(Minghui.org) There aren't many evil beings left now, and the Fa-rectification situation is becoming better and better. In such circumstances, we need to check to see if our human attachments have also started to increase along with the somewhat relaxed environment and if we are now paying less attention to our own safety and that of others.

Local gatherings

About a month ago, a large-scale Fa-conference was held in a nearby county, and several hundred practitioners attended. According to fellow practitioners, it was held quite openly, with practitioners arriving in cars or on motorbikes. The gate of the courtyard was left open, and when curious people asked what was going on, they were told a Fa-conference was being held inside. Some practitioners said it was quite all right to do this, because the local situation had been rectified. The local police said they would only guarantee that they wouldn't do anything at the time. Even so, they still sent a police car to monitor it.

A couple of days ago, I heard that another Fa-conference was held, this time in a different county and attended only by practitioners responsible for certain areas and practice sites. They all carried the same kind of bags and parked their motorbikes and cars right outside the the conference venue. However, we did not hear any sharing from that conference afterward. I heard that the person in charge pointed his finger at everyone in turn like an official and said: "Tell us, who in your area has not yet stepped forward? Now you tell us about the situation in your area." While this was going on, practitioners present had their cells phones on, which kept ringing from time to time. When they did “heshi” to Master, there were people talking and children crying. Towards the end of the conference, they distributed a few bags full of materials to each practice site and announced the location for the next “Fa-conference.”

Later I heard that a Fa-conference would be held very soon in our city, and preparations are being made for it right now.

Timely reminder

When I first heard this, I was shocked, and when asked if I were going, I did not give a straight answer. Thinking about it later, I wondered if this was due to my attachment to fear that I did not want to go, or perhaps I was still sticking to my own understanding while the Fa-rectification had already gone through new changes. Just as I began to have a clearer understanding about the issue, I heard that other areas were also organizing Fa-conferences. I immediately realized the seriousness of the matter. While I was writing to Minghui for clarification, I saw the publication of “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa.” It was such a timely reminder.

I have been thinking about the reasons for attending or not attending, and the basis for attending such conferences.

Some practitioners have said that the Fa-conference is a form of cultivation passed on to disciples by Master, so we must restore it. However, after the persecution started in 1999, the only form Master stressed was group Fa study, and all Fa-conferences were held overseas. Master never asked Dafa practitioners in mainland China to cultivate or save sentient beings through Fa-conferences. As I remember, there are only two purposes for holding a Fa-conference: one is for Dafa disciples to share their cultivation experiences so that we can learn from each other and improve together; the other is to, through Fa-conferences and practice sites, provide an opportunity for people with an affinity with Dafa to obtain the Fa in normal situations.

If Fa-conferences are for sharing and improving, then isn't the global annual sharing on the Minghui website good enough? Every practitioner in our area has a copy of the audio-recording of the 8th Fa-conference, and half of the practitioners feel they do not have time to listen to all of it. Then, what is the point of areas and cities organizing more Fa-conferences? Besides, our most urgent task right now is to save people and cultivate ourselves well during the process. We must not deviate from this goal in whatever we do.

Serious considerations

Some practitioners said that they were a bit nervous before they went, but after they came back, they have let go of some fears. Of course, there is no need to be fearful once one has come back safely. But have you truly let go of your attachment to fear? If something had gone wrong, would you still dare to go next time? If you wouldn't, then doesn't it mean that you have not let go of your attachment to fear? Think about it: a Fa-conference was held, attended by several hundred practitioners with all sorts of mentalities at various levels. I believe that the evil did not interfere because of Master's compassionate protection and his bearing suffering for us. Think about it: what would people think of Dafa practitioners if several hundred of us were arrested? What divisions would this create between Dafa practitioners and everyday people? How great would the negative impact be on people's courage to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations? At the same time, fellow practitioners would have to spend much time and energy rescuing those practitioners in trouble. Wouldn't this delay our efforts in saving people? How could we ever repay such huge karma?

Quite a number of practitioners went to rid of their attachment to fear, as if they would be able to reach consummation if they had let go of their fears. I feel such a mentality is very similar to the one held by those lay Buddhists on the issue of eating meat. Fear comes from selfishness. How can a selfish being have no fear? When we clarify the facts to people face to face, when we distribute truth-clarifying materials and CDs and try our best to do the three things well, aren't we letting go of our fears? When we keep tempering ourselves in the great Buddha Fa, and when our selfishness is replaced with compassion, our fear will disappear. However, if we try to prove that we have let go of our fear with no consideration for the safety of others and if we ignore the significant matter of saving sentient beings, then it will only give rise to selfishness and demonic nature.

Master mentioned a number of times in Zhuan Falun about being responsible to society and practitioners. As Dafa disciples, we must all firmly remember our responsibilities.

Let us relinquish the mentalities formed in the CCP Party culture such as boastfulness, showing-off, and doing things for the sake of doing them; let us try to let Master worry less about us and bear less suffering for us.

The above is my current personal understanding at my limited level. Please kindly point out anything improper.