(Minghui.org) Recently, three Falun Dafa practitioners in our local area were seriously interfered with. However, strengthened by our benevolent Teacher, practitioners cooperated, strengthened their righteous thoughts, and acted unselfishly, and the interference was overcome. The righteous thoughts and actions of the practitioners affected have played a great role in the personal cultivation of our local practitioners as well as in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Practitioner L

Practitioner L, in her 40s, was going to attend her nephew's wedding on May 10. At 9:00 the night before, her nephew wanted to color her hair to make her look younger. Practitioner L, who thought it would be troublesome and was certainly unnecessary to do, at first made up an excuse, saying, "I'd have an allergic reaction if I used dye." Persuaded by her relatives, however, she ended up coloring her hair. Just before she dyed it, she got a scratch on her scalp from a tree branch. Seven days later, both her face and neck were swollen. Her head and face itched terribly. Two days later, there was yellow fluid running down her face, and her eyes were so swollen that she could hardly open them. Her face was purple and puffy, and her neck was so swollen it was almost the same width as her head. She looked frightening.

Her neighbor saw her and said, “You're having a bad reaction to the dye. You'd better go to the hospital, otherwise your life will be at risk!” Right then this practitioner enlightened to the understanding that it was her thoughts that were not right and that she had not let go of sentimentality. The evil took advantage of her loopholes and interfered with her.

However, she did not eliminate the evil or ask other practitioners to help. She only thought that, as long as she had Teacher and the Fa, she should be fine. She didn't want to cause any trouble for other practitioners, and she wanted to take her time. So she was interfered with again. Her niece arranged for a doctor to come to her home to treat her. Due to their persistence and her attachment to saving face, even though she didn't want any injections, she let the doctor give her two shots. Two days later, she got worse. Then a practitioner came to her home, saw her situation, and called in another practitioner. That night, six of them came to her home, shared on the Fa, and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interfering with this practitioner. About a dozen practitioners all sent forth righteous thoughts from 9 p.m. to past midnight. They sent forth righteous thoughts for more than half an hour and at every hour. Every time they finished sending forth righteous thoughts, Practitioner L could feel the bad substance diminish. She could also hear something “flying away.” All of them could feel that the energy field around them was very strong. After they finished sending forth righteous thoughts, L felt that her face and body were light, and she could see better.

The following day, local practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for almost the whole day. The next day when practitioners from the township came to see her, her swelling had gone down, and only two small areas were oozing. After six or seven days, she was completely healed. Her neighbor saw that she had healed so fast and wondered how. She then told them what had happened. Her neighbors all said, "It is truly miraculous, incredible!"

Practitioner Z

A few days after this, something else happened.

To celebrate the 20th year of Teacher spreading the Fa, local practitioners were preparing for two events. One was a celebration on the night of World Falun Dafa Day. The other, before that, we got together to validate the Fa and clarify the truth to people throughout our township and the neighborhood area. After a few practitioners talked about it, it was after 6 p.m., and there wasn't much time left. They had to take banners and sticky notes to the Fa-study groups in different villages. Practitioner Z was responsible for villages farther away, and she did not finish until after 9 at night. At that time, the local practitioners were studying the Fa. When one practitioner saw Z, he asked, "How come I'm so happy to see you tonight?" Practitioner Z replied, "Your divine side must know why I came here." After they learned why Z had come, they were all very excited and said, "Sure, we'll do it!"

Early the next morning, Z was riding home on her electric bike. Soon after she left the village, there was a bit of a downhill. Given her speed and the bumpy road, she ended up falling into a ditch. She got up and started shouting, "Teacher, please help me! Completely negate the old forces' arrangements!" Her face was covered in dirt, her nose and mouth were bleeding, and, worst of all, her right shoulder seemed to be dislocated. She couldn't lift her head or move her shoulder or arms. Even her fingers became numb.

A farmer passing by pulled her out of the ditch. He also helped her pick up parts of her bicycle and put them back. He said, "Call your family, so that they know where you are and can come take you home." Practitioner Z began to ask for Teacher's help by saying, "As long as I can reach the handlebars, I can ride my bicycle home." Using all her strength, she could finally reach the handlebars and started her bicycle. On her way, she thought about Teacher's Fa. As soon as she had any bad thought, she tried to eliminate it. She also thought about what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:"My fashen know everything—they know everything on your mind, and they can do anything." She was completely within the Fa.

