(Minghui.org) Yilan County Police Department in Heilongjiang Province began a county-wide massive arrest campaign of Falun Gong practitioners at around 9 p.m. on March 29, 2013. It continued well into April. Almost 50 practitioners have been arrested so far. Some were followed and spied on before they were arrested. Numerous arrested were made on March 30. Many police officers hid near practitioners' homes and waited for their chance to make an arrest.

Based on incomplete statistics, 48 practitioners were arrested. Some of them were taken to facilities in Harbin. The Yilan Police Department had been planning this operation for a very long time. Officials from Harbin and provincial level agencies were also involved.

Details of the Arrests (All in Yilan County):

Mo Zhikui, Fei Shuqin, Zuo Zhenqi, and eight other practitioners were arrested in Sandaogang Town on the evening of March 29. Xu Feng, Ni Chunyan, and Zhang Jingjuan were arrested. Qiu Yuqin and Zheng Chen in Dalianhe Town were arrested at home, Qiu Yuqin's computer was confiscated. Wang Jiarong in Dalianhe Town was also arrested at home on March 31.

Ms. Jiang Lianying, 69, from Tuanshanzi Town was arrested on the evening of March 29 and taken to Harbin on April 1. Ms. Jiang's husband is very ill and her mother is over 100. Both of them are now without the care that they require. Her mother did not eat for three days after Ms. Jiang was arrested. Six practitioners were arrested in Tuanshanzi Town.

A female practitioner was arrested at 10 p.m. on March 29. the police shattered the glass on the door as they broke into her home. They took two computers, three printers, one CD burner, three cell phones, an e-book reader, large amounts of other personal items, and DVDs containing facts about the persecution. The confiscated personal belongings filled two vans. The police beat her husband, who does not practice Falun Gong, and took him to the police department for interrogation. He was released the next day.

In summary, 23 practitioners from Yilan Town, Dalianhe Town, Sandaogang Town, and Tuanshanzi Town were arrested on March 29, 30, and 31. Eight of them were taken to Harbin for further persecution the day after their arrests. 15 of them are currently in the Yilan Detention Center and are not permitted to have visitors.

The police are still making arrests in other towns and villages. Some practitioners have had to leave home to avoid the harassment and arrests.

Agencies and officials involved:

Yilan County Government:

Zhao Changman, clerk: 011-86-0451-57230218, 011-86-0451-56001234, 011-86-13303669898

Yilan County Political and Legal Affairs Committee:

Yang Xu, clerk: 011-86-0451-57237868, 011-86-13804629303

Yilan County 610 Office

Xu Haibo, chairman: 011-86-0451-57238610, 011-86-13104663971

Yilan County Police Department

Wang Qingfeng, chief: 011-86-0451-57235201, 011-86-13329315577

Dalianhe Police Station

Liu Zhongwei, chief: 011-86-0451-57210133, 011-86-0451-57224066, 011-86-13936113911, 011-86-15114639929

San Daogang Police Station

Qi Xuefeng, chief: 011-86-0451-57245108, 011-86-0451-57223938, 011-86-13936117678

Tuanshanzi Police Station

Zhang Xianchun, chief: 011-86-0451-57242110, 011-86-0451-57223206, 011-86-15046712999

Yilan County No. 1 Detention Center

Liu Dawei, chief: 011-86-0451-57281496, 011-86-0451-57232593, 011-86-13936602593

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