(Minghui.org) Three female Falun Gong practitioners, Liu Qingxiu, Hu Xinyuan, and Gong Dexiu have recently been illegally sentenced to prison by officials from public security institutions. Ms. Liu was sentenced to a ten-year prison term, Ms. Hu to five years, and Ms. Gong to three years.

About three dozen Falun Gong practitioners were arrested in the early morning of September 5, 2011 by a group of over one hundred people, which included the secretary of the municipal committee in Jing City, personnel from the 610 Office, local police officers, officials from the State Security Brigade, and street office personnel. The practitioners were separately detained in police stations, detention centers, and public security bureaus. Illegal interrogation methods were used to force "confessions." The above mentioned three practitioners have since been illegally sentenced.

Ms. Liu Qingxiu, 47, has been persecuted many times by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities. She has been arrested, and put in detention centers and forced labor camps. Early on the morning of September 5, 2011 she was arrested at her home, which is located in Li County. She was thereafter detained at the city's police station, the East Detention Center in Changde City, and the Baiheshan Detention Center. At her home, police officers confiscated a few computers, a printer, a large quantity of office supplies, and a pickup truck, which was returned to her a few months later. In mid-May 2012, personnel from the Jing City Procuratorate and court secretly put Ms. Liu on trial and sentenced her to ten years in prison.

Hu Xinyuan, 55, was also arrested, in a similar manner as Liu Qingxiu, and sentenced to five years in prison on November 29, 2012.

Gong Dexiu, 61, was arrested many times by police officers and personnel from the 610 Office, and was put in a forced labor camp twice. She was arrested and taken to the Wangjiaqiao Police Station early on the morning of September 5, 2011. She was later released because her husband, who had brain surgery, needed her to take of him. She has since been constantly harassed by police officers and 610 Office agents, and monitored by personnel from the Procuratorate and the court. Ms. Gong was put on trial at the City Court in mid May, at which time she clarified the facts about Dafa to people. She was sentenced to three years in prison on November 29, 2011 and immediately taken to the detention center in Changde City. Upon arriving, she went on a protest hunger strike right away. She was force-fed and given injections every day for five days.

Three Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Hu Huaying, 62, Ms. Xiang Yang, 61, and Ms. Wang Yaoyu, 58, were arrested on September 5, 2011 and taken to a labor camp to serve three year terms. Officials later noticed that they were physically unfit and therefore released them.

Organizations and personnel taking part in the persecution:

Personnel from the 610 Office, Jing City: +86 0736-4200610
Manager Pu Heming: +86 13975680337
Xiong Bin, assistant manager: +86 13975642398
Personnel from the Jing City's Public Security Bureau, State Security Brigade: +86 0736-4240317
Li Xiaoping, brigade captain: +86 13975600228
Xiang Renhong, instructor
Luo Peijie, police officer: +86 0736-4212848, 13077245050
Zou Jianhua: +86 13875128068

Jing City Public Security office:
Zhou Changcai, police chief: +86 13907360608
Jing City's Political and Legal Committee: +86 0736-4213243
Siong Bin, secretary: +86 13975642398
Li Ping, assistant secretary: +86 13907369865

Jing City Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection:
Wang Changhua, secretary: +86 13575208999
Jing City's Municipal Bureau of Justice: +86 0736-4213420
Nie Pingfan, director: +86 13762680118
Jing City court: +86 0736-7761050
Xie Yingchun, court president: +86 15973622028
Wang Zhongyuan, presiding judge, male and in his mid-fifties: +86 0736-4230092, +86 13907369426
Ms. Wen Lianghui, juror about thirty years old
Ms. Tang Hui, clerk, about thirty years old
Jing City Procuratorate: +86 0736-7792037
Xie Zhengping, attorney general: +86 13907364433
Ms. Xiang Yangkui, 40, chief of prosecution
Wei Yawu, prosecutor, male in his mid-thirties