(Minghui.org) (Excerpt) With Master's care and enlightenment, we negated the old forces' financial persecution.

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts

Master has the power to turn back the tide.” (Hong Yin II).

There is not a test I can't pass as long as I believe in Master and the Fa. I hope that practitioners who are persecuted financially can improve based on the Fa, find their gaps, and eliminate the old forces' arrangements so they are able to accomplish what Master had intended for us.

- the author

After my release from prison, my wife (a practitioner) wanted me to study the Fa and do the exercises intensively to regain my health. I lost a good portion of my body weight in prison due to the torture I was subjected to. While sharing with another practitioner, I realized that I should negate everything the old forces had subjected me to.

I went to see the principal I'd worked for many times, in order to ask for my job back. The first time, I was on my way to school when a strong sense of vanity surfaced. I worried about running into old acquaintances, what they would ask me and how I should answer their questions. I felt inferior, as if I'd done something wrong. I was timid when I saw the former coworkers whom I was once close to. When I talked to the principal, he kept finding excuses to refuse my request. I didn't feel that it was appropriate to refute him, since it would look like I was begging him for something. I didn't know how to clarify the truth about the persecution, or where to start.

I identified my incorrect notions after talking with my wife. Besides vanity, I was afraid of confrontation and didn't want to express my thoughts explicitly - I lacked righteous courage. I was reassured that I should demand my job back because I needed to let people know about the unlawful and brutal persecution, to validate the beauty of Falun Dafa to them, show how a practitioner can maintain righteous belief while under enormous pressure, and give them an opportunity to make a correct choice for a bright future.

The next few times I went to the school, my wife stayed home and sent righteous thoughts. I talked about my persecution in prison, explained Falun Dafa, why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuted practitioners, the brutal torture methods, and how Falun Dafa was taught around the world. They were very sympathetic. When I felt insecure and worried, I immediately sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors. A principal and several Educational Bureau members read me their “decision” statement at a conference in school - that I was fired. They wanted me to sign the statement. As soon as they began to read the statement, I began to send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them. I calmed down and felt that I was big and tall - yet they were insignificantly small. After they finished reading, I looked at the people from the Bureau and said, “Your decision is a mistake and I won't accept it, nor will I sign it. Falun Dafa is not what is said on TV, Falun Dafa is good!” They were stunned, since they didn't expect a compliant person like me to say something so outspoken and righteous. They took a while to respond, then told me that this was an order from “above” which they were only carrying out. I warned them seriously, “The persecution is a big mistake. As a Dafa practitioner I did nothing wrong and will not sign this wrong decision.” One of them took a pen and signed my name on the statement. I warned him, “You are responsible for all the consequences!” They were speechless and the atmosphere was heavy. Later, they took the statement and left in a hurry. When I came out of the conference room, the principal apologized to me and told me that he understood that Falun Dafa was falsely slandered.

Students always listened to me, since I was a teacher. I never had to express my views in front of a powerful figure before, so there was never an opportunity to discover my cowardice. This time, Master gave me a look at my attachments of cowardice, vanity, and resigning to adversity; it was a big step forward.

I did the three things daily with my wife and we looked within to find our gaps. We wanted to negate the financial persecution. I was thinking about looking for a job out of town. However, we'd just started a production site at home for truth-clarification materials, and my wife was not yet familiar with the skills required. I tried looking for a job nearby, but couldn't find one, so we couldn't sustain our basic needs.

A month later, the local authorities began harassing practitioners. My wife had to leave home to avoid further persecution. I had to take on all the household chores and care for our child and elderly parents. I went from being awkward, to being good at it. I also understood that the persecution intensified when we realized that we needed to eliminate the financial persecution. This meant that the evil was getting crazier because of our efforts and so therefore, we shouldn't stop. I intensified my efforts in eliminating the evil and supported my wife, who'd left home. In two months, my attachments to laziness and lack of patience lessened significantly. I had been illegally arrested and imprisoned soon after I got married and didn't have time to learn how to shoulder family responsibilities, or how to resolve family matters and conflicts. I learned how to do all these things in two months. Two months later, the persecution died down and my wife returned home.