She was more than 20km from her home. She had to pass through five villages in between. There were a lot of cars on the road. She thought to herself, "Teacher, please have all the vehicles give way to me, because if I ever stop or have to get off my bike, I won't be able to get on it again." Her fingers and arms hurt terribly. With Teacher's benevolent protection, no matter where she went, vehicles that were carrying water gave way to her. Some turned in another direction from a distance, as if it were arranged. She arrived home safe and sound, but she couldn't get off her bicycle. Her husband saw that her face was covered in dirt, and there was dried blood in her mouth and nose. Seeing that she was in pain, he quickly took the bicycle. Z said, "Please call practitioners W and M and ask them to come to our home to send forth righteous thoughts!" When he called W, she happened to be at M's home. The two of them came over. This was all Teacher's arrangement. When M saw that practitioner Z was badly injured from the fall, he thought to himself, "Wow, how could that be?" But he quickly negated this thought and thought, "This is interference from the old forces!" When the three of them were sending forth righteous thoughts together, Practitioner M asked for Teacher's help: "Teacher, your disciple is lacking righteous thoughts; please strengthen me!" Right after this thought, M felt a warm current coming down from the top of his head to all over his body. It was as if he was sitting up in the air. He had tears running down his face and was so grateful to Teacher! After they had sent forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, Z could move her fingers. Practitioner W said, "Let's study the Fa!" When Practitioner M asked W to hand the book to Z, Practitioner W said that Z should go to get the book herself to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and not to recognize them in the least! Actually, Z was still very hurt. She couldn't lift up her arm or bend it, so it took her a lot of effort, and she couldn't stand up the first two times. Then she went to grab the book. After they finished reciting Lunyu, they began to read Lecture 1 in Zhuan Falun. Because Z did not have much education, she normally couldn't read as well as practitioners W and M. This time, however, she read very well. She read clearly, with no mistakes, and louder than either W or M. Practitioner Z clearly knew that it was Teacher empowering her!

At noon, several practitioners came to send forth righteous thoughts and study the Fa together. Practitioner Z read,

"A person over fifty years old was dragged that far by a car and knocked down to the ground. Where could her body be injured? Everywhere. She could have stayed on the ground without having to get up." (Zhuan Falun)

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she said, "I am in my 50s. If I did not practice Dafa, I could have been bedridden from now on. I have no words to express my profound gratitude to Teacher. I kowtow to Teacher!" Teacher said,

"We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun)

Under benevolent Teacher's strengthening, and cooperation among practitioners, Practitioner Z finally made a breakthrough, and her arm was back to normal the next day.

Practitioner C

The third incident occurred two months later.

In our local area, a senior practitioner appeared to have serious illness karma. Six of our local practitioners rode two motorcycles to go to this practitioner's home, planning to share with him and help him send forth righteous thoughts. One motorcycle was going very fast. The other one carried Practitioner A, who is 63 years old; Practitioners B (A's wife); and Practitioner C, 72. Near their destination, they were about to cross a bridge when a car came roaring towards them, taking up the entire middle of the road. To avoid to a collision, they veered off to the side and went to put on the brakes but stepped on the gas instead. The motorcycle fell over, and the three practitioners were thrown up into the air and landed on the ground.

Practitioner A was thrown the furthest, over ten meters away. Practitioner C had scratches on her face and body, while the back of Practitioner B's hand was torn open and the muscle was exposed and the wound in her jaw was so deep that the tendons were exposed. Practitioner A lost consciousness right away. Besides the many superficial injuries, more seriously, his head was very soft, and B and C couldn't feel his skull. He had a big cut that bled profusely. B and C began to think, "Teacher, please help us!" They shouted A's name very loudly and said to him, "You must know what you are doing here—you are practicing Dafa! With Teacher here and with the Fa here, we are not afraid!" Both of them were very calm and unafraid and truly believed in Teacher and that Practitioner A would be fine. Many pedestrians soon gathered around, and someone said, "Take him to the hospital or he might die!" Someone started to call the emergency number, but B said, "You don't need to call the emergency number, and we don't need to go to the hospital. All we need you to do is to take us to the township." (There were many practitioners in the township.)

It was truly miraculous at that point. That ordinary person called the emergency number twice and couldn't get through. The three practitioners who had ridden on ahead of them didn't see A, B, and C, so they called one of them to find out where they were. Practitioner B told them that they had had an accident on the bridge. The three practitioners quickly returned to the spot where the other practitioners had the accident. When they got there, the first thought that came to their minds was, "With Teacher here, with the Fa here, we are not afraid of anything. We completely negate the old forces' arrangements." They also called practitioners from the township to have them get together to send forth righteous thoughts and ask for Teacher's empowerment. As soon as the township practitioners got the phone call, they stopped what they were doing and went to one practitioner's home to send forth righteous thoughts together. Several practitioners stopped a few cars to try to get them to transport Practitioner A, but as soon as the driver saw that A was in such critical situation, none of them dared to give him a ride.

