(Minghui.org) Note: Ms. Zhang Fuying died as a result of persecution on February 18, 2013. Her handwritten manuscript exposing the persecution she experienced at Xili Brainwashing Center in 2006 was found in her remaining belongings and is presented here. The atrocities conducted by the Xili Brainwashing Center leading to her death are still being investigated.

The Shenzhen 610 Office called me on March 2, 2005 posing as the Futian Neighborhood Office. A member of my family answered the phone and was asked if I was home. A police officer came to my house the next morning. He made a phone call after talking for a while. Ten people, including former deputy chief of the Jingtian Police Station Li Xiaojie, and former Lianhua Neighborhood Office director Chen Chunfeng came to my home. While some were talking with me, female agents searched my bedroom and found Teacher’s articles and other truth-clarification materials. I grabbed them back, but the officers snatched them away again. They blocked me from leaving and forced me to go with them. I resisted, but they threw me over their shoulders and carried me to the car downstairs. I was taken to the Xili Brainwashing Center.

Two days later a collaborator began helping the persecutors to “transform” other practitioners. This particular collaborator came and tried to “transform” me. She acted very bold, and began by asking me whether I knew how to cultivate, and said that I had not looked inward. She then badmouthed Teacher and Dafa. I reasoned with her, and she finally left. The next day I developed some physical problems, but the “transformation” continued. Collaborator Huang Xiaoyan came and said, “No one will get out of here. The hospital is nearby.” She was trying to say that even if I had health problems, I would not be released.

A week later, the agents in the brainwashing center disregarded my health condition and took me to a special “transformation” room, and began a systematic, step by step "transformation" process on me. There was a TV set and a video player in the room, and slanderous slogans were posted everywhere. Several male and female collaborators were present, and were saying all kinds of nonsense, and attacking Teacher and Dafa when I walked in. I was forced to stand if I did not agree with them, and the guard was called to pull me up when I remained on the floor. A few days later, they attempted to force me to sign a pre-written “dissociation statement” and held my hand to force me to sign, but I managed to struggle away. They then tried to get my thumbprint by force, but I did not let them. I asked Teacher for help, and they failed.

After refusing to sign the statement, I was forced to watch videos that slandered Falun Dafa every day as soon as I got up, at seven in the morning. The videos were played non-stop, even during meal times, until midnight, when I went to bed. Some Buddhist videos were later played, and some Buddhist scriptures were read to me, after which they sang Buddhist and Christian songs. When all these tactics failed, they began the so-called “attack the steadfast ones” (that is, using a variety of high-pressure tactics and corporal punishment to force me to give up my belief). They kept finding those who had been “transformed” to come, including Li Yan and Ye Huirong, and several others. One day as many as ten people arrived. They later began taking turns, and arranged several shifts to deprive me of sleep while in the meantime they slept. One night, they asked me to transcribe each poster and notice on the walls ten times. I was held there for four consecutive days and nights. On the fifth night, a female collaborator came and said that she would try to talk with the others to let me go to sleep. She pretended to be nice, but nonetheless she also tried to get me to give up my cultivation.

When all of their tactics failed, they gave up, and let me go to sleep. In spite of this, I was still forced to be there as soon as I got up at 7:00 a.m., and was forced to continue watching those slanderous videos until midnight. The collaborators took turns monitoring me during this whole process. When the collaborators were not there, the guard would play the slanderous videos. The purpose was to destroy practitioners’ will, and force them to give up their belief. A month later, collaborator Zhang Quanhao was still trying to deceive me with lies about self-immolation, but I was not affected. I knew that they were all tricks employed by the evil party. I only believe Minghui.org.

A few days later, the tactics were changed to putting drugs in my water. When the water tasted strange, I poured it out. I only drank the running water in the bathroom for the following two weeks.

One day, a manager named Qu Shaode approached me and said to my face repeatedly many slanderous comments attacking Dafa. Another time princial Zhou Huaichun criticized me severely, saying that I was stepping on the blood of millions of Chinese Communist Party members to seek my own consummation. I replied that I was not involved in politics, and it was the evil party that was persecuting us, and they were destined to fail.

