(Minghui.org) I've always liked to look for interesting things in news and in news commentaries, but after reading Master's lecture, “Stay Clearheaded,” I was able to control my attachment and not search for any new articles for several days. I recently saw the news about the CCP's internal power struggle, and I was especially interested in the CCP's plan to abolish the forced camp system.

My old habits returned and I have spent a lot of time and energy lately reading ordinary people's news. When visiting the Minghui website, I noticed that their news coverage was contrary to the mainstream media. Recently, the persecution of Dafa practitioners has escalated in many places. This has been especially true in the prisons and forced labor camps, and the torture methods used have been more inhumane. I know without a doubt that these manifestations are related to the state of mind of practitioners. After I was willing to take responsibility, I calmed down and read “Stay Clearheaded,” again and measured myself against the Fa. I found the knot in my heart. I was still hopeful that some of the members within the CCP would change for the better. Part of me didn't completely believe in Master and the Fa.

I was in contact with other practitioners who also had this problem. Therefore, I'm writing this article to share with everyone what I have come to understand.

Master earnestly told us in “Stay Clearheaded:”

“Don’t harbor any false hopes about the evil CCP.” “Dafa disciples shouldn’t harbor any fantasies about it.”

“As long as the wicked Party still exists, its nature will never change.”


“It has taken the lives of millions of Dafa disciples over these years of persecution.”

As long as the CCP exists, it will continue to bring misfortune to the universe and mankind. Almost every day on the Minghui website, there are reports about the deaths of practitioners and the persecution. As practitioners, if we continue to harbor hope that CCP members will find their conscience and stop slandering the Buddha Fa and persecuting practitioners, it means that we are numb to the point of being self-deceiving and delusional.

The fact that I was concerned about the CCP's internal power struggle meant that I lacked righteous thoughts. I hoped the CCP would “naturally” dissolve amidst the internal power struggles or that someone would punish the principal person who orchestrated the persecution. If that were to happen then we could relax. I had forgotten that Dafa disciples are the leading characters of this human drama.

Everything that manifests in this world is the result of what is in our minds. If we don't take the initiative to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that support the old forces and the CCP, the situation will not change “naturally.” The disintegration of the CCP is the result of Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts. We should not change our priorities or slack off, and we must completely eradicate the evil elements.

Now and then, upon seeing our human hearts, the old forces and the CCP evil specter throw in a few antics to hook us to see if they can catch us.

Over the last thirteen years, some of us have followed suit. We have weakened the supernormal capabilities of our righteous thoughts to disintegrate the old forces and have wasted many precious opportunities to dissolve the evil elements. We have fallen into the old forces' trap. And because we have had loopholes in our cultivation, our willpower to disintegrate the CCP evil specter and the old forces was weakened, allowing them to replenish their power.

Master told us in “Stay Clearheaded,”

“For an entire century, the evil Party has constantly changed its lies so as to disguise itself and harm people.”

To take advantage of our attachments, the CCP evil specter “creates a new policy” today, such as to “abolish the forced labor camp” and “establish some rule of law” tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow, they might find several scapegoats through their power struggle. This is to mislead those who have not recognized the CCP's true nature and for those who continue to harbor fantasies about them.

The CCP continues to bring misfortune to the people. As Dafa practitioners, aren't thirteen years of inhumane torture, organ harvesting, and murder enough to realize the truth about the CCP? Shouldn't the deaths of so many practitioners wake us from our fantasies? Perhaps by tomorrow, this group of gangsters will have come up with a new trick to fool us. Will we be moved and talk about it with enthusiasm? If we continue to be naive and are not resolute in eliminating the CCP and the old forces, then they will be very pleased. The purpose of the CCP is to maintain their existence, continue the persecution of Dafa disciples, and poison and destroy sentient beings.

The Fa has determined that the old forces will be eliminated and the CCP will be disintegrated. Master clearly stated this in “Stay Clearheaded,”

“If those who live under the wicked Party’s rule can manage to see it for what it is, there is hope for them. Those who refuse to forsake it will disintegrate together with it in the mass elimination. Dafa disciples need to stay clearheaded while they do their best at the three things,”

“The principles of the Fa-rectification won’t change on account of things that occur in the human world.”

The internal power struggles of the CCP have never stopped. The difference between now and the past is that the previous power struggles were to replenish the evil's energy, and the recent power struggle is a frantic move on their part before their demise. Most people can see they are failing. If we think that any of the CCP's faction will end the persecution, then the old forces will take advantage of our loopholes. Worse yet, it will weaken our righteous thoughts and supernormal capabilities, and enable the CCP evil specter and the old forces to create more chaos. We have been shown this lesson many times in the past, so why is that that we can't seem to wake up from the fantasy? Has the “Stockholm Syndrome” (a response to captivity, whereby hostages end up sympathizing with their captors) taking hold of our thoughts? Are we still contaminated by elements that are not based on the Fa? No matter what elements are taking hold of us, we must send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them so that our dimension is clean and pure.

As Dafa disciples, the only way to end this persecution is to believe in Master and the Fa, and immerse ourselves in the Fa. We should utilize our pure, righteous, and strong capabilities to disintegrate the evil elements behind the old forces and the CCP. Believing in our capabilities is a manifestation of believing in Master and the Fa.

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