After I got off the bus, cars were stopped at the red light at the intersection as I hurried across the road. Halfway across, a car came out of nowhere. I heard a big "bang" as its bumper hit my legs, and then I was sprawled on the hood of the car. As soon as the driver saw that he had hit someone, he braked right away. I was thrown into the air and landed on the ground more than three meters away. At that time, I was very conscious and was thinking, "I am fine" and got ready to leave. Only after I was more than 150 meters away from the car did the driver and other witnesses catch up with me. I didn't stop, and said to them, "I am fine, you can go." They followed me for a short while until they saw that I could walk properly, and then they left.

This happened at around noon on January 30, 2013. I have been practicing Falun Gong for 18 years, and I am 78 years old. When this big tribulation happened, in the moment when I was repaying the debt I owed for someone's life, I thought about being fine and that they could go. After I arrived at my destination, I worked for two hours putting Shen Yun materials into envelopes. Then, when other practitioners delivered lunches, I ate with them. After that, I started to feel dizzy, and I felt like vomiting. I was sweating and almost passed out. At that time, I began to wonder if my internal organs were injured. If I had known about it, I wouldn't have had such a big lunch. When I touched the back of my head, I felt a lump as big as an egg.

That night, my legs were swollen and covered with bruises. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I put up my legs and sat in the lotus position for 17 minutes. I thought about Teacher giving an example of someone's pelvis being broken, and yet she still continued to do the sitting meditation. My tribulation was nowhere near as bad as hers. When I couldn't fall asleep, I began to sit in the lotus position. The pain from sitting in that position was a lot more than the pain where I was hurt. When I couldn't bear the pain anymore, I lay down. After I woke up, I listened to the Fa. The next day, the lump on my head disappeared. The back of my head, internal organs, and even my hip bones and muscles felt like the cells had been dismantled and put back together, whether they had been hit by the car or not. And if my first thought had not been righteous, I could have had torn tendons and broken bones.

Because my first thought right after the incident happened was very righteous and pure, the old forces could not stop me. It is truly "there will be bright flowers and another village ahead." After Teacher saw that I had reached the xinxing standard, he empowered me. I had a new enlightenment on Teacher's Fa in terms of what is true and solid cultivation. One must not be moved in the face of big tests. Believe in Teacher and Dafa, and the miraculousness demonstrated in the human world is a manifestation of the power of the Fa.

Eleven days after the accident, I could go out for three hours and attend a practitioners' gathering. I lost 10 pounds in 15 days, but I could stand up from being seated on the floor that day and had paid back my debt. How could the legs of a 78-years-old man be that strong after such an accident? This miracle came from Dafa and righteous thoughts.

Three days after the accident, I felt a bit scared. If I had not had righteous thoughts and left right away, but instead had had human thoughts, the driver and other pedestrians would have called the police. In three minutes the police and an ambulance would have arrived. Then they'd have taken me to a hospital to be examined and treated. No matter what I thought about later, the decision to be a a human or a god, the key lies in one's first thought.

It was Teacher's benevolent compassion that made me understand the Fa principles and change my notions so that I was able to hold onto my righteous thoughts at the critical moment and result in such an outcome. The extraordinary nature of Dafa was exhibited through my tribulation. This is why I am writing about it to share with fellow practitioners. I feel that one should never slack off. One's first thought that is pure and upright, based on the Fa, is of utmost important. Now, every day I can sit in the lotus position for more than two hours. Even though I had to suffer a great deal, yet coupled with karma being eliminated is the accelerated cleansing of my body, enhancement of my stability, improvement of my endurance, and xinxing elevation.

I am writing this sharing 28 days later, and I can walk normally. During the Fa-rectification, how to cultivate one's pure first thought, believing in Teacher and Dafa, and not to be moved by one's attachments is very important. When practitioners offered to help me or look for a walking stick for me, I didn't accept it. I wouldn't want an ordinary person's walking stick--no matter what I pursue, it'll bring about attachments. All I want is to truly believe in Teacher and Dafa and righteous thoughts and actions.

Thank you, Teacher! Thank you, Dafa!