Dear editors,

I am a disciple in China, and wish to inform you about a blog on called “Divinely Passed Down Culture.” I happened upon it in May of 2012.  At the time, the blog was called “The Yuanbo Group,” and was named after its founder. Yuanbo claimed to be a disciple outside of China, and said that the initiative was named as such by Master himself. Yuanbo went on to compile and publish their bloggings in China, and got the group’s members to promote it. One group member, whose handle was “Always Cultivating Myself,” had a relative who committed suicide after reading the work. This member later came to his senses and broke off from the group. Disciples who have adhered to the Fa and not been part of the group have felt that Yuanbo is disrupting and pirating the Fa, and have repeatedly written things to try to help members leave the group. While many have left the group as a result of these disciples’ great investment of time and energy trying to help them, many still remain a part of the group.

When I first saw Yuanbo’s blog, I did realize that it didn’t conform to Master’s requirements for spreading the Fa. However, I figured that he had altered the Fa as a compromise, since the evil, being so rampant then, would never allow someone to publish Master’s original words, unchanged, on a normal website. I also read Yuanbo’s words about how this project was named as such by Master personally. And so I became a supporter of Yuanbo.

In the course of the exchanges that followed, I discovered that many of the group’s actions diverged from Master’s present requirements. Group members all followed Yuanbo’s direction, claiming that they were shouldering a historic mission—that mission being validating and awakening to “divinely passed down culture,” leaving behind “a model” for those to come later, and leaving to people a “ladder to Heaven.”

Yet we should know that our mission is to save sentient beings, and that only Master’s Fa is a ladder by which people may ascend to Heaven.

A short time later, I saw that a member, with the moniker “Old Woman,” had stopped blogging for the group. I wasn’t sure if it was due to physical reasons or something else. She was a mainstay of the group. At that point I thought to myself, “Being able to accept the Fa is such a tremendous, predestined opportunity, but isn’t it such a pity if a person can’t follow Master’s requirements.” But those in the group will not listen to others’ concerns. They are adamant that Yuanbo’s directives drive their project, yet how is it that the project diverges from Master’s teachings? I thus hope that Minghui can intervene.

Also, I discovered that the evil installed tracking software at Yuanbo, and my computer was compromised several times. Some Dafa disciples have told me that they were followed. They were young people from out of town that were working as temps, and there were few people around who knew who they were. So, after being followed, they believed that it was due to their visiting the Yuanbo site.

I write to Minghui to find out whether this is truly Master’s project.  If it is, there is some room for improvement. Those that have accepted the Fa via Yuanbo typically cultivate on their own. Would it be possible to send over a disciple from abroad, and give him contact information for disciples throughout China so that he can connect those people who learned about Dafa through Yuanbo with the local body of Dafa disciples? It would be beneficial to those individuals, and expand Dafa’s resources. I have also come upon many people online who cultivate alone. Some of them wish to connect with local disciples, but cannot. So I would ask Minghui to help.

If this is not Master’s project, however, then Yuanbo is likely pirating the Fa. Even if this project is for real, I still believe this person is pirating the Fa. I’m guessing that Master would not approve of this. Even though Yuanbo may have had good intentions at first, it is wrong to be the one guiding people rather than Master’s words.

I anxiously await Minghui’s response. I say this also because disciples outside of Yuanbo’s group have spent a lot of time and energy trying to help group members separate from it. Yet the group members refuse to listen. If Minghui could help out, a lot of people would set this matter aside and put their full effort into saving ordinary people. So I anxiously await a reply.

This is the first time that I’ve written to Minghui, and I would like to hereby wish our Master a happy Chinese New Year! I wish Minghui’s editors a happy Chinese New Year as well!  I’m grateful for your work! 


A Comment from Master

At this time good and evil co-exist, just as do human thinking and righteous thoughts. Interference is meant to sift the sand. Master is watching, as are all divine beings. Each person will receive his due.

Li Hongzhi
February 27, 2013