(Minghui.org) People develop many human notions in this lifetime, following many reincarnations. Many have committed wrongdoing driven by their notions. What’s quite sad is that they think those notions are their own thoughts.

I have held a stubborn notion for many years. Whenever someone accomplishes something, I think: “I can also achieve this in the future.” I have always emphasized “in the future,” but neglected to do things well at present, and as a result, it simply becomes wishful thinking. All my present activities seem to be only for fulfilling my future wishes.

This notion continued to surface even after I started practicing Falun Gong. While observing other practitioners doing well in certain aspects, having strong righteous thoughts, or achieving good results in saving sentient beings, I'd think, “I will do well in the future to meet the requirements that Teacher set for practitioners.” I suddenly realized that this notion was postnatal and not my true nature. Since I'm a practitioner, I should be strict with myself under all circumstances and at all times. I should constantly improve myself and do things well at this very moment. Doing things well in the future cannot be a wish. I must do things well in the present.

I found that this notion resulted in my lack of confidence, thinking that it was quite improbable for me to do it well and meet the requirements at this present moment. After digging deeper, I recognized the fundamental reason - I was still poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture with things such as not being diligent, thinking everyone is equal and the same, the attachment of jealousy, fear that others will envy me and protecting myself, etc.

Teacher said,

“I can tell you all that the difference lies in just that one thought; the difference between humans and gods is that one thought. If you can let it go, you are a cultivator; if you can’t, you are a human being.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston”)

If we continue to hold on to our human notions, how can our supernormal capabilities manifest? Not believing in our own ability is a lack of firm belief in Teacher and Dafa. All my capabilities come from Teacher and Dafa. We can achieve anything as long as we follow Teacher’s words, and allow them to guide every thought and deed at all times. We will succeed in saving sentient beings and disintegrating the evil. However, I sometimes doubt my capabilities because I don’t cherish this precious opportunity of cultivating in Dafa. If I firmly believe that I can do everything Teacher asked us to do well, it is then a righteous thought, and I'll be very effective and achieve unexpected results. Isn’t it “the difference lies in just that one thought”? Things will be accomplished instantly with righteous thoughts. Human notions will only lead to wishful thinking. With firm righteous thoughts at all times, constantly looking inward, cultivating our xinxing and eliminating our attachments, we are diligently walking the path towards divinity.

Cultivation is the process of constantly eliminating our attachments, having firm belief, being clear-minded at all times and following Teacher’s words. Since we've chosen to cultivate in Dafa, we should persist to the end. All the hardships and tribulations should not be viewed as barriers. As cultivators, we eliminate our karma and upgrade our levels through the process of bearing hardships. This is why we need to cultivate in ordinary society. Only when we cultivate our xinxing and do the three things Teacher asked us to do well, can we truly achieve the great consummation, thus fulfilling our prehistoric vows.

The above is my personal understanding at my current level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.