(Minghui.org) Officers in three provinces, Hebei, Liaoning, and Shandong, arrested practitioners at the same time on February 25, 2012. They accused some of the practitioners of being in the business of making cases for Shen Yun discs. The arrests were made in 15 cities, including Shijiazhuang, Jinzhou, Tangshan, Baoding, Cangzhou, Botou, Xuanhua, Handan, Liaocheng, Gaotang, and Huludao. At least 99 practitioners and their family members were harassed or arrested, and their homes were searched. Thirty-two of them are still incarcerated: 11 are imprisoned in forced labor camps, and 21 are charged and sentenced with a maximum term of 12 years in prison. Over 100 families are living in fear.


Ms. Qiu Liying

Ms. Qiu Liying of Shijiazhuang is one of those arrested. She has been illegally detained for almost a year. She was considered the “number one” suspect in Hebei Province. They changed the charge against her several times, once for “leaking state secrets.” Because the charges were so ridiculous, the Procuratorate had to return the case and ask for additional evidence twice before they could come up with enough “evidence” to charge her and bring her to trial. Case officer Du Conglin is from Sifang Police Station in the Chang'an District. To substantiate the charge invented by his boss, he forged records and Ms. Qiu's signature and deceived her neighbors into making false statements. Because of his fabricated evidence, Ms. Qiu has been detained. Her mother, in her 80s, is paralyzed in bed and cries all day for her daughter.

Ms. Qiu is a former quality inspector in the Shijiazhuang Refinery Factory. This is her eighth arrest for practicing Falun Dafa. She has been detained in 15 forced labor camps and brainwashing centers, brutally beaten, force-fed, handcuffed behind her back, and tortured in other ways. She was incarcerated in a mental hospital, where she was subjected to electric needles, forced to take drugs that damaged her central nervous system, and injected with unknown drugs.

Ms. Qiu's relatives recently filed a charge against the case officer and the prosecutor for abuse of the law and unlawful detention. They are charging the officials with the following:

Changan District Police and Procuratorate Abuse the Law and Detain Citizens Illegally


Case Officer Du Conglin and others from the Sifang Police Station in the Chang'an District of Shijiazhuang forged a written record of inquiry and Ms. Qiu Liying's signature during the investigation. After the case was returned for additional evidence, they deceived her neighbors into providing false statements. Without following any legal procedure, they detained Ms. Qiu overtime and illegally detained her for 53 days.

Zhao Zhuangtao from the Changan District Procuratorate knew the case officer had forged the evidence but did not investigate it. He approved the arrest and charge although the evidence was obviously insufficient.

According to the Supreme Procuratorate Malfeasance Infringement Standards, the above violates Criminal Law 399, Item 1. The procuratorate should investigate.


1. Open an investigation as required by law.
2. Acquit and release Ms. Qiu Liying as required by law.
3. Investigate the liability of the accountable person.
4. Restore Ms. Qiu Liying's reputation and compensate her for her losses in accordance with the State Compensation Law.

Facts and Reasons:

The case officer and the Sifang Police Station in the Chang'an District detained Ms. Qiu Liying for breaking Criminal Law 300 on February 25, 2012. They took her to the Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center that night and put her in Cell 304. When the Chang'an District Procuratorate verified files with Ms. Qiu in the end of March, there was a written arraignment record with Ms.Qiu's forged signature dated February 26. The detention center and Cell 304 both have arraignment logs. The log will prove that there was no arraignment on February 26, the second day Ms. Qiu was in the detention center. Ms. Qiu pointed this out at the time.

Ms. Qiu pointed out that he forged the evidence when Du Conglin arraigned her in the detention center on about April 1st. She told him that she would file charges against him and told him to stay away from the case. Du said it needed time to get approval, then left.

Since there was not enough evidence, Ms. Qiu was about to be released on April 10, 45 days after she was detained. The release statement had the stamp of the Chang'an Police Department. Du and two officers from the Sifang Police Station as well as a “director Wu” took Ms. Qiu to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Without following any legal procedures, they held her there for another 45 days. Plus the extra eight days in the detention center, Ms. Qiu was illegally incarcerated for 53 days.

Du charged Ms. Qiu a second time. He charged her with “illegally possessing secret state documents and items.” The Procuratorate approved the arrest even though there was obviously not enough evidence. Du Conglin and officer Wang Qingtai took Ms. Qiu to the Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center a second time. Ms. Qiu has been incarcerated there ever since.

In October 2012 the Procuratorate returned the case to the Sifang Police Station a second time because of lack of evidence, and asked for further investigation. Du Conglin worked with the neighborhood committee and deceived Ms. Qiu's neighbors to provide false statements.

Du and other officers forged written records and deceived neighbors to provide false statements, which led to Ms. Qiu's extended detainment and illegal detention. They abused the law and detained Ms. Qiu illegally.

Zhao Zhuangtao with the Chang'an District Procuratorate knew that the case officer forged the evidence but covered it up and approved the arrest and brought the charge. He also abused the law.

According to Criminal Law 399, judicial personnel who abuse the law, such as knowingly charging an innocent person or knowingly covering up a crime or intentionally making false judgment contrary to the facts may be sentenced to less than five years in prison or detention; or between five years or ten years in prison if the case is severe; or more than ten years in prison if the case is extremely severe.

According to Criminal Law 238, Items 1 and 2, those guilty of the crime of detaining someone unlawfully may be sentenced to less than three years in prison, detention, monitoring, or deprivation of political rights; the sentence may be heavy if the victim was beaten and verbally abused; the sentence may be between three and ten years if the victim was severely injured; the sentence may be ten years and above in case of death; heavy sentences are called for in cases of government personnel abusing their authority.

People responsible for the persecution of Ms. Qiu Liying:

Du Conglin, case officer, Sifang Police Station: +86-13931976770 (Cell)
Wang Changzhan, case officer, Sifang Police Station: +86-311-80862344 (Office)
Wan Qingtai, officer, Sifang Police Station: +86-13911766289 (Cell)
Zheng Jianhua, director, Sifang Police Station: +86-13930110055 (Cell)
Zhao Zhuangtao, prosecutor, Changan District Procuratorate: +86-311-85871546 (Office)