(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Chengjun from Fengcheng, Liaoning Province was arrested on September 20, 2012. He is being detained. The Fengcheng 610 Office has submitted his case to the court and Mr. Liu is facing an illegal sentence.

On September 20, 2012, near 8 p.m., officers from the Fengcheng 610 Office, the Domestic Security Division of Fengcheng Police Department, Fengshan Branch of Police Department and Fenghuangcheng Branch of Police Department arrested many Falun Gong practitioners and ransacked their homes. The practitioners arrested included Mr. Liu Chengjun and his wife Li Cuihua, Ms. Sun Xifeng, Ms. Yang Kexin and Mr. Jiang Fuyong. The police had been monitoring these practitioners for a long time, waiting for the opportunity to arrest them.

On that night, Mr. Liu Chengjun drove to a place near Yangguangxincheng and talked to Ms. Sun Xifeng. Suddenly a dozen people got out of several vehicles and took the two practitioners away. They also drove Mr. Liu's car away. Prior to the arrest of these two practitioners, a group had ransacked Ms. Sun's home. While another group of people broke into Mr. Liu's home, taking two laptops, two printers, a DVD burner and other miscellaneous property. Mr. Liu's wife was also arrested. The police knew where Mr. Liu's father-in-law lived, and afterwards they went there, broke into his home and took several cases of printer paper.

That night, a woman knocked on the door of Mr. Jiang Fuyong's home and deceived his son into opening the door by claiming to be delivering mooncakes. A large group of nearly a dozen people rushed into Mr. Jiang's home and took him away. While in his home they also took photographs of Master Li. The police knew Mr. Jiang had purchased a new apartment and so they forced his son to take them to this new apartment. Their suspicion was that Mr. Jiang was using this apartment to produce Falun Gong materials. However, upon inspection, they found nothing to indicate that.

The police went to Ms. Yang Kexin's home and tricked her into opening the door for them, claiming that a pipe downstairs was leaky. Many policemen forced their way into her home, pushed her to the ground and then roughly carried her away. While there, they also took with them a laptop, printer, hard drive, USB drives, 3000 yuan, and other miscellaneous property.

The five practitioners were taken to the criminal police division. They were each individually interrogated. Mr. Jiang Fuyong was released at midnight. Ms. Li Cuihua was terribly disturbed as a result of being threatened and intimidated and could not speak or walk. The police had no concern over her health and went ahead and sent her, Ms. Yang Kexin and Ms. Sun Xifeng to the Dandong Detention Center that night. Ms. Li was still visibly ill and kept vomiting in the vehicle. It was 2 a.m. when they arrived at the Dandong Detention Center. After a physical examination, Ms. Yang's blood pressure was very high and with Ms. Li in bad health, the detention center refused to accept them. The policemen still did not give up. They waited until the warden went to his office. They intended to go after leaving the three practitioners with the warden. The warden said: “They are in such bad shape. What's the point of staying here?” The Fengcheng Police Department did not agree to take them back until 10 a.m. Ms. Li Cuihua and Ms. Yang Kexin were released after being forced to pay an illegal fine of 10,000 yuan. Ms. Sun Xifeng was also released on bail for medical treatment a few days later.

Mr. Liu Chengjun was sent to the Fengcheng Detention Center that night. His family went to the Political and Legal Affairs Committee to request his release several times. Li Hongquan, Party Secretary refused to release him. Mr. Liu's mother, a woman in her 80s, went to request his release. She did not get home until 8 p.m.

Li Hongquan, Party Secretary of Fengcheng Politics and Law Committee: +86-415-6808612(Office), +86-415-8126046(Home), +86-13941595008(Cell)
Song Zhenhua, Warden of Fengcheng Detention Center: +86-13604952687(Cell), +86-415-8266557(Office), +86-415-8126032(Home)
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Yang Xiaodong, Director of Fengcheng Police Department