back and continues to practice, I still won't report her.” The officer sputtered and said, “Aren't you afraid that I'll arrest you, too?” My husband said, “That's good! Tell me what crimes I've committed and then arrest me.” The officer shut his mouth and did not dare to say any more. Many officers were standing nearby listening, but no one dared to say another word. My husband said that the police combed the house for two days.

I admired my husband's courage. There was not a word of complaint from him during entire incident. I was very moved. He said, “Initially, I wanted to sell off the building, and no matter how much money it took, I had to save you. However, your case is too big. No matter how much money I was willing to spend, no one would dare to take it. So how did you get out?” I said, “I have Master and practitioners from all over the world. We are cultivators thus everything is extraordinary.” My husband heartily agreed and felt that ordinary people would not be able to be released as I had.

One day, my son pulled on my arm and asked, “Are you still going to practice Falun Gong, Mom?” I said, “What you think?” My son said, “I hope that you will not give up halfway.” I was very touched to hear that and said, “Your mother will continue to cultivate and will not give up halfway.” My son was very pleased and nodded his head.

(To be continued)