(Minghui.org) In the Summer of 1998, I graduated from Elementary School when I was thirteen years of age. My mother took my sister and I to the park to learn Falun Gong exercises. At the time my mother's only explanation was that people can become divine beings through cultivation. As long as I can remember, I believed in divine beings, so I was happy, and thus began my Dafa practice.

When the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, I was still in Junior High School. I still had a lot of attachments, and so I put all my efforts into my school work. I was not working on my cultivation and became an everyday person. Later I was full of remorse for having given up cultivation. When I thought of writing about my experiences, I was too ashamed to admit what I had done. Then when I read an article about a practitioner who had a similar experience to mine, it gave me the confidence to share how I too started cultivation anew. Please kindly point out anything you might find inappropriate in my sharing.

During my Junior and Senior High School days, 1999 to 2005, I went the schools in my hometown. My mother encouraged me to study the Fa and do the exercises. I entered college in 2005 and at that time I was completely polluted by the big dye vat of society. The only times I even thought about Dafa was when I was unable to sleep at night. Then I would meditate and read a few passages in Zhuan Falun. I was ignorantly using the Fa as sleeping pills! After graduation in 2009, I was busy looking for a job and looking forward to making money, just like an ordinary person!

In 2011, I was in another city. A practitioner found me and came to my place to study the Fa with me. She also took me with her to listen to the experiences of other diligent practitioners. At first, I was not happy about studying the Fa with her. My mind wandered and I found myself thinking about things that everyday people think about. I was also often sleepy while studying Fa. I was being interfered with. But Master had not given up on me, the fellow practitioner was sent to find me and bring me back. Eventually I was able to melt into the process of Fa Rectification. Thanks to Master's mercy, I found a practitioner family. We study the Fa twice a week. Their help and encouragement have had a huge impact on me. The following is my summary on how to help others like me.

1. Find the practitioners who obtained the Fa when they were children in different cities, and invite them back to a Fa study group. Regular Fa study is very important, so be encouraging. In the beginning, those practitioners will have strong human attachments. You can share with them about human things they are attached to, and inspire them based on the Fa. Help them to understand that everything of ordinary people is earthly, and short-lived. They will need your assistance in understanding the true meaning of life.

2. The Minghui website is a very good platform for practitioners to share experiences. Guide those practitioners to get on Minghui website to read sharing articles, especially the ones which are targeted to the practitioners who obtained the Fa when they were young. Those articles will be more likely to touch them. At the same time we can download voice recordings of the Fahui on Minghui and transitional Chinese culture programs, and Dafa music, for them. Do not forget to give them the newly published articles of Master as well as Minghui Weekly. They are temporarily trapped in the everyday people's world, but compassion from Dafa practitioners will let them experience the beauty and power of Dafa.

3. I was reluctant to return to Dafa after being lost for so many years. After the persecution began, I just lost my way, like so many others. We feel we no longer belong to the Fa Rectification period disciples. We get pessimistic, and fear Master will not take care of us, and have no chance of consummation in this lifetime. For many years I had a dream: I returned to school for an exam. The exam began, everyone was in place, except me. I could not find the examination room and ran around frantically looking for it. Upon wakening, I felt that this dream was the result of missing my school days. After more cultivation I realized that Master was using this dream to wake me up. Master was very anxious, not wanting to lose even one disciple. Encourage the struggling practitioners to read articles related to Master waiting for them. Help them to establish confidence. They risked so much to come down to this human world to obtain the Fa and save lives in their world.

4. We have many Dafa resources. We can select some of those for the lost fellow practitioners--such as those made by MTV: "Together Through the Storm", "Calling from the Deep Universe", "Master's Hands". This will help them awaken to their true selves. The Buddha Fa is boundless!

I truly hope that those young practitioners from before the persecution began will return to Dafa. Do not wait anymore and do not miss this opportunity that only comes once in tens of thousands of years. Master has been watching us, and does not want us to miss this chance.

This is the first time I have submitted an article to the Minghui website. Please kindly point out any shortcomings! Now I must read the Minghui website every day. I am grateful to Master and grateful to Minghui!