(Minghui.org) A beautiful and exquisite display! Simply breathtaking pieces with true meaning behind each one. Touching, in many ways, eye opening.”

A sobering exhibit, but with hope. Very interesting lessons of life!!”

“It shows us with great clarity who the Falun Gong is and what they are suffering for, their belief. It shows us a path.”

Oppression of all kinds requires brave voices. I commend your efforts and perseverance. The paintings are exquisite, the subject matter distressing. Thank you for sharing with the Western World!”

The two-week Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truth-Compassion-Tolerance) International Exhibition was held at the Guelph Civic Museum in Guelph, Ontario for two weeks, opening on March 27, 2013. Three City Councilors and more than 70 distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony. Local mainstream newspapers and TV stations reported on the exhibition and recommended it to the local people. People from all walks of life came to see the exhibition and left their touching comments in the visitor's book.



Opening ceremony of the Art of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance International Exhibition

Mayor Karen Farbridge sent a letter of congratulations to welcome the art exhibition to Guelph. In her letter she stated that she hoped visitors to the exhibition would experience beauty, peace, courage and justice. She added that she hoped that justice will triumph in the future.

Assimilating to Truth-Compassion-Tolerance in Daily Life

The content of the exhibition starts with the arrival of the Lord Buddha, who is depicted as having come to the human world to disseminate the Buddha Fa. Paintings illustrate the happiness of cultivators who live by the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance in their daily lives. The exhibition also depicts the tragedies that have befallen practitioners as a result of the sudden persecution in China, and shows Dafa practitioners' rational and peaceful resistance to the persecution, as well as their persistent efforts in safeguarding the truth and their calls for conscience. Each of the artworks details either the pure and beautiful inner spiritual realm of cultivators or shows a moving story related to the human rights tragedies that are taking place in China.


Councillor Jim Furfaro noted, “The values of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are just what we need in human daily life. We may not practice the meditation, but it’s a way of life which is beneficial to everyone.” He added that he hoped the persecution would come to an end soon.

The oil painting “Studying the Fa,” which depicts a family of Dafa practitioners, really touched Councillor Jim Furfaro's heart. In the painting, under a warm light, a young mother with a sleeping baby in her arms is reading a Dafa book attentively. The painting evokes a beautiful and peaceful feeling.

Mr. H. Appleton from India believed that it was due to a divine call that he came to see the exhibition. On Easter morning, Mr. Appleton, who lives in Brampton, felt a strong call, so he brought his whole family to Guelph. He felt very fortunate to have seen the exhibition.

Mr. Appleton was particularly impressed with the lotus flowers in the paintings. He explained that as he came from India, a country where Buddhism is practiced, he knows that lotus flowers grow from the mud and symbolize elevation from karmic tribulations. He said, “I will remember the lotus flower and the beautiful message it brings. Truth, Compassion, Tolerance – the world is very much in need of such purity.”

A young man looked at the paintings very attentively twice, and each time, he would read the introduction and think deeply. After he had a long chat with a staff member at the exhibition, he left the following comment in the visitor's book, “The art is truly amazing. It sends a strong message of the struggle to control the human mind and spirit. May all those who see the light of truth find their place among the Buddhas.”

Urgent Call for Conscience

In sharp contrast to the peace and grace of Dafa cultivation is the 14-year ongoing brutal persecution of the practice in China. The atrocities committed against them and the perseverance of Falun Gong practitioners are profoundly moving.

Councillor Karl Wettstein: It is a totally unacceptable persecution of humanity

Councillor Karl Wettstein said after seeing the exhibition, “The persecution of anybody, anywhere, is not acceptable. As to the persecution of Falun Gong, I put it in the category of a totally unacceptable persecution of humanity.”

Artist Marlene Jofriet was deeply touched by the pure expression in the eyes of the little girl in the painting “The Call of Innocence.” The painting depicts a scene that occurred in New York City, where Falun Gong practitioners braved winds and rains to raise awareness of the brutal persecution in China.

Ms. Jofriet said, “The expression in her eyes is calling people and it has been wonderfully portrayed. It’s absolutely beautifully done. It’s even better and truer than a photograph. It feels like you are with her, so beautiful!”

An artist from Eaton Centre left these words in the visitor's book, “Some of the paintings moved me to tears, an ache in my tummy and lump in my throat, while other paintings made me feel like I was right there within the light of good beings. Thank you for sharing your sorrows, the reality and your happiness in following Falun Dafa!