(Minghui.org) After 3:00 p.m. on April 16, 2013, two lawyers were extremely indignant in front of the Changan District Court in Shijiazhuang City, claiming right in front of cameras that they had encountered “judicial hooligans.” They had been defending a woman who had been defamed as “unlawfully keeping state secrets.” In court, the prosecutor and judge worked together to fabricate this case. Eventually the judge refused to go downstairs to meet with the lawyers and refused to answer their phone calls. The lawyers were unable to get any of the documents they needed and were kept waiting at the door.

An Innocent Woman Was Defamed as “Unlawfully Keeping State Secrets”

Last year on February 25, a policeman named Du Conglin from Sifang Police Station, Shijiazhuang City worked together with someone else to arrest Ms. Qiu Liying, who resided at the employee housing of the Shijiazhuang Oil Refinery Factory. They detained her in Cell No. 304 of the Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center. At the end of March, the Changan District Procurator's Office tried to verify the facts with Ms. Qiu Liying, who discovered that key evidence taken from interrogation statements on February 26, 2012 had actually been fabricated by Du Conglin. The records of the detention center and the Cell No. 304 also confirmed that there had been no interrogation of Ms. Qiu Liying on February 26, 2012. On April 10, the Changan Police Station of Shijiazhuang City issued a “release certificate” with an official stamp to Ms. Qiu, on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence.

However Du Conglin and the Sifang Police would not allow Ms. Qiu to go home. They directly picked her up from the detention center and took her to the Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp. They unlawfully detained Ms. Qiu and at the same time, used all kinds of means to fabricate charges against her. Later they claimed that in Qiu Liying’s computer, they had found a copy of secret state documents. Du also found six of Ms. Qiu's neighbors and asked them to testify that no one else resided at Ms. Qiu’s home, so as to “prove” that the secret documents belonged to her. Then he worked together with two prosecutors named Yu Shufeng and Zhao Zhuangtao from the Changan District Procurator Office to re-arrest and prosecute Ms. Qiu on the charge of “unlawfully keeping state secret documents.”

The So-called “State Secret Documents” Can Be Found on the Internet

Du Conglin was very firm in claiming that he found the document of “Public Notice No. 2000-39” on Qiu Liying’s computer. This was directly denied by Ms. Qiu. Later her defense attorneys, Zheng Jianwei and Liang Xiaojun, discovered that these type of documents had been widespread over the internet for many years. Many lawyers had these documents and there was absolutely nothing secret about them. The agency that Du Conglin and Zhao Zhuangtao entrusted to verify the “secrets” was not at all qualified.

The Enforcement Officers Act Like Hooligan Gangsters

The two lawyers discovered that this was a very simple case after they carefully investigated and researched it: The police, including Du Conglin, obviously committed the unlawful detention, fabricated the evidence, defamed a good person and violated the law. The facts were clear. The prosecutors, Zhao Zhuangtao and Yu Shufeng, disregarded the facts and the law, and in spite of the fact that they knew the police had fabricated evidence, cooked up the offense and defamed a good person. They disregarded the facts and the law, and still approved of the arrest and prosecution of the practitioners. So the lawyers decided to help Ms. Qiu to prosecute the offenders. At the same time, they also asked the court to review this matter, and asked for a recess so as to restore justice to Ms. Qiu.

However the Changan District court disregarded these facts. They refused to notify the individuals involved, and even refused to follow the law to give public notice. In court, they did not ask the prosecutor, Zhao Zhuangtao, who had already become an accused person, to stay away from the matter. They also totally ignored the defense lawyer’s request to cancel the procedures because of the fabricated evidence. The judges in court, Wang Xu and Tian Dianying, and the prosecutors, Zhao Zhuangtao and Shi Yan, acted shamelessly and persisted in persecuting Ms. Qiu. Tian Dianying (judge) was threatening and laughing at the lawyers: “If you have grounds, then bring charges against me!” In facing this kind of situation, Ms. Qiu Liying who had been wrongfully detained for over a year, announced with indignation that starting from April 16, she would refuse to wear the inmate uniform, refuse to do the forced labor, and would go on a hunger strike to protest. She asked for an end to her unlawful detention. Tian Dianying (judge) said that this had nothing to do with the court, and that it was Qiu’s own business. Tian Dianying had several times stopped Qiu Liying from defending herself, and did not allow her to mention Falun Gong, claiming that it had nothing to do with the case.

The Judge and the Prosecutors Claim in Public: “Without Committing Wrong Deeds, Will You Pay My Salary?”

The two lawyers sincerely hoped that the Chang'an District Court of Shijiazhuang City could deal with the case according to the law, so as to restore justice to Ms. Qiu. The lawyers advised them sincerely: “Being judicial staff, if you do not follow the law in dealing with these matters, if you do not safeguard the fairness and justice of the court, and instead stubbornly violate the law, we will bring a lawsuit against you. That is why we advise you not to endorse this evil. Don’t do this dirty job and commit evil deeds; otherwise you will receive retribution.”

The judge named Tian Dianying said in public: “If I did not do this job, are you going to pay my salary?” He implied that he must do what the Communist regime requires, rather than uphold justice, in order to keep his job. He also argued with the lawyers about the issue of “retribution,” saying he was not afraid of it.

Stop the Crimes

Currently Ms. Qiu Liying is on a hunger strike against the persecution and is being detained at the Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center. Ms. Qiu’s friends and family are very upset about the imprisonment and are worried about her. Ms. Qiu has a mother who is over 80 years old and who is paralyzed in bed, waiting for her daughter to return to look after her. Her mother really misses her and is worried about her. The family appeals to all kind-hearted people to pay attention to Ms. Qiu Liying, who is in great danger and suffering terribly.

The two lawyers, Zheng Jianwei and Liang Xiaojun, have solemnly advised the persons in charge of the Shijiazhuang No. 2 detention center and the hospital that they are responsible for the physical health and the safety of Ms. Qiu Liying, and must ensure that Ms. Qiu Liying does not receive any physical punishment or torture, including forced-feeding. Other people from the legal profession also came to Shijiazhuang to show their concern about Ms. Qiu’s situation and safety. This case of a Shijiazhuang woman who was maliciously defamed has roused great interest and response over the internet and many people support Ms. Qiu Liying.

Individuals directly involved in persecuting Ms. Qiu Liying: Chang'an District Court: Court Director Liu Xikui Deputy Director in charge of the criminal cases, Fei Weiqi Criminal Court One: Wang Xu (in charge of Ms. Qiu Liying's case): +86-311-85033133, +86-13081008679(Cell) Judge dealing with Ms. Qiu's case, Tian Dianying: +86-13832312521(Cell)

Chang'an District Procurature Office: Section Chief of the Prosecution: Yu Shufeng: +86-311-85187809(Office), +86-311-85871046(Home), +86-13933869180(Cell) Prosecutors in charge: Shi Yan, Zhao Zhuangtao Head of the Prosecutors: Zhang Weixin (resume his job on February 2012) Wang Xiaoyan (mainly in charge of the Qiu's case)

Chang'an District Police Department: Director: Liu Xiao (the former director for the No. 2 Detention Center) Shifang Police Substation (arresting Ms. Qiu and fabricating the unlawful charges)

Police: Du Conglin: +86-13931976770 (Cell) Wang Qingtai: +86-13931176289(Cell) Wang Changzhan (in charge of the Qiu's case: +86-311-80862344(Office) Director Zhen Jianhua: +86-13930110055(Cell) Deputy Director Wang Zhanjun: +86-15831102699(Cell)

Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center: Deputy Director: Li Zhanfa: +86-311-87755202(Office)

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