(Minghui.org) The Heilongjiang Province Prison Administrative Bureau Hospital was established in 2008. The top floor (the eighth) is a separate, hidden ward under the control of the provincial jail system. It is purported to be where ill prisoners are treated, but that is not the case. In actuality, Falun Gong practitioners are brutally tortured there, both physically and mentally.

This hidden ward has high security, and only a few of the medical staff have access. Access is controlled with a facial recognition system, and a fingerprint recognition system. After passing through these two gates, personnel accessing the area must pass through a monitoring room and another set of bars before reaching the rooms. Each room houses one individual, and has a restroom. Another gate, which requires a password, separates the male and female sections. Even the nurses need to enter the password to pass through.

Each room measures approximately 30 square feet. There are security video cameras on two of the four corners of the ceiling, and another camera in the restroom. The cameras are on at all times. Practitioners are watched here more closely than inside the jail.

Both male and female practitioners are detained here. Some who are given medical parole are sent here, have surgery, and are then taken back to jail.

High Tech Surveillance

When practitioners are sent to this area, they are warned that there is no way for them to escape. The windows are secured to the walls and metal bars have been welded to the front of the windows. Practitioners are also told that they are not allowed go outside or even to look out the windows. There is an infrared alarm system in the ceilings, and serious consequences await anyone who triggers the system.

Doctors Have No Conscience

The doctors here do not care about patient lives. They often neglect the needs of patients for many days at a time.

One practitioner was injected with an unknown drug and had adverse reactions. He had symptoms including an accelerated heartbeat and shortness of breath for many days during the drug transfusion, and he even stopped breathing. Sometimes he needed emergency treatment and oxygen just to remain alive. The doctor showed no regard for this patient's life.

No Regard for Human Rights, Invasive Searches

Several police officers sometimes enter the wards suddenly in the middle of the night, carrying electric batons and flashlights. They shine the flashlights on the windows and say they are checking to make sure no one had attempted to escape. The police in the monitoring rooms are all males, so the female practitioners can never take showers.


When a practitioner is taken downstairs for a checkup, they are always escorted by at least two police officers. Often one of the officers turns on the electric baton, lets the practitioner hear and see the blue sparks, and says, “This has just been charged.”

Merchandise Overpriced

The hospital sells necessities to the patients at exorbitant prices, much higher than prices outside the hospital, with the goal of bleeding practitioners of their funds. Nothing is provided without a large price tag attached.

The Chinese Communist regime persecutes Falun Gong practitioners in all kinds of places. In fact, we know very little about this place inside the hospital. Because of its location, it is well hidden and very deceptive. We are only able to reveal a small part which was disclosed to us.