(Minghui.org) Moqi Detention Center in Inner Mongolia has actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners for over a decade. The detention center is under the rule of the Chinese communist regime. Some of the main torture methods used there over the period from 2000 through 2011 are listed below.

1. Shackled to bed board. Guards shackled practitioners to the bed with iron chains. Both wrists and ankles were locked so tightly that the person could not move. The flesh on the wrists was worn away by the iron chains, exposing the bones. Falun Gong practitioners Zhang Shengshan and Li Furong were tortured this way.

2. Soaked with ice-cold water. Guards doused a practitioner with ice-cold water from head to toe multiple times, until the person passed out. Falun Gong practitioners Yang Yuxin and Li Fengfei were tortured this way.

3. Shackled together. Many practitioners' feet were shackled together on a straight rod. A's left foot was cuffed to B's right foot, B's left foot was cuffed to C's right foot, and so on. If one needed to go to the restroom, everyone needed to move, making it very difficult. Female Falun Gong practitioners from Moqi were tortured this way, including Zhao Shuzhi, Zhao Yingqin, Zhang Quan, Zhang Yiqun, Nie Lianhui and Wu Yan.

4. Force-fed. Practitioners were handcuffed sitting on a chair, with the head pulled back and pushed down and the neck pressed against the backrest of the chair, so the esophagus almost folded. With the nose pinched and mouth pried open, the mouth filled with blood, nearly causing suffocation.

5. Pierced with bamboo sticks. Bamboo sticks are inserted into the feet from between the toes. Practitioner Yang Yuxin was tortured this way.

6. Made to wear instruments of torture. Shackles weighing 53 pounds (24 kg) with wheels are attached to feet. They are called “rolling land mines.”

7. Brutally beaten. Up to a dozen guards beat a practitioner with fists, slapped him/her in the face, pulled his/her hair, pushed him/her down, and kicked him/her in the head and body. The guards did this until they felt tired. Practitioners abused this way usually experienced bleeding in the nose and mouth, pain and bruises all over. Falun Gong practitioners Zhao Yingqin and Yang Yuxin were abused this way.

8. Reigned with iron chains. Guard Du Yulin used this method in the persecution of practitioner Zhang Shengshan.

9. Force-fed brine. This method was often used by guard Yi Shimin in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

10. Force-fed boiling water. Practitioner Zhang Shengshan was persecuted this way.

11. No blanket given on cold nights. Practitioner Zhang Shengshan was persecuted this way.

12. Not allowed to drink water. Practitioner Zhang Shengshan was persecuted this way.

13. Not allowed to use the toilet. Practitioner Zhang Shengshan was persecuted this way.

14. Not allowed to eat. Practitioner Zhang Shengshan was persecuted this way.

15. Handcuffed. Practitioners Li Furong and Zhang Shengshan were among those persecuted this way.

16. Given tainted food. Practitioners were given mouldy corn bread with mouse droppings and sand inside.