(Minghui.org) I am a 67-year-old woman and have been practicing Falun Dafa for 13 years. The following story is a living testament to our Teacher's greatness.

In March 1999, my 27-year-old daughter was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, an incurable disease that destroys the femur head. She used two canes to get around, but most of the time she needed to be carried. When no one was available, she had to crawl from room to room. Every hospital that we took her to said that they could not do anything for her. We even sold our home so that we'd have the funds available to look for a cure. However, in the end, we were told that we were wasting both our time and money, as her situation was hopeless.

When I saw my crippled daughter sitting there with her six-year-old child, I felt terrible and I cried every day. I had to help her with everything, from getting her a glass of water, to using the bathroom. When she was in severe pain, I couldn't bear looking at her. I felt helpless and depressed.

When my 80-year-old mother heard about the situation, she immediately introduced my daughter to Falun Gong. Although I doubted that this spiritual practice could cure my daughter's disease, I did nonetheless, encourage her to try it out.

Four days later, we witnessed a miracle. My daughter was able to walk, unaided, and was even able to run! She didn't need her canes anymore, nor did her legs hurt. She was able to walk like a normal person again! My family and I couldn't believe our eyes. We exclaimed, “Falun Dafa is extraordinary! This is not your average qigong. This is a manifestation of the real Buddha, living in the mortal world!”

From that day on, my whole family started practicing Falun Gong. When the local villagers saw my daughter walking around, 30 people came to my home and started practicing Falun Gong!