(Minghui.org) A local Falun Gong practitioner, Mr. Jiang, was illegally sentenced to 14 years in prison. During his 11 years in prison he did not give up his belief in Dafa. In 2010 when practitioners heard that he was very “sick,” they realized that Master wanted us to rescue him. Although we had failed earlier, this time we cooperated like a united whole and kept using the Fa as our guide, so we succeeded.

After Fa study and sharing thoughts, we realized that, as long as we truly believed Master and Fa and kept righteous thoughts, we would definitely rescue Mr. Jiang. We established a special team of Mr. Jiang's family, some of whom are practitioners. On May 1, 2010, we asked to see Mr. Jiang. Due to our strong righteous thoughts, we broke through the obstacles created by the prison and guards and finally saw him. We talked with him about following the Fa, believing in Master, and keeping righteous thoughts.

Mr. Jiang's family asked the prison to release him due to his severe “sickness.” I coordinated other practitioners to publicize his ordeal on the Internet. Practitioners from both China and overseas wrote letters to and telephoned the prison and sent righteous thoughts. All of us actively cooperated with each other. The family also visited the officials in charge every day to tell them the facts. The family told the prison that, if Mr. Jiang was not released, they would appeal to the provincial level or Beijing.

After some time, the prison backed off and agreed to have him examined. After the exam the prison officials wanted to have him treated in prison. But Mr. Jiang firmly refused. The prison backed off again and agreed to release him on medical parole but on condition that he sign a declaration not to practice anymore. He refused to sign. In the end, the prison filed his medical parole with the provincial level, which replied with a “Reappraisal.” Mr. Jiang's family thought the government wanted money, so they sent 5000 yuan to the prison.

Our rescue team started to look inside and ask ourselves, “Why did this incident happen?” Some of Mr. Jiang's practitioner relatives found their attachments, including being too engrossed, treating the rescue as a job, being attached to family ties, and sending money to the prison. We realized that we should explain the facts and rescue the sentient beings we came into contact in the rescue process. After being clear on the Fa, we restarted our rescue mission.

When we were ready to approach the prison, three of Mr. Jiang's relatives were suddenly “sick:” One had a swelling and could not walk, the other two had no appetite and could not get up. I immediately realized that this was evil interference, so I coordinated others to send righteous thoughts. The three practitioners refused the old force arrangements, studied the Fa, and did the exercises. They got up, walked, and ate. After three days, they were almost recovered and restarted the discussions with the prison. The prison returned the money, but created more barriers. We were not affected but kept calling and sending text messages to tell them the facts.

After the practitioners dealt with the prison and told them the facts about Falun Gong, many people quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Mr. Jiang also started a hunger strike. At the same time, a provincial inspection team arrived at Mudanjiang Prison. Mr. Jiang's family decided to report what was going on to the inspection team. However, the prison guard was very strict and we had no chance to see them. That day, my mother was critically ill and all her children went to see her for the last time. Just then my cell phone rang, so I told all the practitioners to send righteous thoughts to direct the inspection team to check Mr. Jiang's room.

The next day Mr. Jiang's family called me and said, "Thanks to Master, the inspection team checked Mr. Jiang's room. They found he was 'sick' and were furious. They told the prison to take special measures to release Mr. Jiang." The review meeting was supposed to start on Thursday, but since several provincial justice bureau members were not in the office, the meeting was put off for a week. Some practitioners began to worry. I told them, “Do not let your heart be affected. We have already followed the Fa and did what we needed to do. The evil has been disintegrated.”

At 7 a.m. on Friday, I got a call from a practitioner, telling me that the prison had told us to deal with the parole procedures and asking me to coordinate sending righteous thoughts. I immediately agreed. However, when I called the practitioners, all their cellphones were turned off. Then I got a call, saying my mother was critically ill. I put down my selfishness and called my daughter in tears to take my mother to the hospital. Just as I hung up the phone, a practitioner visited me. I asked him to notify the practitioners in the city to send righteous thoughts. As soon as he left, my daughter called me to say that she wanted to take my mother to a hospital near the city police station. I hurried off to the hospital. However, the hospital told me that my mother had been transferred to another hospital because of her critical condition. I realized that Master wanted me to send righteous thoughts near the police station. So I put off everything and started to send righteous thoughts. I felt the energy field was very strong.

At 8:20 a.m. the heads of the Justice Bureau and Domestic Security Division reviewed the case and signed and stamped all the documents. My daughter called to say that my mother was hospitalized but that her condition was not severe and she could leave the hospital shortly.

Over the three months it took to rescue a fellow practitioner, with Master's help and practitioners' cooperation and righteous thoughts, a miracle happened. We realized that, as long as we study the Fa well, look inside, cultivate ourselves, fully believe in Master and the Fa, and keep righteous thoughts, a miracle will always happen and we can build our own path in Fa rectification.