Name: Mao Chunping(毛春平)
Gender: Female
Age: 58
Address: Qinglong Town, Qinglong County, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 7, 2000
Most Recent Place of Detention: Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp (高阳劳教所)
City: Baoding
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Detention, extortion, brutal beatings, handcuffed and shackled, forced to lie on ice, interrogation by torture, tiger bench, long-term standing, forced labor reform, injuries from force-feeding, electric shock, home ransacked, living under surveillance

( Ms. Mao Chunping's feet were severely blistered from being shocked with an electric baton. They were so swollen that she couldn't walk for half a month. Barely recovered from these injuries, the guards wanted to torture her again. A convict from Henan Province grabbed the captain and cried, “Please do not beat her anymore! She was as kind as a mother to us. Please!” The captain was stunned. The captain usually ordered the prisoners to beat Ms. Mao, but that day, this prisoner couldn't bear to do it anymore. The captain was silent. He walked to the window and looked out, then let the prisoners take Ms. Mao away.

This incident occurred in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province. Ms. Mao, 58, is a Falun Gong practitioner from Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province. Within three weeks after starting to practice Falun Dafa in 1998, all of her diseases disappeared. She has been arrested and detained three times during the past 13 years, because she will not give up her belief in Falun Dafa. Her home was ransacked four times, and she was sentenced to forced labor for three years.

Ms. Mao was arrested by Beijing police on December 20, 1999, when she went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was then taken to the Appeals Office for Hebei Province, where officers took the 240 yuan (almost $40 USD) she was carrying, and she was forced to squat the entire time she was there. She was taken to the Qinglong Detention Center the following day, then released five days later.

On February 5, 2000, Ms. Mao returned to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. The following day, she was taken back by a policewoman and Guo Jiangang from the Domestic Security Division in Qinglong County. She was held for 40 days, then released after her family paid a 2,000-yuan (over $320 USD) fine. Ms. Mao was tortured throughout her 40 days of detention.

At 8 a.m. on February 21, Director Wang Jin and Liu Lijun summoned all the Falun Gong practitioners in detention to the yard, ordered them to stand in two lines, and then forced them to hold a “half-squat” position (to squat down with legs apart, lower legs and back straight, upper legs parallel to the ground, both arms raised forward and parallel to the ground). Practitioners who couldn't maintain this position perfectly were beaten by guards with a steel whip made of multiple strands of steel wrapped with rubber from car tires. The outside of the whip was edged. The whip is hard yet flexible, about 70-80 centimeters long, and regularly used to torture detainees in the Qinglong Detention Station. Anyone beaten with this steel whip was injured instantly.

That day, the 30 practitioners were forced to remain in the “half-squat” position from 8 a.m. till noon. Several practitioners passed out; finally, only nine of them, including Ms. Mao, were left. She was unable to move her hands after being beaten with the steel whip. Wang Jin and Liu Lijun were tired so they called prisoner Li Li to continue to torture the practitioners. Ms. Mao maintained that she would continue practicing Falun Dafa; Wang Jin then cuffed her hands and feet together with chains weighing over 30 pounds. They first shackled her feet, then pulled her hands around, outside of her legs. They then cuffed her hands and feet together. Ms. Mao was unable to lie down, sit, stand, eat, use the bathroom, or do any normal activities.

After Wang Jin bound Ms. Mao, she forced her to walk in the yard followed by guards, who continued to kick and strike her. In the afternoon, several Domestic Security Division staff persons forced her to climb stairs to a room for interrogation. Since she couldn't walk upstairs while bound, the guards kicked her. Two family members who came to visit their relatives felt sorry for her, so they carried her up the stairs and over the threshold. A kindhearted guard wiped the sweat off her. Forty days later, her injuries and bruises turned from black to yellow.

One afternoon, Zhao Cai, vice director of the detention station, said, “Tomorrow, whoever's still practicing Falun Gong will be placed on ice.” He ordered prisoners to pour water on the cement ground of the yard. At 8 a.m. the next morning, Zhao Cai and Wang Jin called all the practitioners out, took off their jackets (they wore only underwear), and placed them on the ice with their palms, feet, and faces in contact with the ice. Ms. Mao's hands quickly became numb. Wang Jin stepped on her hand. Some practitioners passed out, but no one gave up their belief in Falun Dafa, so the guards finally let all the practitioners back inside. Once they returned to the warm room, their hands hurt so much that many of them cried, clutching their hands. Several days later, a black layer of dead skin fell off Ms. Mao's hands.

