(Minghui.org) The Hengshui City Police Department and Shenzhou City 610 Office, along with the police department in Hebei Province, mobilized large numbers of police to illegally arrest over 40 Falun Gong practitioners in Shenzhou City. Their family members were also arrested. Their homes were ransacked and belongings looted.

Most of the arrested practitioners were subsequently subjected to varying degrees of mistreatment and torture. Two elderly women are still detained, and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are still collating charges in an attempt to sentence them to prison.

Seventy-one-year-old Ms. Zhang Yun's blood pressure reached 180 when she was arrested and taken to the detention center. She was dizzy and even had symptoms of losing her memory. Yet police officers are still detaining her despite regulations prohibiting detention centers from accepting detainees over 70 years old. The authorities are also conspiring to send her to prison.

Ms. Song Xianying, 69, and Ms. Zhang Yun are well known in their home town for being good, kind hearted people. Ms. Song was illegally detained by the 610 Office for six months back in 1999. After she was arrested in this recent police raid, police officers plotted to intensify the persecution on her.

Over 40 Good People Were Arrested Along With the Two Elderly Women

It is common knowledge that the CCP's state-controlled media serves as the regime's propaganda machine, producing massive amounts of propaganda. Many ordinary citizens yearn to obtain true information, so they install satellite dishes to watch the overseas NTD TV station programs. This was initially very popular in many regions, and in the Shenzhou area, there was a similar phenomenon.

However, one day last year, a villager who had been deceived by the Chinese Communist regime's propaganda reported a Falun Gong practitioner who helped to install satellite dishes in other people's homes. Very soon, this practitioner was followed and monitored by the police.

Through tapping into this practitioner's cell phone, everyone who came into contact with this practitioner had their conversations recorded. Practitioners who were followed were subsequently video taped.

About two months later, beginning at midnight on October 28, 2012, the Hengshui City 610 Office, Domestic Security Division, and Shenzhou City police mobilized around 300 police officers and over 80 vehicles to begin systematically arresting and ransacking the homes of Falun Gong practitioners in the entire city. This continued until early November.

Over 40 innocent practitioners and their family members were arrested one after another, including Ms. Zhang Yun and Ms. Song Xianying. Countless personal belongings and valuables were confiscated.

Law Enforcers Even More Lawless Than Bandits

A. Police Pry Open the Door to Arrest Shop Owner Ms. Zhang Zhimei

Six to seven police officers went to a shop in two police cars on the evening of October 28. The shop is jointly owned by practitioners Zhang Zhimei and Zhao Suqin, and they sell socks. Ms. Zhang and her young grandson were sleeping inside the shop at the time.

After prying open the door to the shop, police officers broke in and kicked open the bedroom door, shouting “Don't move!” They forcefully shoved Ms. Zhang, who is in her sixties, onto the bed and put handcuffs on her.

Ms. Zhang was terrified and her blood pressure rose. Her heart palpitated, she was breathless, and her heart became severely short of blood supply. Her grandson, who is only nine years old, woke up in fright and for several days afterward was disturbed by the incident.

The police then started to ransack the place. When co-owner of the shop Ms. Zhao Suqin questioned the police about illegally forcing their way into her shop in the middle of the night, one officer retorted, “It is not against the law even if we demolish this entire building, not to mention breaking the door!”

B. Police Climb over the Wall to Enter the House and Arrest Ms. Song Xianying

At nearly the same time, 15 to 16 police officers in three or four cars arrived at Ms. Song Xianying's house. They climbed over the wall and entered the property. Upon entering the house, they immediately turned on the lights and shouted, “Quick, get up!” waking everyone who was fast asleep.

Ms. Song's husband had just passed away and his funeral had been held just two days before. The entire family was still grieving for the loss of their loved one. The police ignored all this and instantly ordered Ms. Song, Sun Li, and her eldest daughter who had returned home for the funeral, to put on their clothes and stand in the middle of the room. By then the whole yard was full of regular and special force police officers.

When Ms. Song asked them who they were they answered only by saying that they were from the police department. When asked for their badge numbers, the police turned around nearly at the same time, tore off their badges and put them into their pockets.

The next morning, the family discovered that the shoes worn by Ms. Song's deceased husband, their rice cooker, and a microwave oven were looted by the police officers. They later managed to retrieve these items through negotiations with the head of the police department.

C. Police Pry Open Door to Enter House, Then Arrest Ms. Zhang Yun and Ransack Her Home

It was a similar situation when Ms. Zhang Yun was arrested. A dozen police officers, as well as special force police officers came in several cars, climbed over the wall, and entered her home. They pried open the door and entered, arresting the elderly woman who was alone and asleep.

After she was arrested, the police began ransacking the place. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang's third daughter, Yang Ranli, and her eldest daughter who is not a practitioner were also arrested. When family members tidied the house that had been turned upside down, they discovered that several thousand yuan kept in a drawer had vanished, taken away by the police during the house search.

