(Minghui.org) Everyone that has heard about my family says that Falun Dafa is magnificent and magical. Master Li taught me about rebirth and how it is important to believe in the Fa if we want to improve our state of being.

A Happy and Wonderful Family Suddenly Collapses

When I was 17, my mom had a stroke and had to go to the hospital. In the beginning she could still walk; she walked into the hospital alone. However, after a few days of treatment, she fell into a coma and sometimes acted mentally challenged. Her stroke was a rare type that affected a blood vessel in her cerebellum. The hospital even said that we should prepare ourselves for the worst. I was only in 9th grade at the time, and my brother was in elementary school.

After treatment, my mom was able to get her life back, although, her emotions and thoughts were like those of a little child. She would either laugh or cry and seemed to possess no regular or normal emotions. After she learned how to walk again, she would stay outside all day. In the beginning she was incontinent of urine and feces and a mess all the time. She didn't seem to care. When she saw people she would cry and laugh.

My dad went outside the country for work to pay off the hospital bills and school costs for my brother and I. He borrowed several thousand yuan and left the country for 10 years straight. A wonderful and united family suddenly collapsed and shattered into pieces. Our family had a young boy, a mentally disturbed mother, and only me to support all three. I had only just finished my mid-terms when this happened. I was transformed from a delicate young lady to the family's major source of support.

I don't know how many days I starved so my mother and brother could eat. I barely ate lunch at my middle school so I could save money, and used that time to check on my mom. If my mom was outside, I feared that she might get lost. If my mom was inside, I was afraid that she would bump into something. A few times when I was on the way to school, I worried that I didn't turn off the gas or close the front door. I had to run back, and assure myself that they were off and closed. When my mom was sleeping, I would check to see if she was still breathing. In the beginning, our family only had an income of 200 or so yuan per month due to my mom's illness grant.

To support my family, I was a tutor once I finished school for the day. I was exhausted when I got home, and was greeted by a brother who didn't know better and a mom who cried all the time. Compared to my mental state, my physical problems were nothing. I was lost, needed help, and felt unsafe and scared. I seemed to complain about everything. I didn't know why I had to endure these hardships that were unbearable even for grown-ups. I didn't know how I survived. My friend said that if that had been her, she would have gone crazy a long time ago.

Finding Dafa – Master Saved Our Family

In 2001, one of my relatives came to my house and helped clean up. She told me that she learned about Falun Dafa from someone that lived 500 years ago. This person could not be seen with mortal eyes, but he talked into my relative's ear and told her to practice Falun Dafa. He also told her about things that will happen in the future. He told her that her goal in life was to attain the Fa and that her friends would also attain the Fa. She was told to not only practice, but also to tell her friends about the Fa. Once she did everything she was told, the person never bothered her again. My relative went through a lot of fantastic things, and she taught me about the cause of events. I also learned why life was so bitter – it's because I have karma. If I get rid of my karma, then I can walk out of this mist. From then on, I started reading Zhuan Falun and cultivating. I used to be obsessed over material things. However, after I started cultivating, I found the reason why we are here living on this Earth.

Before I went to the university, my grades were the highest in the entire class. That was basically the only thing that I was able to pride myself on. However, once I got into a university, I found there were a lot of people better than me. I also couldn't find a major that interested me. I had a really big load of things to do. I was the only one that didn't attend evening study hall or stay in the dorms. Before cultivating, I had two subjects in which I had a failing grade. However, after I cultivated, my grades started to go up again. I remember that one time I didn't have time for studying since I had to do the three things. I was panicking about an English test. I only used half an hour to look at some of the problems. However, the test had the exact same questions that I reviewed!

After I graduated, I stayed at the university to become a professor. Surprisingly, the professor that recommended me was the same one that threatened to expel me because I cultivated Falun Dafa. I told him that Falun Dafa is good, and Master gave me the best cultivation environment.

Let's go back to my brother. The dark times that he went through made him scared and reclusive. After he cultivated, his grades improved, and he seemed to be a different person. When he applied to college, he received a full scholarship. Now he has graduated and found a job in a very well known company in my city. He got the job after the first interview.

My mother also experienced some changes. Although her main consciousness is weak, she said to herself, “Falun Dafa is good.” After a while, not only could she speak clearly, but she was able to tidy up herself and walk normally. She also managed the family's meals and laundry. There was a doctor that said if my mother's illness didn't get worse, then that was a very good sign! Everyone who saw my mom's progress exclaimed that it was a medical miracle!

Because my mom didn't cultivate, her life couldn't be extended, so she died a few years back. However, before she died, she wanted herself to be bathed and cleansed before leaving this world. My uncle said that he dressed a lot of dead people, and this was the first time that he saw someone whose body was so pure.

As I wrote this article, a lot of forgotten things returned to my memory. I was crying as I wrote this down. It was Master who resurrected this family. He taught us about the meaning of life. He allowed us to learn why life is so hard. A shattered family had a great ending and experienced many of Falun Dafa's miracles. I cannot describe the events one by one due to the word limit for this article. I can only summarize a few events. I hope that the people who read this will learn from my family's experiences.

Thank you Master! Thank you Dafa! I cannot describe how grateful I am to Master; I can only kneel in thanks in front of Master.