(Minghui.org) Police from Wuyi Square Police Station in Dalian City broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Chengjun and unlawfully arrested her in November 2012. The police and an official conspired to frame her in court. However, Zhang Chengjun was diagnosed as suffering from a disease and the detention center refused to accept her. The police allowed her out on bail and continued to harass her in other ways.

Ms. Zhang Chengjun, 74 years old, is retired from the Third Hospital of Dalian City. She has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) law enforcement and judicial bodies in Dalian for 13 years due to her practicing Falun Gong. She was arrested many times. She was sentenced to Labor Camp twice and was sentenced to prison for three years.

Zhang Chengjun tells her story:

In July 2000, I went to the neighbor to borrow a few tools. The community committee and police accused me of engaging in political activities and sent me to Dalian Detention Center for fifteen days. I later wrote letters to Jiang Zemin, who was then Party Chairman, and other officials. I delivered my letters at night and was caught and arrested by local police who claimed that my letter writing was against the law.

In March 2001, police from the Xinggong station in Shahekou District, Dalian were afraid that I would go to Beijing and appeal to the authorities, so they held me in the Dalian Detention Center for 49 days. They later sentenced me to labor camp for one year.

Late one night in December 2001, the police from Kumingjie Police Station at Zhongshan District, Dalian broke into my house. They had no warrant or charges. They took me to the police station and tortured me. The stress of this took a toll on my heart and I suffered a heart attack. My family then picked me up.

In March 2003, police from Huadonglu Police Station in Ganjingzi District, Dalian, arrested me and put me in the Detention Center because I posted a flyer stating that “Falun Dafa is good”.

The police also robbed my neighbor of 5,000 yuan, claiming it was a deposit for releasing me. They took the money but gave no receipt and proceeded to mistreat me even more severely. Police colluding with the detention center force-fed me poison twice, leading me to vomit blood repeatedly. Due to this, they released me. However, soon they again sentenced me to the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp for two years.

In October 2005, police from Hutan Police Station in Zhongshan District, Dalian again took me to the Dalian Detention Center. Because I was seriously ill, the detention center rejected me.

I was later prosecuted by the Zhongshan Procuratorate. The court held three hearings for my case and unjustly sentenced me to three years in prison.

However, because I had high blood pressure and systemic symptoms of jaundice, the prison rejected me.

In the afternoon of November 1, 2012, police from Wuyi Square Police Station in Shahekou district broke into my house. They stole photos of Master Li, Falun Dafa books, gold pens belonging to my daughter and granddaughter, tape recorders, chargers, envelopes, stamps, computers, printers, compressors, staplers, printing paper, ink, and other personal items. They even stole 16,000 yuan in cash.

The Wuyi Square police station police took me for blood tests against my will at a medical school. I was diagnosed with a serious blood disease, but the police still tried to send me to the Dalian Detention Center. Because I was seriously ill, the detention center rejected me.

However, the Wuyi Square police station will not give up and currently they are conspiring with the Shahekou District Prosecutor's staff to continue persecuting me.

Departments responsible for persecution:

Dalian Police Department

Dalian Detention Center

Zhongshan District Court in Dalian City

Hutan police station in Zhongshan District

Kunmingjie Police Station

Huadonglu police station in Ganjingzi District

Yuanchangxing police station in Shahekou District

Wuyi Square police station