On August 7, 2000, the Qinglong Township Police Station brought Ms. Mao there for questioning. Upon her arrival, she was taken to interrogation. Four groups of officers took turns interrogating her. She was first tortured on a tiger bench, then forced to stand all night. The next day, her feet were so swollen that she couldn't wear her shoes. The police ordered her to identify other practitioners, but she refused. A day later, Zhang Xi, vice director of the police department, came over and asked, “Did she say anything?” The person on duty replied, “Nothing.” Zhang Xi went up to Ms. Mao and slapped her several times, making her mouth bleed.

On August 17, Ms. Mao was taken to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp to serve three years of forced labor. She had to sleep on the ground for six months. However, she insisted on doing the Falun Gong exercises, so the guards cuffed her to the window of a cold room. The guards even opened the window to make her colder. For a period of time, practitioners were allowed only five minutes to eat and could not keep leftovers. Practitioners then started a hunger strike. The guards tortured them with force-feeding and placed large amounts of salt in their corn gruel before they force-fed it to practitioners. After the force-feeding, practitioners were extremely thirsty. Once, Ms. Mao didn't eat for nine days and refused force-feeding. Captain Wang Wenping then made her run for half a day. One morning, two male prisoners came to force-feed her. They inserted a tube into her trachea. She almost suffocated and pulled the tube out. Fortunately, her hands weren't cuffed behind her back as usual; otherwise, she would have died. A prisoner yelled at her, “See how I deal with you next time!”

In the spring of 2001, several guards came to Ms. Mao's cell and started dragging practitioners out. Everyone knew that those taken out would be tortured, so they tried to keep the guards from taking anyone. During the struggle, a glass door was broken and lacerated a male captain's hand. The captain dragged Ms. Mao out and took her to an orchard. On the way there, she saw two guards dragging a practitioner upside down by her feet. The practitioner's clothes were torn. Ms. Mao shouted, “What happened to your feet? Why are they dragging you by your feet?” The guard then let the practitioner stand up. Ms. Mao told the captain, “We abandoned our families and careers to tell you that Falun Dafa is good, so that you will not be eliminated in the future. You didn't listen to us and now you torture us. Everything you've done will be recorded in the history of this universe!”

The captain was speechless. He slapped her twice, then bound her to a tree. The captain whose hand was lacerated tried to cuff her again with her back against the tree. Hearing to the guards' conversations, she realized that practitioners were bound to all the trees in the orchard. She cried and said, “How much karma you're creating!” The forced labor camp director arrived just then. The captain whose hand was lacerated said, “She is crying for us.” The director said, “Let her go.” Before the guard could unlock her handcuffs, she handed them back to him. Everyone onsite was shocked. A captain asked, “Did your Master unlock them for you?” She nodded in confirmation.

Ms. Mao never gave up her belief in Falun Gong. On June 6, 2001, police deceived her about going to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. At that time, she didn't bring anything with her, and had to wear thick shoes although the temperature was 36 degrees Celsius (almost 97 degrees F). She was forced to stay in Gaoyang Labor Camp until she gave up her belief.

Living conditions in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp were extremely poor. The steamed buns they were given to eat were burned and hard. The only other food provided was a little soup with a couple of vegetable leaves. The soup had a layer of worms on the surface and sand on the bottom. On June 29, Ms. Mao was taken to the disciplinary unit managed by Liu Yamin; prisoner Zhao Jun was his assistant. All practitioners were forced to sleep on the ground in hot and humid conditions, swarming with mosquitos. They had to pull mosquitos out of their blankets, and there were so many that they had to collect them in a dustpan. They were forced to get up at 5 a.m. and not allowed to sleep until midnight. Practitioners who resisted the evil guards were often subjected to sleep deprivation and were usually forced to sit on a little stool for 20 hours per day, with their backs straight, legs held tightly together, both palms held on their knees. They had to look forward towards a video program that slandered Falun Dafa. When they got sleepy or absent-minded, Zhao Jun beat them with the soles of his shoes. The captain shocked practitioners with electric batons and tortured them with other methods, such as the “airplane flying” posture (standing with one’s back against the wall, head dropped forward, with both hands pulled up from behind). Sometimes, practitioners were forced to write sentences that slandered Dafa. Missing one character resulted in being allowed 10 minutes less sleep. Ms. Mao underwent sleep deprivation for several days. She also refused to admit that she broke any laws, so the captain sometimes didn't allow her to eat certain foods, and said that she would only be allowed to eat those foods when she admitted to breaking the law.