When their tactics all failed, another veteran collaborator was sent over. When a family member visited me, not being able to withstand the ongoing pressure from the government agents, he put a paring knife to his arm and threatened to kill himself. I said “If you want to do it, don’t blame me. We were all wrongly accused.” He stopped himelf. The collaborator said, “You don't even care if your relative jumps off a building.” They wanted to take advantage of the misunderstanding of my family members and drive them to hurt themselves, in order to threaten me to give up my belief, and in the meantime create an image of practitioners’ not caring about their families or their own lives. Those who didn’t know the truth truly did have a way to know that in reality it was the evil party that was persecuting practitioners and destroying millions of happy families.

Last time, some bad persons in the brainwashing center removed everything from the room except for two chairs. There was no seat for me so I sat on the floor. A guard was called in to pull me up. The lead guard said that if they wanted him to, he could handcuff me to the window frame. I didn't respond. When I wanted to use the restroom, they disallowed it, and said that I could not go unless I stood. They took turns watching me and didn't let me sleep. The collaborators wrote many words slandering Dafa and Teacher on big pieces of paper, and tried to get me to sign the statement promising not to practice any longer. Collaborator Wang Hongfa once hit my head and pulled my ear and hair, and kicked me. Collaborator Huang Xiayan scratched me with a pen. Collaborator Li Hailian threatened, “If you can last for three days, then you can pass.”

Xili Brainwashing Center is a dungeon of evil. Collaborator Tian Gezehgn wrote Teacher’s name on a big piece of paper and stomped on it. Some collaborators thrust Teacher’s picture under me and forced me to sit on it. These assistants repeatedly abused the practitioners and insulted Dafa. Collaborator Xu Ying, who was almost 70 years old, was especially bad and he was full of wicked tricks.

I was rendered exhausted by the collaborators. One day after about six months, the collaborator put a pledge document on the table. The 610 Office agents asked me to take a look and sign it. I had been persecuted to such a degree that I was muddleheaded at the time. Without thinking much I signed. Afterwards they brought a “dissociation statement” over and asked me to sign, and they were thrilled when I did.

The third day after I signed the papers, I realized that I had done it against my own will, so I declared them null. Of course the agents would not accept it. The 610 Office agents arranged new brainwashing sessions for me, in order to instill more evil things in me and “transform” me. I felt that I was about to collapse. I could not think under the heavy pressure. Although I had already signed the paper, they continued to brainwash me and “test” me. I was asked to “transform” other practitioners and urge them to give up cultivation, and told me what to say to those practitioners who did not "transform" when I got out. They asked me to rehearse it. I was told not to answer phone calls from Falun Gong practitioners, and that I should “transform” them and report the incidents to the 610 Office. I was told not to read Teacher’s new articles. They not only asked me to betray Teacher, but to identify other practitioners so they could persecute them as well. Just before I was released, they searched my home and took away all Dafa-related books and materials.

The brainwashing center used a variety of methods to mistreat me, both physically and mentally. They also persecuted my family members and brainwashed them. They showed them books that slandered Dafa and caused them to hate Dafa.

On the day I was released, my family members who had been deceived by the lies wrote a thank-you letter and presented a flag to the brainwashing center. They had no idea how bad I had been treated in the center. It was total humiliation on top of the bodily harm. They did everything to get me to deny Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Deng, the head of the brainwashing center, said, “As long as we can 'transform' the person, it doesn't matter what methods we use.” These are the words of a thug. What is the good person supposed to be “transformed” into, a bad person? After I walked out of the brainwashing center, I still could not live a peaceful life. Agents from the neighborhood office and 610 Office came to harass me all the time. Both Liu Ping and a Mr. Zhong from the Futian District 610 Office have been to my home and created big disturbances.

I would like to advise those who have persecuted or are persecuting practitioners not to give up your consciences just to gain some immediate benefits. Please stop supporting the evil and look for the goodness. Save yourselves.