(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials in Anhui Province Forced Labor Camp tortured Falun Gong practitioners physically and spiritually using very cruel means. In order to "transform" practitioners, they injected them with toxic drugs and beat them violently. Several examples are listed below.

Injected with unknown drugs

On November 21, 2007, officials in Anhui Province Forced Labor Camp detained Ms. Fang Cui'e, a practitioner from Tongling City, in an isolated cell. About 20 days later, Ms. Fang Cui'e was so mentally disordered that she couldn't eat or wear clothes. She couldn't fall asleep. Her family suspected that guards had injected her with unknown drugs that undermined her central nervous system. An eyewitness saw the jail doctor inject her with drugs on numerous occasions. One time a police officer said, “If we didn't inject her with this drug, she would collapse immediately.” It's not clear what kind of drugs they gave her.

One day, Ms. Fang shouted “Falun Dafa is good” at the entrance of the dining hall. Zi Lingling pulled her to the second floor, where Sheng Shiqin, Zhou Mingfeng, Lin Yun, and other officers handcuffed her. Ms. Fang shouted again “Falun Dafa is good!” Then police officers pulled her into an isolated cell, where she was handcuffed for a long time and not allowed to use the restroom.

They then injected her with an unknown cocktail of drugs, which caused her to lose consciousness. One night at 2:00 am, when officer Zhou Mingfeng saw Ms. Fang awake, she injected her immediately. Ms. Fang lost consciousness again. Ms. Fang Cui'e was tortured so severely that she became very skinny and weighed hardly anything.

Drugs mixed into food

In 2008, the guards attempted to shift the blame onto Falun Gong by poisoning a practitioner who was detained in an isolated cell. They mixed an unknown drug into her food and asked an inmate to deliver it to her. This practitioner was aware of the problem, because she felt herself sweat and her heart beat faster after eating just a mouthful.

In the following days, this practitioner continued to be given drugged food, so she did not eat until another group of guards and inmates (drug abusers) came on duty .

One month before this practitioner was released, the guards who had attempted to poison her opened her personal drawer and mixed the drug into her milk powder. When the practitioner noticed similar symptoms when she drank the milk, she stopped drinking that milk powder.

Drugs mixed in water

In 2007, the guards ordered the inmate who monitored practitioner Ms. Gao Chengmei to put drugs into her water cup. One day, Ms. Gao saw that the water in her cup looked muddy. She asked the inmate, “What did you put into my cup?” The inmate said, “It's the antihypertensive drug that the commander asked me to put into your cup.”

The guards tortured Falun Gong practitioners by using drugs and made them mentally disordered. Instead of feeling guilty, they told people who were unclear about the truth of Falun Gong, “Look at these Falun Gong practitioners. They became insane after practicing Falun Gong.”