(Minghui.org) Zhang Chunru, the head of the political and judiciary committee of Yuanbaoshan District in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, was diagnosed with cancer in September 2012. Cancer cells were found everywhere in his body. Every organ is failing, and he is now waiting for death.

Zhang Chunru is about 48 years old, and was the head of the political and judiciary committee of Yuanbaoshan District for 3 years. Each year he wrote reports of the cases of Falun Gong practitioners who had been illegally arrested and sentenced to forced labor camps or prison as part of his annual work report and as part of his political achievements.

During his tenure, he was in charge of the police, Procuratorate, court, 610 Office, and other offices. Between 2011 and 2012, 22 practitioners were arrested, including 3 family members who didn't practice Falun Gong. Twelve of them were sentenced to forced labor camps or prison. Yang Guizhi, a teacher from Yuanbaoshan District Ethnic Middle School, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Meng Xiangzhi and Wang Fenghua were both sentenced to seven years. Now, Shao Guizhen, Wang Jiufang, and Gaozhifan are to be sentenced soon.

On April 13, 2012, Ms. Di Cuixia was arrested by police from the Jianchangying Village Police Station in Yuanbaoshan Town. The trial was held in the Yuanbaoshan District Court on August 21, 2012. She was sentenced to four years in prison. Because of the huge sorrow and mental pressure her husband was under due to her illegal arrest, he drank heavily every day. While Ms. Di was in the forced labor camp, her husband often unleashed his frustration and anger on their young son. Sometimes when he got drunk, he locked their son out of the house. The son became so terrified of his father that he was afraid to go home, and they soon lost contact with him and never heard from him again. Tragically, two days before Ms. Di was sent to Hohhot Women's Prison, her husband was involved in an accident and died. He was driving a motorcycle while he was drunk. The next day, her daughter called Yuanbaoshan District Detention Center and asked that her mom be released to attend the father's funeral, but the request was rejected. That same night, Ms. Di Cuixia, Ms. Wang Fenghua, and Ms. Yue Shuxia were sent to Hohhot Women's Prison without notifying their families.

All these family tragedies happened during the period of Zhang Chunru's tenure as the political and judiciary committee head, and they are his responsibility.