Finally a doctor passed by. He got out of his car and checked on A, whose leg moved and eyes rolled, even though he was still unconscious. The doctor agreed to take Practitioner A back to the township. The practitioners all sincerely thanked him. On the way, Practitioner A raved in his delirium. The practitioners who were with him kept sending forth righteous thoughts and asked for Teacher's help. When they stopped at a practitioner's home, it happened to be the place where they got together to send forth righteous thoughts. Everything happened according to Teacher's arrangements.

When Practitioner A was carried into the room, none of the other practitioners who were sending forth righteous thoughts in the room asked about his situation or how he got into the accident. They had no fear, either. They all sent forth righteous thoughts in a group. Practitioner A was still unconscious. One practitioner was responsible for waking up his main consciousness by calling his name, shouting "Falun Dafa is wonderful," and reciting the Fa-rectification formula, while other practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts. But A kept raving. One practitioner stood in front of him, called his name loudly, and said, "Falun Dafa is wonderful! With Teacher here and the Fa here, you are Teacher's disciple, you cannot go!" Practitioner A sometimes agreed but was not very clear.

At almost noon, three practitioners previously scheduled to come from out of town to share with local practitioners on their recent cultivation experiences arrived. They did not say a word and jumped right into helping rescue A. Wasn't this another example of benevolent Teacher's intricate planning? One practitioner suggested and they all agreed that, besides having someone watch Practitioner A and not let him fall asleep, they would write a sentence on collectively sending forth righteous thoughts. When it came time to send forth righteous thoughts, a practitioner who spoke loud and clearly read it. When it came time to recite the Fa-rectification formula, everyone said it altogether. After a couple of hours, Practitioner A did not get better, so the practitioners thought about Teacher's Fa on "reaching a benevolent solution." Someone took out the book to read, when the evil controlling Practitioner A's mouth said, "Don't say it. As long as you know it, it's fine." The practitioners said, "You are a Dafa practitioner, you are cultivating Dafa!" The evil responded, “Why am I cultivating? I am giving it up, I have already reached the demon realm." They were not swayed by the false words and read to A the Fa on reaching a benevolent solution nine times. After it was read three times, they could clearly feel that the practitioners who were sending forth righteous thoughts had a competitive mentality. Later, through their sharing, the more they read it, the more calmly they read. It was truly their compassion from deep inside. Practitioners also deeply felt Teacher's benevolence towards sentient beings. Their entire field was very peaceful, and some practitioners were moved to tears.

One practitioner who was sitting beside Practitioner A said to him, "Whoever needs to be reached by a benevolent solution, we have already done that. As long as you leave this practitioner's body right away and let his main consciousness come back, you'll have a bright future." The evil replied muddle-headedly, "OK." One practitioner became impatient and said unkindly, "If you don't go away, we'll send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate you." Unexpectedly, the evil said very firmly, "Then I won't leave. If you want to eliminate me, go ahead!" Practitioner Z also said she would eliminate it. It talked back right away, saying, "Are you talking about me? Aren't you the same?" It was not convinced and shook its body. At that time, practitioners realized that they must be kind, calm, and compassionate, and that they should not be anxious or have any competitiveness. It was as if Teacher said,

"If you are to save me, you have to reach my level first, and you must have this measure of mighty virtue before you can save me. Without such mighty virtue, without having reached my stature, how could you save me?" (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

Another practitioner said to it, "The Fa is benevolent but also very serious. If you do not choose a benevolent solution, the uncountable numbers of beings behind you will face disintegration layer by layer, and that's extremely painful. If you choose to reach a benevolent solution, your future will be very bright, and you can choose to be a sentient being in any of our worlds." This practitioner also read Teacher's Fa on reaching a benevolent solution three times, then asked the evil, "Will you agree to reach a benevolent solution?" It said, "Sure, I'll leave, I'll leave tomorrow. Is it ok if I leave tomorrow?" Practitioner A said, "That won't do. You must leave now!" They also called to Practitioner A's main consciousness, calling it back.