One time, captain Ye Shuxian and policewoman Li took Ms. Mao to a small room with all the curtains closed and a black carpet covering the ground. They had her sit on the carpet and asked, “Who in your group broke the law?” She replied, “Nobody. We are not prisoners.” Ye Shuxian then shocked her mouth with an electric baton, then her face and head, until her whole body convulsed into a tight ball. Three months later on September 23, 2001, Ms. Mao was returned to her original group.

In the spring of 2002, Ms. Mao was taken to the “transformation” class. In the daytime, she was forced to dig groves. At night, she was forced to write about her “thoughts.” When she refused to write, she was forced to stand through the night without access to a bathroom. Since she always resisted the persecution, Ye Shuxian said, “Those who haven't “transformed” will never “transform” with you here. Go back!” She was subsequently returned to her original group.

At that time, she had become blind as a result of the torture. She also suffered from headaches and a systemic infection. The guards took her to a hospital, where doctors verified that she'd suffered a complete loss of vision, and that her body was covered in sores that had festered. The next day, the labor camp called the Qinglong County Police Department and asked that her family come get her. Several family members came, but barely recognized her. Despite her critical condition, the captain insisted that she write a guarantee statement, promising to give up her belief as a condition for her release. She firmly refused to write it, and her family had to leave despite great concern. After they left, captain Li Xiaojing struck her face 16 times in a row.

Although Ms. Mao was extremely weak at that time, she was still tortured by the residing labor camp doctor Wang Guoyou and a female captain (last name Zhao). One morning, Wang Guoyou asked a prisoner to take her to an empty room. They forced her to sit with both legs straight. Two male prisoners stepped on her legs while a female captain pulled her head. Wang Guoyou then used an electric baton to shock her body starting from her feet. At the same time, he told other practitioners, “If you do not 'reform,' you will be next.” Although Ms. Mao was now blind, she knew that other practitioners were nearby. She didn't want them to be afraid, so she clenched her teeth and remained silent. Realizing that she had a strong will, Wang Guoyou called in male captain Liang Baoke. They used two electric batons to shock her simultaneously. She started to convulse again. Wang Guoyou determined that she was in a disabled state again, so they stopped.

The tops of her feet were heavily blistered from the electric shocks. Her toes were so swollen that she couldn't walk for half a month. Barely recovered from the injuries, the guards wanted to torture her again. A prisoner from Henan Province grabbed the captain and cried, “Please do not beat her anymore! She was as kind as a mother to us. Please!” The captain was stunned. Usually, the captain ordered prisoners to beat Ms. Mao, but today, that prisoner couldn't bear to do it anymore. The captain was silent. He walked to the window and looked out, then let the prisoners take Ms. Mao back.

On January 19, 2003, Ms. Mao's husband was hit by a car. He was so severely injured that even hospital staff refused to provide him treatment. Medical specialists also said he would die shortly. Ms. Mao was then released. At that time, their children were still in school and she had to solve her financial problems herself. With the help of friends, family, and fellow practitioners, she opened a convenience shop. While doing business, she also took care of her husband and supported her two children so that they could go to school.

Even though Ms. Mao's financial situation was very poor, the Qinglong County Police Department, the Domestic Security Division, and the 610 Office continued to persecute her. They tapped her cell phone and monitored her movements for a long time. They ransacked her home four times. In 2007, Wang Hailong, vice director of the Qinglong County Police Department; Tong Xiumin from the Domestic Security Division; and Ding Zhenchun and Li Jinfeng from the Qinglong Township Police Station ransacked her home again. They didn't find anything valuable, so they took some fireworks worth 1,000 yuan (over $160 USD), which were given to her in exchange for some items bought from the shop.

On December 30, 2012, captain Li Yinqing and Lv Zhendong from the Domestic Security Division went to Ms. Mao's home again. Without showing a warrant, they confiscated her key, Dafa books, and pictures of Master Li. They also entered the garage without the family's permission; it is not known what items were confiscated from the garage. They also told her, “Although we're not arresting you, we will monitor you for a long time.” After Li Yinqing became captain of the Domestic Security Division, he frequently hired people to unlock her door and steal from her home. They tapped her phone over a long period and monitored her continuously. Surveillance cameras were installed around her living area.