(Minghui.org) Since the establishment of the global RTC platform, practitioners from various countries have participated in clarifying the truth by making phone calls to people in China. Below are some of their experiences.

1. Clarifying the Truth on the RTC Platform for the First Time

By a Dafa practitioner in Canada

It has been one month since I began to participate in clarifying the truth on the platform. In the past, when doing the three things, I was able to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts, but was unable to guarantee that I was capable of clarifying the truth everyday.

Upon joining the RTC platform, I was inspired when I heard about the phone calls made by fellow practitioners. Previously, I had attempted to make phone calls by myself, but was not persistent. If the person did not want to listen, I just moved on. I would forget about calling them back. Later, I heard a practitioner say that we should call each number at least three times. I started complaining to myself; the mentality of feeling embarrassed and thinking that I would be troubling someone started to surface.

I knew that persistence paid off in saving people, but my fears were obstructing me. Once, a coordinator told me to dial someone again. I talked to that person for forty seconds, and they hung up. I started to think about whether or not I should call them back. After a while, I felt that I should call back again.

This time, the person listened very attentively and decided to withdraw from the Communist Youth League. Afterward, I thought: “Because of my thinking, I was obstructing myself from saving people. For those people who hung up on the first call, if I did not give them another chance, they might not have any further opportunities to be saved.”

Some practitioners may be thinking of ways to eliminate this or that attachment. Actually, I've found that making phone calls to save people is a very good cultivation process, as it exposes many attachments. As there is not much time left, I hope that those practitioners who have yet to pick up the phone will consider participating on this platform.

If one thinks that making phone calls is difficult, it often means they feel afraid. Initially, I did not feel like calling because I also had this attachment.

Master said,

“Cultivate, my disciples, ‘til no single omission is found”

(“Cultivating Amidst the Delusion” from Hong Yin)

2. Eliminating the Desire for Comfort

By a Dafa practitioner in Canada

I recently decided to start making phone calls again. After sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa, I resolved to try again. The first person I called hung up after listening to only a few sentences. When I dialed again, the person said, “Don’t call again,” and hung up. I started to hesitate, but then thought of the practitioners on the platform and their commitment to give at least three chances to each person. Thus, I called this person back again; this time nobody picked up.

“Should I call again?” I thought. Then I started thinking that maybe this was his last chance to hear the facts. So, I called again. The call was answered by someone else, who identified himself as an official at a police department. After listening to a few sentences, he hung up.

I called again for the last time; this time, the person did not hang up, and I was finally able to tell him the facts. He was not affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He thanked me and recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” many times. He said that he would help to publicize the self-immolation hoax that the CCP had used to frame Falun Dafa.

During the phone calls I made afterward, many did not respond or declare their stance after hearing the facts. Thus, I hesitated for a while when I reached the last phone number, thinking whether or not it was worth the effort. In the end, I dialed that number and the woman withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

This was really a test that Master had arranged to upgrade my xinxing. I was only able to realize this after putting down the phone. Only when my thoughts were righteous was I able to pass the test. Thank you, Master! I felt very ashamed for hesitating beforehand!

3. Working on a Task Force Team

By a Dafa practitioner in Japan

One evening, the Japanese team made phone calls regarding the persecution case of practitioner Zheng Xiangxing. The answering rate was very low. During the process of calling, practitioners really felt that the mainland Chinese were deeply poisoned by the CCP's propaganda.

I realized that making phone calls for a special task was a chance to temper and elevate my xinxing. When practitioners remind each other about this, then the righteous field is strong. Then we can do well what we are supposed to do, that is, clarify the truth to help save those people who are poisoned by the evil party.

It is not a waste of time to make phone calls, as every single call that we make is able to help turn the tide and allow each person to clearly see through the lies being disseminated by the CCP.

4. Do Not Be Moved by Someone's Verbal Abuse

By a Dafa practitioner in the United Kingdom

Previously, I found it difficult when I encountered people who would start swearing when tried to I clarify the facts to them. I would think, “How can I help this kind of person withdraw from the CCP?”

Recently, I came across this type of person again, but was not moved. I would talk when he stopped swearing and managed to finish clarifying the truth to him. He then said, “Well, if you want me to quit the Party, you have to give me money.” I continued on as though I did not hear what he had just said, “I will give you a pseudonym and help you to quit.” He insisted, “I will quit if you give me money,” and then hung up.

I thought, “How can I help this kind of person?” At that moment, one of last year's Shen Yun programs appeared in my mind. In the dance, the Monkey King jumped here and there but was unable to jump out of the Buddha's palm. I understood immediately: “The person is being manipulated by the evil in another dimension to keep swearing. However, whether a person should quit or not is not decided by the evil; instead, it is Master who has the final say.”

I called the man back. He said. “I thought you already helped me quit.” I said, “You have not agreed to it yet. You must agree to quit.” He then said repeatedly, “I quit. I quit. I quit.” Previously, such a thing would not have happened. I felt that my xinxing had elevated, as I was not moved by his swearing. As a result, he changed instantly because I truly wanted to save him.

There was another person who kept swearing. I called him one month later and was successful in helping him quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I feel that the sentient beings who have heard our phone calls will have a change of heart, and the evil behind them will be disintegrated. As long as we persist in clarifying the truth when conditions are ripe, success will come.

5. Awakening Former Practitioners

By a Dafa practitioner in Japan

The global RTC platform has received requests from many Dafa practitioners in mainland China to help awaken former practitioners to resume cultivation. Awakening those practitioners who have yet to step forward is our responsibility, and it requires a lot of patience to make such phone calls. Below are some examples.

A Japanese practitioner shared her experience of making a phone call to a former practitioner. She was thinking of how to help this former practitioner to overcome the attachment of fear and return to Dafa cultivation again. In most cases in mainland China, not stepping forward or giving up cultivation altogether has been due to the attachment of fear.

During the call, she sang a song to the former practitioner on the receiving end. The lyrics went something like this, “Who am I? Who am I in my life? Why did I want to come to this world? What am I here for? Before I came down, my vows were set.” Through this song, the practitioner hoped it would awaken the person's knowing side.

She later encouraged the former practitioner to read a few paragraphs of Master's articles. This former practitioner then said softly, “I know, I know” and hung up the phone.

Although we do not know if this former practitioner decided to return to Dafa, the practitioner who helped her exhibited compassion and a degree of intention that was deeply moving.

After being released from a forced labor camp, a practitioner in mainland China did not study the Fa and ended up getting involved in a pyramid selling scam. He then received a phone call from an oversees practitioner, who reminded him to study the Fa and do the exercises more to eliminate the interference from the brainwashing he had been subjected to in the labor camp. He said that he would do so.

A couple in the mainland are both practitioners. The husband was previously imprisoned at a brainwashing center. After being indoctrinated by the lies, he was not in a clear state of mind and did not write a Solemn Declaration to nullify his renunciation of Dafa that he had made under pressure while imprisoned.

When the practitioner on the platform made a call to him, he initially became frightened and said, “You have called the wrong number.” The practitioner on the platform then said: “I am a practitioner. My wish is that you will walk well the final path that Master has arranged. Study the Fa more and help save more people. Otherwise, won't you regret it when the Fa-rectification ends?” He agreed.