(Minghui.org) I am nine years old and I was fortunate enough to become a Dafa practitioner. When I was four, I said to my mom, “I will also study the Fa.” Mom asked, “How? You haven't gone to school yet and don't know the characters. Maybe when you are older.” I held the book and cried very hard and shouted, “Master, please help. I want to study the Fa.” I was so anxious that I bit my thumb and it started bleeding. My mom was moved to tears and said, “It's mother's fault. She isn't being compassionate. Come, we will study together.” So she taught me character by character starting from Lunyu in Zhuan Falun:

“'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science.”

After I saw a character once, I would remember it, and if it appeared again, I would know what it was. Just like that, I learned how to read Zhuan Falun very fast.

Copying the Fa

I once asked Mom, “Is copying out the Fa also studying the Fa?” She said it was, so I said, “Then I'll start to do that.” Although she didn't say anything, she was probably thinking, “You don't know how to write characters yet.”

That day, I started to copy the poems in Hong Yin. I would write one stroke at a time. If I saw a horizontal line and I would draw a horizontal line, and if I saw a vertical line I would draw a vertical line. It would take me a while to write out one poem. Although I didn't finish the whole book, I copied many poems.

I went to the first grade when I was six. The school asked all the new students to join the Chinese Communist Party Young Pioneers. I was scared and told Mom about it. I absolutely could not join, because if I did, I would be part of it. I wanted my mother to go talk to the teacher. Mom helped me to search within, and I found many of my attachments, including fear and wanting to rely on others. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these. Mom said to me, “You should walk your own path. I'll stay home to send forth righteous thoughts for you, and you will do it yourself. If your teacher asks you, 'Do you want to join?' isn't that the same as the evil asking, 'Do you want to go to hell?' Isn't the evil trying to persecute the teacher and sentient beings? We cannot allow the evil to persecute the teacher. Let's watch the teacher's field and not allow him to ask you that question. No one should ask you that question.”

On my way to school, I was still a little nervous, so I began to send forth righteous thoughts. When the teacher collected the money, there was one other classmate besides me who didn't turn it in. This showed Master's compassion – there was someone else besides me who didn't join. The teacher called my name and said, “You are not joining?” I said, “Right!” The teacher didn't say anything else. It was that easy.

On June 1, the CCP “Children's Day," when my classmates all went up on stage to pledge themselves to the CCP, I sat below the stage to send forth righteous thoughts to not allow the evil to mark my classmates. After class, the school's CCP secretary asked me, “Hey, come here. Why don't you join the Young Pioneers?” I said I didn't want to. He asked why. I said, “It is a bad thing.” He laughed and told me to go home.

These are just some of my experiences in validating the Fa. I hope to improve along with other young fellow practitioners and do the three things well together, and return to our true home.