(Minghui.org) I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner from Italy. My husband and I are 57 years old. My two sons are 27 and 21. We would like to share our cultivation experiences, as we are all practitioners.

Before I obtained the Fa I had always searched for the meaning of life, thinking that I did not come to this world only to have a busy daily life. I did not come to see how people around me were suffering and haggling with each other over personal gain. I believed that I was different from them. Deep in my heart, I knew that there must be a deeper meaning to life, and there must be truth that would be able to answer my endless amount of life's questions.

I tried to search for answers and, from my previous experiences of spiritual cultivation, I realized that other dimensions and lives do exist. Each member of my family was also searching for life’s answers. But on my cultivation path, I couldn't find any satisfactory answers, and it only made me more curious. Although I knew I was not on the right path, I could not give up my practice at the time.

Master's immense compassion helped me to obtain the book Zhuan Falun from my eldest son and gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about life. I have practiced Falun Gong ever since.

Initially I would see my eldest son concentrated in reading Dafa books often. Then my husband and I became worried when we saw our youngest son following in his brother's foot steps and firmly reading only the one book - Zhuan Falun. We were afraid that they might be deluded by some religious teachings. The atmosphere in the family became very tense because both sons strongly expressed their understandings of the book. At the time, we became more skeptical and the tensions between us increased. We now understand that the interference was very severe because the old forces had arranged to block us from obtaining the Fa.

As time went by, I began to notice the changes in behavior and attitude in my two sons. They became more peaceful and confident. I thought that I should change my thinking towards them, and so my husband and I started reading the Falun Dafa books.

When we intensified our Fa study, we could more clearly recognize our own attachments, especially those causing the endless arguments between us. The difference this time was that Master's teachings had given us the strength to not only peacefully face these problems, but also let us have the sense of responsibility and self-control.

We understood the concept of a one body, and so needed to share experiences with fellow practitioners instead of limiting our understandings of the Fa to ourselves. As my husband and youngest son suggested, we went to the nearest group exercise site to interact more with fellow practitioners. The closest group exercise site was more than 120 miles away, and we also participated in their truth clarification activities. We later established a group exercise site in our city.

As we studied the Fa more, we came to realize the importance of doing the three things that Master requires us to do, especially the importance of truth clarification. So we naturally participated in the Fa-rectification projects. We also decided to have our family group Fa study, in addition to our own individual Fa study.

After studying the Fa systemically and sharing experiences among family members and with other practitioners, we understood that only studying the Fa can strengthen our righteous thoughts to help us face all interference and tribulations. Studying the Fa can help to remind us of who we are and our prehistoric vow that we should fulfill. It also lets us see the sacredness of the things we do, the meaning of things around us, and the importance of every thought in our daily life.

We came to realize that there is a direct relationship between the changes of our surroundings and the upgrading our xinxing, and we learned not to criticize others. Studying the Fa helps us find our attachments and remove them. It helps us to see the truth and step out of the delusion.