(Minghui.org) A series of news reports appeared online in China recently discussing issues such as Party reform, “tackling corruption,” “reforming the labor camps,” “dark secrets revealed about Masanjia Labor Camp,” “rule of law,” and so on.


Some people have had high hopes for change as the changing of the guard occurs with top Party brass. They think that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is going through another “reform” itself.


Even some practitioners think that the Party is changing for the better. Dafa disciples have matured, and today we must be rational and clearheaded based on our understandings of the Fa. Any attachments may cause disruptions in the human world and cause losses.



What Is the True Nature of the CCP? Can the CCP Ever Really Change?

Practitioners are aware that the nature of the CCP is evil. Many have the understanding that is is a demonic force established by the old forces to sabotage human civilization, damage the Fa-rectification, and persecute Dafa disciples.


It has displayed tolerance and understanding a few times throughout history, but this occurred only when doing so contributed to its own survival. Once the crisis was over, it started to harm people again.


If evil is indeed the true nature of the CCP, then any evidence that it seems to be changing could only be illusory. If one expects that evil will become good on its own, one may be leaving the door open to dangerous consequences.



What Lies in Store for the CCP?

The CCP has committed so many crimes during its history. It is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of lives. How could it ever repay its debts?


During the persecution of Falun Gong, the CCP has killed so many Dafa disciples! How could it ever repay those debts?


As I understand it, the Party may have had a chance for redemption in the past, but not any longer. After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published; after Master's article “Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World” was published, it seems clear to me that the CCP has lost its final opportunity.


Then if this is true, and the CCP has lost all possibility to survive in the long term, then it seems to me that all of the gods in the universe, whether they have gone through the Fa-rectification or not, no longer acknowledge it. Even though the CCP may tout its own self-proclaimed reforms, what use do they serve?


Will the gods acknowledge them? Will Master acknowledge them? Does the CCP have any more opportunities? If Dafa disciples still have hopes for the CCP, couldn't these false hopes add obstacles to the Fa-rectification? If the CCP is to be eliminated, yet practitioners still have hope for it, couldn't that pose challenges? I would like to point out that Dafa disciples should be clear on this.



Is There Truth Behind the “Improvements?”

Why does the CCP appear to be “improving” at the final stage of Fa-rectification? It is all an illusion. It is not becoming better, because its nature cannot change.


In other dimensions, as more and more of the CCP's evil factors are eliminated, the evil becomes less powerful. The evil can no longer cover such a wide scope. Therefore, the CCP doesn't seem so evil.


However, in the areas where the evil hasn't been completely eliminated, the CCP is still as evil as ever. This evil concentrates in the prisons, the brainwashing centers, the 610 Office, the police stations, and in the legal system. If it doesn't appear as evil in some areas, it's because the evil has already been eliminated in other dimensions, not because it has changed for the better!


Even Masanjia Forced Labor Camp has been exposed in China's media. Is this because the CCP has become better? No. There is a key issue that Master has illustrated in the Fa. Even the old evil forces are using the CCP. The old evil forces will eliminate the CCP at the final stage.


Therefore, the evil factors that have participated in the persecution will be eliminated, and the old evil forces will eliminate those people who have been part of the persecution.


The evil CCP has utilized its own internal channels to punish “corruption” or “illegal activity.” This is one of the ways used by the old forces to eliminate those it doesn't want to keep. As I see it, this is not happening because the CCP has improved, but because the elimination has started.



Remain Clearheaded

The old evil forces are eliminating what is considered useless. Dafa disciples need to remain clearheaded. If we think it's because the CCP has improved, then trouble may come about.


In summary, we are Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. We need to have a clear understanding about the evil CCP. We need to abandon any illusions or hopes for the “poison” to improve. These are very dangerous thoughts. If we hope that the poison will stop poisoning people, we ourselves will be poisoned to death! Please keep this in mind!