D. Other Practitioners Arrested and Home Ransacked

Practitioner Li Huilai from Zhongwang Village was arrested that day at around midnight. Besides confiscating his Dafa book Zhuan Falun, a portrait of the founder of Falun Gong, DVDs, a cell phone, a set of satellite dishes, and even a long hose used to water the gardens at night were confiscated by the police officers. Mr. Li was taken to Shenzhou Town Police Station. The police took 470 yuan in cash they found on him.

Mr. Li was sent to Shenzhou City Detention Center and locked up the following afternoon. He was detained for one month under criminal charges and his term was extended another 73 days. He was sent to Shenzhou brainwashing center on January 8, 2013, and detained for 13 days. While he was detained, he was extorted of over 10,000 yuan in cash.

On October 28, at around 11:00 p.m., Gao Xinjian, head of Donganzhuang Police Station brought a group of police officers to Hao Zongkun's house, broke in, and arrested him and his wife.

Subsequently, at 1:30 a.m., Hengshui Domestic Security Division deputy head Zuo Tiehan, Shenzhou City committee secretary, public security department and political and legal affairs committee head, led four special force police officers as well as a dozen others to Mr. Hao's house, video taping and recording so-called “evidence,” thus harassing kind, everyday citizens.

Disregarding Human Lives, Innocent People Are Persecuted for No Reason

A. 79-Year-Old Mr. Li Hanzhu in Fragile Condition is Arrested and Detained

Li Lanzhu from Shuangjin Village is 79 years old. He cannot see clearly. He cannot walk nor can he take care of himself. His wife suffers from the after effects of a stroke.

Five to six police officers, led by Shuangjing Village Party secretary Li Xiaojing, climbed over the wall and entered his house on October 29 at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. They ransacked the place and took Mr. Li back to Shenzhou City Police Department.

The elderly man had to be supported when going up and down the stairs. Yet despite his fragile condition, he was detained for one day and one night before his family was allowed to bring him home.

B. Mr. Zhao Xiugen, 77-Year-Old Retired Official Arrested and Detained

Mr. Zhao Xiugen, 77, is a retired Party official from Inner Mongolia. He lives alone at a vacant compound owned by his daughter in Shenzhou. He used to suffer from many illnesses and smoked at least two packs of cigarette per day. He was often drunk and was bad tempered. After practicing Falun Gong, he quit smoking and drinking, became fit, and was able to keep up with the young men in riding a bicycle.

This time, Mr. Zhao was arrested and his house ransacked. He was detained for two days at Shenzhou City Detention Center, and subsequently sent to Tangfeng Village Nursing Home due to ill health. He was later brought home by his daughter who was working in Qingdao. Police watched his house for two days and nights in an attempt to arrest any other practitioners who went to his place.

C. Mr. He Shuwei, Whose Wife is Ill and Bedridden, Arrested and Detained

Mr. He Shuwei from Mucun Village has two children. One is studying at a university located in another city, while the other is working away from home. His wife is very ill and bedridden, and his elderly parents are also in poor health and need to be cared for.

After ransacking his house, the police forcefully took Mr. He back to the detention center. His two children had no choice but to rush back home from their studies and work and take their father's place in caring for their mother and their elderly grandparents for over two months.

D. Ms. Xu Yanxiang Arrested and Detained, Even Though They Suffer from High Blood Pressure and Other Ailments

Ms. Xu Yanxiang from the city district was arrested along with her daughter Zhang Qiao, who is not a practitioner. Both were sent to the detention center.

During a physical examination, Ms. Xu's blood pressure reached 260, yet she was nonetheless sent to the detention center. Seven days later, she was allowed to go home after the detention center repeatedly sent reports on her severe health condition.

Four young men were ordered to live in her house and monitor her around the clock. Ms. Xu slept in her room at night, while the four males stayed outside. This uncomfortable situation went on for one month.

E. Police Climb Over a Wall to Enter House and Arrest Ms. Liu Landuo

Police officers arrested Liu Landuo and brought her back to Shenzhou Town Police Station on the evening of October 28. Ms. Liu escaped from the police station. The next day, on January 29, 2013, between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., Gao Yongzhi, the head of Tangfeng Village Police Station, led five or six officers to climb over the walls and break into Ms. Liu's house, arresting her again. She is currently detained at Hengshui Detention Center.

F. Mr. Li Shaozhong Escapes Arrest, But His Home Is Ransacked

When police officers went to arrest Li Shaozhong, who is in his fifties, he was not at home. They climbed over the walls, pried open doors, and entered his house, taking away a portrait of the founder of Falun Gong, Dafa books, a laptop computer, brochures, and other belongings.

This ransacking was carried out while no one was at home. They also broke into Mr. Li's other vacant property. Coincidentally, Li Jingli, a female practitioner who was staying there temporarily, was also arrested.

Police are Aware that Their Actions Violate the Law Yet Their Crimes Continue

A. Refusal to Release Women Practitioners Suffering from Severe Health Conditions

There is a rule prohibiting Shenzhou City Detention Center from detaining female prisoners. All female detainees must be sent to Hengshui Detention Center. However those who ordered the arrests detained 13 female practitioners in Shenzhou Detention Center. During a physical examination, several practitioners did not pass the examination. Some were also over 70 years old and should not have been accepted for detention. However the police refused to release them.

