(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhang Xinzi, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xishui County, Hubei Province, was sentenced to one year of forced labor in 2010. One year later, he was sentenced to seven years in prison. During the interrogation, he was beaten so severely he almost went blind. His elderly 95-year-old mother could not stop crying. Guo Jianli, the police officer from Xishui Police Department who arrested Mr. Zhang, shouted: “I don't want anyone to raise his children, and I don't want anyone to comfort his mother when she's dying. Let his family be broken and every one of them die!”

Mr. Zhang Xinzi is well known in his village for his kind heart. Many villagers from Yangci Village of Wanggang County were very angry about what happened to Mr. Zhang and said that such a good person was arrested and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is going to collapse. Mr. Zhang's neighbors sighed, “We all went to ask Zhang Xinzi for help when we met with any difficulties in the past. The regime is so bad. They arrested such a good person.”

On June 29, 2011, Mr. Zhang was arrested by Xishui County Political and Judiciary Committee and the 610 Office. He was detained at the No.1 Detention Center and the forced labor camp for one year. He was later sentenced to seven years. The Xishui County Court worked hand in glove with the County Political and Judiciary Committee.

Suffering for 30 Years Until Practicing Dafa

Mr. Zhang Xinzi was born in 1965. His father passed away when he was only 3. It was very difficult for his mother to raise him alone. She was over 40 when Mr. Zhang was born, and she had already given birth to 7 girls. She had to send some of his sisters to other people to raise because she was too poor to raise all of them.

Since he was a child, Mr. Zhang had poor health. Suffering from many diseases, he had to keep taking medicines for years. After he got married, he took up the bad habits of gambling and smoking. He owed a lot of gambling debts, and in addition, his family was very poor. Under the financial stress, he and his wife fought constantly. They were at the point of getting a divorce several times. Their two daughters were so scared that they frequently hid behind the grandmother and cried. Their family was on the edge of collapse – emotionally and financially.

In 1996, Falun Dafa was introduced to their village in Xishui County, and Mr. Zhang started his cultivation journey. Not long after he obtained Dafa, all the diseases he had suffered from for years were gone and he stopped gambling and smoking.

Because his body became stronger after he practiced Falun Dafa, not only could he take care of the elderly and young in his family, he also helped fellow villagers. Their life was getting better, and the family's debts were almost paid off. Everyone in the family was happy.

The huge changes that Mr. Zhang experienced in his health and life were brought by Dafa. Fellow villagers witnessed the wonderfulness of Dafa through Mr. Zhang. Over 70% of the people in Yangci Village were practicing Falun Dafa before the CCP launched the persecution in July, 1999.

A Well-known, Kind Person

Mr. Zhang Xinzi has done countless good deeds since he began practicing Falun Gong. In the second year after he started the practice, once he sold his grains to a retailer, but when he came back home he realized that he had been overpaid 5000 yuan. With those 5000 yuan, he could have replaced his old house with a brand new one. But he immediately returned the money to the retailer, who was very grateful. That retailer was actually a very overbearing person in the village, but he saw the greatness of Falun Gong from this incident.

Mr. Zhang has been doing business in agricultural transportation and purchasing for a long time. Because he was honest, he established a very good reputation. Some of his customers are from far away villages. Most of them came to Mr. Zhang because of his reputation for kindness and honesty. Many people know that Mr. Zhang practices Falun Gong, and say that they trust Mr. Zhang and trust Falun Gong.

Once, an elderly villager borrowed almost 1000 yuan from Mr. Zhang but didn't have an IOU letter. Later, the villager suddenly passed away. The man's son knew about the borrowed money, but he refused to return it using the excuse that there was no IOU. Mr. Zhang smiled and said, “That's OK. His life wasn't easy. That money was a kind thing I did for him.”

There was a small bridge at the intersection to their village. Because the road conditions were not good and there was no railing on the bridge, many accidents took place at this intersection. Mr. Zhang lived very close, so every time when there was an accident, the nearby villagers went to ask him for help. For those who had minor injuries, he took them to his home and looked after them. But a few times, people were severely injured and no police came to help. Mr. Zhang took them to hospital on his tricycle.

One particular accident left the deepest impression on the villagers. A couple were riding a motorcycle and speeding. They hit a tree by the bridge. The bleeding on their heads couldn't be stopped. The wife fainted because of the severe injuries. The husband was lying on the ground and groaning painfully. All the bystanders were scared, but no one would help the couple. Nowadays, people's morality is dropping rapidly. Even if someone wanted to help, they were all concerned that the couple would later sue them and they would bring themselves trouble. At that moment, Mr. Zhang came by on his tricycle and took the couple to the hospital. Because the couple was rescued in time, their lives were saved. Their relatives hurried to the hospital and heard about the rescue. They were extremely grateful to Mr. Zhang.

After this accident, Mr. Zhang moved some mud and filled the holes on that road by himself. And if he saw anyplace nearby where frequent accidents occurred, Mr. Zhang would fix the potholes as soon as possible. This helped the villagers a lot.

The Evil CCP Doesn't Allow People to Be Good

Such a good person was arrested by the CCP and even sentenced to 7 years in prison just because he shared his own experience of the beauty of cultivation with others. Many people have benefited because Ms. Zhang cultivates in Falun Dafa, and always helps others.

When Mr. Zhang's wife was crying and begging, Guo Jianli, the head of Xishui Police Department who was responsible for arresting Mr. Zhang, shouted at her, “I don't want anyone to raise his children, and I don't want anyone to comfort his mother when she's dying. Let his family be broken and every one of them die!”

The CCP's falsehood, hatred and struggle can be seen everywhere in China. The regime fears Falun Gong's compassion that draws people's hearts, and it's doing anything and everything to persecute the good people like Mr. Zhang Xinzi.

Many villagers were very angry about the persecution of Mr. Zhang, and said that such a good person was arrested and the CCP will surely collapse. Mr. Zhang's neighbors sighed, “We all went to ask Zhang Xinzi for help when we met with any difficulties in the past. The communist party is so bad. They arrested such a good person.”

Now Mr. Zhang is being held in the fifth ward of Shayang Prison. He used to have excellent vision, but it has severely deteriorated due to the persecution. He told his family that he lost most of his vision as a result of the severe beatings by the people in the detention center. Now he is almost blind and can't even see clearly things that are right in front of him. Shayang Prison didn't treat his injury, and instead tried any way to persecute him because he refused to be transformed.

Mr. Zhang's mother is 95 years old, and she cried so hard that she also went blind. Now both the old and young in his family all have to depend on his wife, and she is in poor health.