I decided to look for a job out-of-town. With a little luggage, I went to a strange town and worked in a small institute. I found a local practitioner and stayed with him. I studied the Fa every evening and exercised in the mornings. I had to travel dozens of miles to get to the new workplace. I trusted that Master had me work there for a purpose and I wanted to do my job well. I met two college students (A and B). Ten days after I started the new job, student A told me that she was leaving the next day. I thought that I needed to clarify the truth to her; however, the next day, I didn't get an opportunity. She sat in her chair all day like she was waiting for me to talk to her. I thought then, that if I didn't talk to her, she may never hear the truth. I asked for Master's help. I finally got to talk to her at 10 p.m. I told her about Shen Yun Performing Arts. The minute she heard the two words Shen Yun, she was very curious. I then told her about quitting the CCP and its affiliate organizations and the truth about Falun Dafa. I offered to help her quit the CCP, and she was so happy that she jumped around excitedly like a child. I could see the happiness from the bottom of her heart. Soon, student B came; A wanted her to quit as well. I told B about quitting the CCP to stay safe, and B gladly quit as well. She also told me that her boyfriend once requested to quit the CCP while attending a CCP school. I asked her to talk to her boyfriend because it would only be genuine if he agreed to do so himself. B was very happy and agreed.

The next day I went to work, my family called me and told me that a principal had called several times asking me to work in his school. I contacted the principal, and he wanted me to start working there immediately. The school was not too far from where I worked, so I went there to talk to the principal. He told me about the school and asked me to start working that afternoon. He arranged a furnished bedroom for me, which was a newly renovated room with an Internet connection and also very quiet. I knew that Master had arranged that environment for me.

I went back to give my resignation and my boss offered me his congratulations. A and B were not there. I was so glad that I'd talked to them the day before, otherwise I would have lost that opportunity forever.

I did my best to behave according to the requirements of the Fa in the new school. I was forgiving, hardworking, and never complained. There was a shortage of teachers and the school wanted me to take on three classes. I took them without a second thought, nor bargained for more pay. I wanted to do my best, and was always smiling and easygoing. The principals and coworkers liked me and I was promoted six months later. I still treated others humbly and carried myself like a practitioner. Many coworkers told me, “We would not like anyone to lead us in your position, except you. We support you unconditionally!”

I clarified the truth to my students. I selected good articles from Minghui.org and the Zhengjian (Pure Insight) website, edited them, inserted nice pictures, and gave them to the students to read every week. Sometimes we discussed the readings in class; other times I shared with them in small groups. After a while, the students' thinking was no longer rigid and their belief in atheism was gradually shaken. Most of my students quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations within this subtle environment. Some of the students who'd graduated came back to see me every year, to thank me for what I'd done for them.

I had a class of about a dozen students. One day, I joined a topic they really cared about and turned the discussion to the criteria for entering the new epoch. One of the girls said eagerly, “Sir, hurry up and save us!” That day, they all quit the CCP and its affiliates. Sometimes, I played the beautiful songs from Minghui.org and they loved them. Once, I played “Awakening” and a tall boy gave me a serious look. He held his hands in the heshi (conjoined) position until the music was over. When the College Entrance Exam approached, most of the students went home to prepare for it, except for one of my classes. The students in that class stayed at school until one day I was with them after school. The 18 of them surrounded me and said, “Sir, we will be leaving soon. Please tell us, or we will never have the opportunity to hear it.” In less than two hours, I helped those 18 students quit the CCP and its affiliates. The next day, they left school.

I was paid well at this job and cleared my debts in less than two years. My relatives and friends began to understand me and stopped making false accusations. They witnessed the beauty and power of Falun Dafa. Now, they're happy to listen to me clarify the truth to them and accept the pamphlets and DVDs. Some even asked me to pay attention to my own safety.

With Master's care and enlightenment, we negated the old forces' financial persecution.

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts

Master has the power to turn back the tide” (Hong Yin II).

There is not a test I can't pass as long as I believe in Master and the Fa. I hope that practitioners who are persecuted financially can improve their base on the Fa, find their gaps, and eliminate the old forces' arrangements, so they can accomplish what Master had intended for us.