After dinner, he got much better. But after he finished eating, he was unclear again. They realized that the evil being didn't really want to leave practitioner A's body and was still controlling him. They were not swayed by this but became more righteous. They read Zhuan Falun together and were very pure with no attachments, all feeling the powerful energy field, that the entire room was filled with high energy matter. The energy field in other dimension was even more powerful, which was truly an example of, "it will shake ‘the world of ten directions.’" (Zhuan Falun) The evil attached to Practitioner's A body couldn't stand it and asked, "What are you doing here? Can I leave tomorrow?" It asked to use the bathroom outside. When a practitioner helped A outside, it then said, "I don't want to use the toilet, I only wanted to go outside for a walk." The practitioner realized right away that the evil was very cunning and had deceived all of them. It sneaked out when it was about to be eliminated by the powerful energy field in the room. So he took A back into the room right away. From Practitioner A's expression, the evil being was very resistant. After we all reached a consensus, we kept sending forth righteous thoughts, not leaving any chance for the evil. We kept reading Teacher's Fa until midnight when we finished sending forth righteous thoughts. Two practitioners took care of A, while the rest took turns sending forth righteous thoughts and didn't stop for a moment.

The next morning, when a practitioner started sending forth righteous thoughts to Practitioner A, he saw that the evil that had been controlling him had left. Practitioner A was a lot more conscious, his condition had improved, but his memory hadn't come back. Aside from practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts at every hour, we had A send forth righteous thoughts as well, and told him to recite, "Falun Dafa is wonderful!" and "I am a disciple of Teacher Li Hongzhi." At that time, A only said, "Falun Dafa" but not "is wonderful" and only "disciple" not "Teacher." After practitioners kept helping him say the sentences, Practitioner A finally could say them clearly, and he got much better.

The family members of A, B, and C are not practitioners. After the persecution started, they didn't go home or notify their families. They were afraid that their families would interfere with them. However, on the evening of day four, A and B's grandson and daughter came and found them. At that time, many practitioners were studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as his grandson came into the room and saw that both practitioner A and B were injured, he couldn't hold back his temper. He insisted on taking them to the hospital, otherwise he would not leave. The homeowner practitioner said to him, "They are much better. They only have minor injuries. If you were to take them to the hospital, it could make things worse." He didn't listen to her at all. However, this practitioner had very strong righteous thoughts, she didn't waver or fear taking responsibility. She insisted that they not go with him. It was the time to send forth righteous thoughts, so she said, “Let's send forth righteous thoughts.” All of us began to send very strong righteous thoughts towards the evil being and the evil elements behind their grandson to quickly eliminate the evil factors behind him. He stepped out as soon as we began to send forth righteous thoughts. Twenty minutes later, he came back, as if a new person. Both his attitude and tone of voice were much better. He said, "Let them stay here. I'll come back in a few days." He also had his mother stay for one night, since his mother is also a practitioner. Practitioner C, whose injuries were fairly minor, went home in four days. On day 6, the son of practitioners A and B came to see them to talk about when to take them home. They appeared to be much better and close to normal. On day 7, they only had little scratches left on the surface, and their family members came to take them home.

What needs to be paid attention to is that, on the morning of the accident, practitioners A and B had had a fight. A was so upset that he ended up saying, "I am not going to practice anymore. OK?" He was taken advantage of because of what he said. Cultivation is a serious matter. The closer the end, the more serious it is. When one has very strong attachments, the old forces look at one closely in order to take advantage of loopholes to interfere.

After A and B came home, their family, friends, and neighbors heard that they had been involved in a major accident but had recovered very quickly. They said, "That is truly unbelievable. Falun Dafa is truly amazing!" Their grandson regretted how he had behaved that night. After he witnessed the wonder of Dafa, he began to believe in Teacher and Dafa and took an amulet and kept it with him.

These three incidents were perilous, but the practitioners all made it through, which demonstrated the miraculousness of Dafa again and again. Also, local practitioners came to truly realize that, as a practitioner, one needs to abide by the requirements of the Fa at all times, believe in Teacher and Dafa no matter what one encounters, and have righteous thoughts. Also, all of us need to work together. Teacher said in “What is a Dafa Disciple:”

"Do you realize something? My Dafa disciples, your righteous thoughts do have an effect. And the combined effect of each of you together is powerful beyond compare."

"What power! Even with just one Dafa disciple, if your righteous thoughts are strong, the power is enough to split a mountain—just one thought will do it."

Teacher said at the end of that lecture,

"I hope that you can really manage to cooperate well, have strong enough righteous thoughts, look within when you run into things, and be enthusiastic like you were when you first took up cultivation."

"I hope to see you regaining your enthusiasm and getting back to your best cultivation state. That’s all for today. Thank you all."

Indeed, although we have cultivated for so many years, only by cultivating solidly and doing things according to Dafa can one reach consummation and return with Teacher!

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Thank you, Teacher. Thank you, fellow practitioners!