(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is attempting to show that they are reducing their abuses of human rights by abolishing the use of the forced labor system. But the evil nature of the CCP has not changed, as the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners continues. In the first quarter of 2013, over one hundred practitioners were arrested in Harbin, and nine of them were sentenced to prison.

Ms. Tan Yurui, Ms. Tan Guiying and Mr. Chen Kun Sentenced to Ten Years, Six Years and Four Years Respectively

Ms. Tan Yurui, Ms. Tan Guiying, and Mr. Chen Kun from Xinhua Town, Acheng District, Harbin City were arrested on July 10, 2012. They were put on trial at Acheng District Court on December 5. Officials from the court then informed the practitioners' lawyers on January 15, 2013, that Ms. Tan Yurui had been sentenced to ten years in prison, Ms. Tan Guiying was sentenced to six years, and Mr. Chen Kun was sentenced to four years in prison.

Ms. Tan Yurui, 39, looked after her sister-in-law, who had brain surgery, and her seriously ill father-in-law. On July 10, she was taken away from her home by officers from Xinhua Town Police Department. Over four hundred people signed and put their fingerprints on a petition form asking the police to release her.

Government departments responsible for the persecution: Xinhua Town Police Department, Acheng Police Department, Acheng District Domestic Security Division, Acheng 610 Office, Harbin Second Detention Center, Acheng Procuratorate, Acheng Court, Heilongjiang Women's Prison.

Ms. Song Yingjie Secretly Sentenced to Eight Years

Ms. Song Yingjie, 43, is a nurse at the Intensive Care Unit of the Third Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University (Cancer Hospital). On April 28, 2012 officials from the hospital administration tricked her into coming to the hospital on the May 1st holiday, as they said that there had been a change in her work schedule. Officer Liu Wei and others from Liaoyang Police Station in Nangang District then arrested Ms. Song at the hospital.

On January 22, 2013, after Ms. Song had been detained for nine months, her parents went to the Harbin Second Detention Center to visit her in the freezing cold. They repeatedly asked the guards about Ms. Song's situation, as they did not get confirmation whether the things they sent her had been received. Eventually, Liu Zhijie, the director of the detention center, told them that Ms. Song had been secretly tried at Nangang District Court and sentenced to eight years in prison.

In order to seek justice for Ms. Song, her parents and her two younger sisters arrived at Harbin Second Detention Center early on the morning of January 30. They requested to see Ms. Song, and get the verdict of the appeal. They waited until after 11:00 a.m. but still could not see Liu Zhiru, so they called him. Liu Zhiru said the original decision was upheld in the second trial and that Ms. Song had been taken to Heilongjiang Women's Prison that morning.

Those responsible for the persecution of Ms. Song Yingjie: Liu Wei, Liaoyang Police Station in Nangang District, Harbin: +86-15114590305 (Cell) Xu Xiuyu, president of the Third Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University Feng Jun, party secretary of the Third Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University Zhao Changhong, deputy party secretary of the Third Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University Wang Guonian, director of anesthesiology at the Third Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University: +86-13351880085 (Cell) Liu Zhiru, warden at the Harbin First Detention Center

Mr. Xie Jinde from Acheng Sentenced to Five Years

Mr. Xie Jinde from Acheng drove three practitioners to Feiketu Town on May 27, 2012 to distribute Shen Yun DVDs. They were reported to the authorities and detained at Acheng Detention Center.

Officials from Acheng District Court put Mr. Xie Jinde, Ms. Cai Shuxia, Ms. Liu Changmei, and Ms. Zhao Lan on trial on September 19, 2012. Mr. Xie was sentenced to five years and taken to Hulan Prison in Harbin on February 27, 2013. He was then transferred to Daqing Prison on March 25, 2013.

Ms. Zhang Hongfang From the Daowai District Sentenced to Four Years

Ms. Zhang Hongfang from the Daowei District in Harbin was arrested in July 2012 and detained in Harbin Detention Center. Before the Chinese New Year of 2013 she was sentenced to four years and taken to Heilongjiang Women's Prison on February 4, 2013.

Mr. Zhao Xidong from Harbin Sentenced to Four Years

Mr. Zhao Xidong from Harbin was sentenced to four years by officials from Nangang District Court in Harbin and Harbin Intermediate People's Court. He was taken to Hulan Prison on February 27, 2013.

Those responsible for the persecution of Mr. Zhao: Harbin Nangang District Court: Zhao Xin, presiding judge; Yu Li, Judge, Pei Guohui, and Yin Yanling, clerks

Harbin Intermediate People's Court: Dong Shijie, presiding judge; Zhang Guanglan, judge; Feng Jiang, acting judge. Li Xindong, clerk Wang Dianbin and Li Yunmin, Xiangfang District National Security Team in Harbin

Ms. Li Xiaoxia from the Pingfang District Secretly Sentenced to Three Years

Ms. Li Xiaoxia, 48, was an engineer at Dongqing Factory from the Pingfang District in Harbin. She was arrested by officers from the Xinjiang Police Station on September 1, 2012. Without notifying her family, officials from the Pingfang District Court sentenced Ms. Li to three years and took her to Heilongjiang Women's Prison on April 10, 2013.

Those responsible for the persecution of Ms. Li: Liu Hongwei, director of Xinjiang Police Branch Station: +86-1874601127 (Cell) (this person was involved in persecuting Yang Bin to death)

Ms. Xiang Xiaoyan Sentenced to Three Years

Ms Xiang Xiaoyan, 35, is a computer engineer at the Heilongjiang Province Computer Center. When she returned home from work on December 21, 2011, as she opened her front door, a few plainclothes police officers suddenly appeared, arrested her, and ransacked her home. Only when Ms. Xiang's husband got home did the officers reveal their identity. They were Zhang Xumin, Liu Xiwei, and others from the Zhanqian Security Team in Nangang District.

Ms. Xiang's family hired two lawyers to represent her, but Zhou Songbin, the director of Nangang Police Department Domestic Security Division, and clerk Fan Xiangrui obstructed the legal proceedings to prevent the lawyers from meeting with Ms. Xiang, and threatened to stop the lawyers from defending her in the trial.

Ms. Xiang was sentenced to three years and is now being held in the ninth ward at Heilongjiang Women's Prison.

Those responsible for the persecution of Ms Xiang: Sun Jixian, president of Nangang District Court: 86-451-82700399, 86-13603678686 (Cell) Zhao Xin, trial judge at Nangang District Court