These practitioners were illegally detained at Shenzhou City Detention Center for 13 days and nine of them were subsequently sent to Hengshui Detention Center.

After a physical examination at Hengshui Fourth Division, Zhang Zhimei and Zhao Suqin were rejected by Hengshui Detention Center due to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Police officers sent them back to Shenzhou City Detention Center again.

Seventy-one-year-old Zhang Yun's systolic blood pressure reached 180, sixty-nine-year-old Song Xianying's reached 200, and seventy-year-old Zhao Wenshang was in poor health. Police officers were consequently afraid to send them to Hengshui Detention Center.

While in detention, Ms. Zhang Yun suddenly became dizzy at night on two occasions, and temporarily lost consciousness. Ms. Song Xianying often felt dizzy while Ms. Zhao Wenshang had no strength in her limbs and frequent urination.

Ms. Zhang Zhimei, who was still illegally detained at Shenzhou Detention Center, experienced high blood pressure. Her heart was in poor condition, her chest felt tight, she was breathless, and her hands and legs were numb. One night around midnight, she suddenly became very ill and was sent for emergency treatment. Ms. Zhao Suqin's heart was also in bad condition and she had symptoms including tightness in the chest.

B. All Means Used to Cover Up The Crimes

According to the law, these people should have been released immediately and sent back home. The police involved knew that they had violated the law and removed the names of these practitioners from the list of detainees. The name tags on their prison cells were left blank.

One day in December, the Provincial Public Security Department came to conduct an inspection of Shenzhou City Detention Center. These practitioners were sent to the administrative detention center in front for the afternoon so they would not be seen by the inspectors.

To prevent these practitioners from protesting (in accordance with the law), the Procuratorate personnel at the detention center avoided practitioners. The detention center was even afraid to sell pens and paper to practitioners.

C. Money Extorted from Practitioners

The detention center also extorted money from practitioners. It did not matter whether they were at home awaiting bail or had been taken to Shenzhou City brainwashing center, the detention center extorted food expenses from practitioners' family members amounting to 20 yuan per day.

The police department and Domestic Security Division extorted so called guarantees from family members, from a minimum of 5000 up to a maximum of 10,000 yuan. Some family members were even extorted a total of over 20,000 yuan, not including valuables confiscated during house searches. The latter alone amounted to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Perpetrators Cannot Escape Responsibility

Dafa disciples have not done anything wrong by being good people, and living according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is not wrong for them to tell people about the beauty of Falun Dafa nor share their personal experiences and testimonials about the practice.

Exposing the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party so that people will no longer be deceived by it, and no longer assist and abet the evil-doers, will thereby avoid heavenly retribution. This is not wrong.

Selflessly assisting fellow villagers to install satellite dishes so that they can receive reports on the true fact about Falun Gong and the persecution, along with news from overseas, is a display of upright and noble human character.

A. Police Officers Are Aware of the Truth

The police officers who took part in the persecution are aware that their actions are wrong, and in their hearts, they also know the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution.

One practitioner who was arrested during this campaign said to the police during an interrogation session, “I must first of all make it clear that you are not interrogating a criminal. I have committed no crimes. I'm talking to you as a Dafa disciple.” The officer nodded and answered yes. Another practitioner pointed out in front of the police officer that carrying out arrests in the middle of the night and ransacking people's homes violates the law.

What some practitioners wrote was recorded, “Our country has no law stating that Falun Gong is a cult. It is legal to practice Falun Gong in China. All Dafa books and brochures owned by practitioners are legal and protected by the Chinese constitution.” Many police officers privately agreed with these statements.

As long as one is able to calm down and think about it seriously, even police officers whose thoughts are most severely controlled by the regime will understand the truth. The crimes committed by the regime and its 610 Offices are despised by everyone.

The Communist regime is on the verge of collapse, and these are its final acts of desperation. Those who follow the regime will surely suffer consequences. People need to wake up, cast away the Communist regime, and stop it from persecuting good, kind people.

B. Rescuing Elderly Ms. Zhang Yun and Ms. Song Xianying

Ms. Zhang Yun, Ms. Song Xianying are elderly, innocent women. They have already been detained at the detention center for over three months. Their physical condition is worrying and their families hope that they will return home soon so they can spend the rest of their lives in peace.

People with a sense of justice are asked to please extend a helping hand. Express your concerns to the Communist regime and help stop this evil from continuing!


Head of Hebei Province 610 Office, Liang Jianbin: +86-13653312118 (Cell), +86-311-86686716 (Office)
Deputy head of Hengshui Domestic Security Division Zuo Tiehan: +86-15003180228 (Cell), +86-13383388305(Cell), +86-318-2228608 (Office), +86-318-2358551 (Home)
Head of Shenzhou City 610 Office Su Shaojie: +86-318-3314108(Home), +86-13833865860 (Cell)

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